Superman & Lois: Chad L. Coleman Will Play the Villain in Season 3

Although the Arrowverse universe will officially end next year once The Flash concludes with its ninth season, Superman & Lois, which distanced itself from the Arrowverse, still goes on, and soon we will get the third season.

As The Direct reported, Arrowverse veteran David Ramsey recently confirmed that The Expanse and The Orville star Chad L. Coleman has been cast as the villain in the next season of Superman & Lois. His role hasn’t been revealed, although it is likely that he’ll play Bruno Mannheim, an Intergang crime boss whose appearance in the next season was teased in the final episode of Season 2.

Superman & Lois premiered in early 2021 and it received positive reviews for its fresh take on DCTV. The series was praised for decent visual effects, writing, and the performances of the cast. Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Olsen are playing the titular couple, Alex Garfin plays their younger son Jordan, while Jordan Elsass played older son Jonathan Kent in the first season. Recently, it was announced that Elsass left the production and his role will be recast.

Superman & Lois is set to return with its third season sometime in 2023.

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