‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 Ending Explained: The Return of Old Favorites

sweet home ending

Season 2 of ‘Sweet Home’ departs from the first season in many ways because the stakes are now bigger and the characters are newer. Of course, the second season started, where season 1 ended as the Green Home survivors ended up in a military camp that had gone to hell after a bad decision by the military’s higher-ups. As such, the survivors of the stadium bombing had to live in a shelter. Out of all the characters we saw in season 1, Eun-Yoo was among the few to make it there, as a time skip was introduced between the bombing and the second half of the season.

Of course, new characters were introduced in the storyline of season 2, especially in the second half, which focuses a lot on the Crow Platoon, a special military squad created to deal with the monster problem. There’s also the fact that Cha Hyun-Su is still out there. So, with that said, let’s look at how season 2 of ‘Sweet Home’ ends.

Hyun-Su’s sad choice

During the events of season 2, the soldiers of Crow Platoon were seen exploring the abandoned lab of none other than the crazy Dr. Lim, who ended up surviving the events of the first half of the season. Clearly, Lim had something interesting up his sleeves, as there was a good reason why he wanted to return to his abandoned lab.


The soldiers, meanwhile, discovered humans turning into monsters on the floor beneath them as they got trapped in one of the labs by a well-dressed man who offered them safety. Something nefarious was happening in a lab that was supposed to be abandoned. Then, in another room, Lim can be found with cocoons of monsters as he is fascinated by what he sees. While that was happening, two other soldiers found a young girl who led them to the location of one of the soldiers they lost a while back.

Then, the scenes cut back to Hyun-Su, who was still alive and had been living with Yi-Kyung and her daughter ever since the bombing incident. However, Yi-Kyung was seriously hurt after Ah-Yi seemingly burned the boat that she and her daughter had been living on. She is dying as Hyun-Su goes to Eun-Yoo for help.

The smoke from the boat fire had been too much for Yi-Kyung, and she was already dying because neither Hyun-Soo nor Eun-Yoo were equipped with the tools and supplies to help her. They have a heartfelt conversation about how some of their original friends and allies died and how Eun-Hyeok decided to stay behind in the collapsing Green Home building because he knew that he was turning into a monster.


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Hyun-Su goes to the garden, where he finds Ah-Yi seemingly having no feelings over her mother dying. Disturbed by this, Hyun-Su tells her what it was like to lose a mother and a father because he experienced this in the past.

Ah-Yi finally realizes what is at stake as she tells Hyun-Su to try his best to help her mother. However, it was too late, as Yi-Kyung apologized to her daughter for the mistakes she committed in the past. She dies but starts to convulse, clearly showing that she is turning into a monster.

Using his powers, Hyun-Su is able to see the desires and emotions that are running through Yi-Kyung’s head as he realizes that it was a struggle for her to become a mother to a monster hybrid and how she tried to fight the urge to kill her daughter.

ah young

Hyun-Su had no choice but to kill Yi-Kyung because, unlike other monsters who were living their dreams and desires in their heads while they were monsters, Yi-Kyung was in pain and agony.

The return of the OG characters

After Hyun-Su kills Yi-Kyung, he seemingly collapses and loses consciousness because it took a lot for him to kill a person he treated as a dear friend and mother figure. Eun-Yoo decides to stay behind while waiting for Hyun-Su to wake up.

Back in the abandoned lab, the remaining soldiers found one of their own trapped in an isolation facility as the sergeant demanded the young girl who took them there to release their ally. The young girl takes the sergeant to their leader, as the isolated soldier reveals to his ally that he wasn’t turning into a monster and that the people in that facility were not human. 

That was when it was shown that the people there were trapped in isolation so that they would be forced into turning into monsters by the people living there. Those people turned out to be test subjects of Dr. Lim in the past. Speaking of Dr. Lim, a hooded figure follows him while he is basically talking to the monster cocoon. 


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The scene shifts to Eun-Yoo and Hyun-Su talking. However, Eun-Yoo was quick to realize that this wasn’t the usual Hyun-Su talking. Instead, it was his inner monster that had taken over the body, and he had no intention of bringing back the true Hyun-Su because he was weak.

Dr. Lim follows the mysterious hooded man into the testing room of MH-1 and realizes that this man is speaking to him as if they were familiar. It was eventually shown that this hooded man was Ui-Myeong, who had taken over Sang-Wook’s body. Meanwhile, the man trapped in the vat of liquid in the testing room was Sang-Won, who was none other than Yi-Kyung’s fiancé.

It was clear that Lim had seemingly seen a ghost right in front of him. The season ends with the scene shifting back to the ruins of the Green Home as a cocoon opens up to reveal that Eun-Hyeok is still alive, albeit reborn as a monster. This was the same thing that happened to Ms. Im, who appeared as a human-like monster in episode 1 of season 2 after she woke up from her cocoon.

Season 2 ends with a cliffhanger as it is now clear that Eun-Hyeok is set to return in season 3 in the form of a monster-like hybrid. It is also likely that the next season will explore these monster-like hybrids, who hatched from cocoons after evolving. 

We don’t know how or why the monsters cocoon, but it is likely due to how some monsters tend to have desires that are more benevolent than others, as suggested by the fact that the only desire that Ms. Im had was to protect the children in season 1. The next season, which will be released in the summer of 2024, should provide more answers.

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