Sylvie Actress Sophia DiMartino Teases The MCU Return That Might Surprise Everyone

Sylvie Actress Sophia DiMartino Teases The MCU Return That Might Surprise Everyone

It’s been over a month since the conclusion of the second season of ‘Loki,’ leaving fans still processing the impactful ending of Loki’s narrative. Loki chose self-sacrifice to spare his friends, innocent people, and the Multiverse’s timelines, giving rise to Yggdrasil as the new guardian, ensuring the Multiverse’s stability.

Sylvie’s journey has been less conventional than Loki’s, having been captured by the TVA as a child and evolving into a unique Temporal Terrorist by the time she encounters Loki. Despite her unconventional path, Sylvie’s good intentions are evident, a sentiment shared by actress Sophia DiMartino in a recent interview with 1883. DiMartino expressed her fondness for Sylvie and offered insights into what her character’s future appearance in the MCU might entail.

I would love to see Sylvie do anything, I think whatever she does, she’s going to do it with fight and she would probably surprise everyone by doing something that you don’t expect. I’m very fond of that character…

DiMartino playfully celebrated the MCU fandom and humorously acknowledged her social media follower count. However, predicting when Sophia’s next appearance as Sylvie in the MCU might occur remains challenging. While there’s ongoing discussion about the TVA and Loki’s involvement in upcoming MCU projects, Sylvie’s character has received less attention.


Here’s What Happened to Sylvie Following ‘Loki’ Season 2 Finale

Nevertheless, with the Multiverse in flux and Asgardian mythology holding a significant place in the MCU, Sylvie, being a variant of Loki, is likely to find her space in future developments. The fate of ‘Loki’ Season 3 is uncertain, with the showrunner expressing openness to continuing the story if they conceive a compelling narrative surpassing the finale.

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