‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ Episode 1 Ending, Explained: How Do Evie and Joe Survive The Zombies?

Tales of the Walking Dead

This is the Tales of the Walking Dead ending, explained for episode one, titled “Evie/Joe”. Tales of the Walking Dead is a new anthology series set in the world of The Walking Dead, created by Robert Kirkman. However, instead of following the characters from the main series or any of its spin-offs; Tales of the Walking Dead, each episode will follow a couple of survivors as they face a new world where the zombie plague is real and more dangerous than anybody could have thought.

The first episode feels very much like a breath of fresh air for the show. The characters of Evie and Joe are played by Olivia Munn and Terry Crews. The two actors have made a career out of being really likable, and while they can easily pull off dramatic performances, they are really at their strongest when they are being comedic and bringing a good vibe to the table. When you put both of them in the same episode, then suddenly the world of The Walking Dead doesn’t look so grim anymore.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Tales of the Walking Dead episode 1 “Evie/Joe”. So, read at your own risk.

How Do Evie And Joe Survive The Zombies?

The first episode of Tales of the Walking Dead begins by introducing the character of Joe. Joe is a very strong man, a prepper, always ready to face any contingency. He lives underground in a bunker alongside his faithful dog, Gilligan. Joe has a system for everything, and he passes his time by watching old reruns of football games. Sadly, one night, while taking Gilligan out for a stroll, they are attacked by zombies. Gilligan tries to defend Joe, but he is killed by the zombies.

Now, without Gilligan, Joe faces the biggest enemy a person can face; loneliness. Years before the zombie outbreak, he met a woman online, another prepper. Their relationship began to bloom online, and they were almost ready to meet in real life. However, the zombie apocalypse began, and that meeting was put on hold. Now, facing the fact that he might die alone, Joe gets ready to leave his shelter and goes looking for the woman he met online all those years ago. He trusts that, being a survivor, she is still alive out there.

Tales of the Walking Dead

Joe takes his bike and goes on the road. One night, he sees his bike stepping over some nails on the road and is forced to stop. He then gets captured by a net, and a woman named Evie. Evie plans to steal Joe’s bike and leave her place. She is a new-age kind of person, and she has crops and other supplies that she will leave for Joe. However, Joe’s bike has a kill switch, and only he can turn the machine on. Evie decides to take Joe with her at gunpoint.

The pair go on the road together, and they start to know each other. They see that they might have more things in common than they thought. They like the same music, and Evie even knows some martial arts. Likewise, they also discover that they are both on the road looking for a loved one. Joe is looking for the woman he met online before the outbreak, and Evie is looking for her husband, Steven, from whom she separated before the outbreak.

Do Evie and Joe Find Their Loved Ones?

Evie tells Joe how he got separated from her husband and how he would leave for a cabin in the woods and pain to externalize his feelings, both hate and love. She fears that he went to paint an ugly picture of her, which would mean he hated her. Evie also recognizes one line from one of the conversations Joe had online with the woman, and she knows where she might be located. Unfortunately, their bike gets stolen, and they have to walk the rest of the way.

On the road, both of them fight and say nasty things to each other. Joe was always reclusive and didn’t live his life, and Evie was too naive all the time, getting herself in trouble for no reason. They split. However, Joe manages to find the house of the woman, now named Sandra. She gives him a warm welcome and gives him some cake. Joe is happy to have found her. However, the cake was spiced, and Joe faints. Sandra ties him up, and she is going to kill him. She believes he is only there for her bunker.

Tales of the Walking Dead

Meanwhile, Evie finds her husband’s cabin. He isn’t there, but she discovers his paintings, including one of hers. But it isn’t an ugly one. It is quite beautiful, actually. This means that wherever he is, he loved her in the end. Evie comes back and finds Sandra’s bunker. She eats some cake, but Evie has a high tolerance for drugs, so it doesn’t have any effect on her. Sandra tries to kill her, but Evie drops some kicks on her. Evie unties Joe, and he kills Sandra by throwing a knife into her chest.

Evie and Joe escape from the bunker, as Sandra has now turned into a zombie. The next morning, Joe thanks Evie for coming back for him. They decide to start a new life together and find more people that could need them out there.