Ted Lasso: Main Characters’ Ages, Birthdays, Heights & More

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Ted Lasso‘s TV show gained popularity in the last few years, and there is a good reason for that. What makes this show so special is that you can choose any episode in the series, and you’re sure to be entertained for the next hour or so. The storyline follows a football club AFC Richmond as it navigates through its ups and downs in the Premier League, but the main stars are the show’s characters.

Each is special in its own way, providing a dose of humor and charisma in every interaction. Spreading positivity and wacky comments on every corner, there is nothing not to like about them, and in this article, we bring you all the main characters, names, ages, birthdays, and heights so that you can have a more detailed look at them.

Ted Lasso CharacterAge (Present)Height (Present) (feet & inches/ cm)Birthday
Ted Lasso476’1’’/ 185 cm1975
Rebecca Welton47-505’11″/ 180 cm1973 -1975
Roy Kent385’11’’/ 180 cmFebruary 15, 1982
Coach Beard516’0’’/ 183 cm1972
Nathan Shelley425’4″ / 163 cm1981
Keeley Jones325’2’’/ 157 cm1990
Trent Crimm485’8″ / 173 cm1975
Leslie Higgins625’4″ / 163 cm1961
Jamie Tartt255’10” / 178 cm1998

What Do We Know About the Ted Lasso Characters’ Ages & Birthdays?

Ted Lasso’s main characters are of different ages, making their interactions even more interesting. It’s funny to see how the characters from different age groups aim toward the same goal but also have different approaches toward achieving those goals based on their life experiences and personal motives. The ages presented above are based on the show’s third season and are updated accordingly.

The show aired in 2020, and every season of the show follows AFC Richmond in its new season in the Premier League, so since the beginning of the show, around two and a half years have passed, some new characters have been introduced, and some of them gained more important roles. As for the main characters who appear in most of the episodes, if not all, the oldest one remains Leslie Higgins, the club’s Director of Communications and Rebecca’s assistant and right hand. He is 62, making him the oldest character in the group. Coach Beard is 51, which makes him around ten years younger than Higgins.

The titular character, Ted Lasso, is 47 years old, and one would think he’d have more experience and knowledge regarding football because of his age, but he’s steadily progressing. Around his age is the club’s director, Rebecca Welton, whose age is the most complicated to determine for sure, but we know for a fact that she is around Ted’s age, a bit older maybe, making her somewhere between 47 to 50 years old. Similar to their age, there is also Trent Crimm, a journalist who got more spotlight in the third season because he follows the club everywhere and wants to write a book about them. He is 48 years old.


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Nathan Shelley, the manager of West Ham and Ted’s main rival, is in his late 40s. He is 42 years old. Roy Kent, a football veteran, and Ted’s assistant coach, is in his late 30s with 38 years on his back. The youngest among this diverse group of main characters is Keeley, around 32 years old, and Jamie Tartt, AFC Richmond’s striker who strives to be the best and is a victim of Roy’s ruthless training because of it. He is 25 years old, which makes him the youngest among the main characters.

What Do We Know About Ted Lasso’s Characters’ Heights?

This group of sassy characters is even more interesting because they are also different in height, with some women being much taller than men. That said, Ted Lasso is the tallest and around 6’1”/185 cm tall. Coach Beard is a bit shorter and 6’0”/183 cm tall. Rebecca’s personality is embodied in her tall physique; she is 5’11’/180 cm tall, the same as Roy Kent. Jamie’s physical appearance is often the topic of the female characters in the show, as many of them find him attractive. He is 5’10”/178 cm tall, making him somewhere in the middle of the tallest and the shortest main characters. Trent Crimm is 5’8”/173 cm tall.

As for the shortest characters mentioned in this article, Leslie Higgins and Nathan Shelley are the shortest among men, and both are 5’4”/164 cm. The height difference is often noticeable when Leslie interacts with Rebecca, who is 5’11’, as mentioned before, and when Nathan goes on a date with a supermodel. Among women on this list, Keeley is the shortest, and she is 5’2’’/ 157 cm.


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As you can see, Ted Lasso’s characters are versatile, all different and special in their own way. With the mixture of experience and youth, the interactions between characters are even funnier, as they respect each other, laugh together, and learn from one another. No matter the age or height, everyone is unique in their own way, with distinctive personalities, witty comments, and a sense of humor. And that is what we love about them.

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