‘Ted Lasso’: Who Is Bex? Meet Keeley Hazell’s Character

Ted Lasso: Who Is Bex? Meet Keeley Hazell’s Character

Ted Lasso series has only one episode left, and the recent episode brought us many emotions yet shocking revelations. Of course, the series has already concluded some storylines, but a few still need to be resolved in the last episode of the series. One of them is Bex arriving at Rebecca’s doorstep with the former assistant of Rupert Mannion, and it seems that the owner of West Ham United and Rebecca Welton’s ex-husband will finally pay for his abuse and misdemeanor throughout the series. Of course, when we met Bex in season one, on the surface, she wasn’t the most important part of the series, but she was for two characters – Rebecca and Rupert. We will discuss who Bex is and how significant she is for the Ted Lasso storyline.

Bex is currently Rupert Mannion’s wife and the mother of his child. We first meet Bex in season one when she arrives at the 10th Annual Benefit for Underprivileged Children as a plus-one of Jamie Tartt, who eventually gets married to Rupert Mannion and has a baby with him named Diane. Bex is also called Rebecca, which tabloids in England love using against Rebecca Welton, calling her “the Old Rebecca.” Bex is Rupert’s wife, and she helps the man to ruin Rebecca’s life, but throughout the series, especially in season two, we see Bex being bolder and seemingly less naive than we thought she is – she teases Rupert, puts him in his place, and if the last episode suggests something, she finally stands up for what is right, even if it against her husband.

Bex is a minor character in the series, but she is the epitome of Rupert’s deeds in the series. She serves as Rebecca’s younger, “more attractive” replacement, which Rupert uses against his former wife to put her down even more. However, recent developments could reveal that Bex finally realized her husband’s wrongdoings, which prompted her to reach out to Rebecca. Let’s discuss Bex’s character further.

Who is Bex in the Ted Lasso series?

The Ted Lasso series is left with one more episode, and I’m devastated by that fact. The show brought its viewers so much joy, but also an interesting premise and caring for their character’s stories, where each one has something to say.

Ted Lasso: Who Is Bex? Meet Keeley Hazell’s Character

Ted Lasso is a driving force of the show, but supporting characters are what make this show complete. Of course, Keeley, Roy, Jamie, and Trent are great supporting characters who developed massively throughout the series.

But as it’s with every show, Ted Lasso has some “bad eggs” within their characters, including Bex. That might be harsh for her character now, but she was not better than Rupert in the show’s first season. Whenever Rupert put Rebecca or Ted down, she would wholeheartedly support her husband. Some would say she is a great wife, but in this case, Bex wasn’t better than him.

We first meet her in season one, during the charity gala as the plus one of Jamie Tartt. At that moment in the series, Tartt was a playboy with no regard for other people’s feelings, despite his great footballing talent. At that point in the series, Jamie was in a relationship with Keeley, who had already started being suspicious about her boyfriend’s behavior, and seeing he took Bex with him to the gala as well, that was a quirky woman’s breaking point. Soon after, she broke up with Jamie and got together with Roy Kent.


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Bex proceeded to marry Rupert and make sure to help him make Rebecca’s life miserable. She falsely judges Rupert’s character and doesn’t understand his doings behind her back. Bex also helps Rupert in his efforts to take away Rebecca’s influence over Richmond by buying some shares of the club.

Bex is excited about Rupert initially, especially after she gets pregnant and gives birth to their child, Diane. However, what she doesn’t understand is that she becomes boring to her husband, and combined with Rebecca’s efforts to keep Richmond alive, their marriage starts falling apart.

Bex is attractive, young, full of life, and ready to start a family with Rupert but also extremely naive. She soon realizes that Ted Lasso and everyone else from Richmond is quite alright and that they just want to move on from Rupert and his “regime” since Rebecca is their owner.

Does Bex know the truth about Rupert’s wrongdoings?

The divorce between Rebecca and Rupert was messy, to say the least, with the woman discovering her husband cheated on her with numerous women, and all ended up in the press. Rebecca was painted as the witch and an uninspiring wife who drove Rupert to cheat.

But the truth was quite the opposite, since Rupert always had influence over the media, and only after Rebecca started winning with the team and caring for Richmond did they start turning against Rupert. Yes, Rupert caused the bad press by himself, and with the efforts of Keeley and Leslie, the press started to address the former owner of Richmond differently.

Ted Lasso: Who Is Bex? Meet Keeley Hazell’s Character

Rupert buys West Ham United to spite Rebecca and uses Nate Shelley’s insecurities to hurt Rebecca and Ted. Where was Bex during all this? She is a supporting character who takes care of their daughter Diane off-screen, but season three sees a young woman changing her approach towards Rupert. The new owner of West Ham United aims to destroy Richmond in Premier League, but what he does behind the scenes is more disturbing.

Rupert treats Nate like garbage, who only uses him for his own agenda, while his staff, or better yet, assistants, are other victims of Rupert’s behavior. Bex realizes that her husband needs to be humbled, and over a few episodes of season three, we see her subtly mocking Rupert and shutting him down. Rebecca sees it and realizes that there is more to Bex than she knew up to that point.


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However, the recent three episodes see Rupert slowly but surely being punished for his toxic behavior and his actions having consequences. First, we see Nate noticing Rupert subtly abusing him, and then the owner disappears with other women, cheating on the mother of his child.

This leads to Nate leaking to the press about the sexual escapades of Rupert Mannion in the club when the lights are off and finally resigning from the team’s managerial role.

Then, in the tenth episode, we see Rebecca and Rupert going to the Akufo meeting, where we meet new Rupert’s assistant. When asked about the new employee, Rupert just says that the previous assistant brought “too much drama.” In the most recent episode, we see Bex arriving at Rebecca’s house with the sacked assistant, needing to discuss something important about Rupert.

It’s obvious that Rupert will be accused of sexual harassment of his employees, which was a straw that broke the camel’s back. Bex finally steps up to protect herself and their daughter from, frankly, unhinged Rupert, who is slowly drowning in the accusations piling up every moment.

The series finale will reveal more details of Rupert’s demise, and we will tune in for the final episode of the Ted Lasso show.