Why Ted Lasso Got Divorced? & Who Will He End Up With?

Why Did Ted Lasso Got Divorced & Who Will He End up With

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Ted Lasso series releases new episodes every week on AppleTV+, and the more we get to the end of the season, the more drama is there to unpack. Season three seems confusing to some fans since it did move away from the wholesome moments and focuses on more serious themes. All main characters have been going through a lot in their personal lives, and Ted seems like he lost his usual “mojo” the most. Yes, he is still hilarious and wholesome, but his personal problems and distance from his family really got him down in seasons two and three. In this article, we will discuss why Ted Lasso divorced and who will potentially be his endgame.

The reason why Ted Lasso is divorced is because his now ex-wife Michelle wanted to end their marriage. Despite supporting her husband’s decision to move to England to coach AFC Richmond, Michelle still felt their marriage wasn’t in the right state and didn’t feel the same way as she did in the past. We aren’t sure with whom Ted could end up in the end, and if he did, some hints point at Rebecca Welton or him returning to his ex-wife Michelle.

Ted Lasso divorced quite early in the show, and it was devastating for him to see his marriage collapsing. However, throughout the series, we see hints that Ted might end up with someone. If you’re interested in this Ted Lasso topic, stay with us until the end.

Why did Ted’s marriage end?

One of the best parts of the Ted Lasso series is its characters. The main character, Ted Lasso, is a wholesome and kind man from Kansas who moves to England to become a manager of the AFC Richmond team, a football club playing in the English Premier League. He was destined to fail, but his unwavering positivity, and Kansas charm, stabilized the club despite being relegated in the first season he was there.

The club and their players and staff changed with Ted’s arrival, who showed them that small things in life could make you the happiest person in the world. Ted has been the driving force of positivity in the show, but even he’s a human as well, and most importantly, a father and a husband whose family was miles away. When Ted arrives in England, we learn that he dearly misses his family, who were still in Kansas then and could be seen Facetiming his family whenever he could.

Why Did Ted Lasso Got Divorced? & Who Will He End up With?

Of course, a random American football coach going to England to manage a football club competing in the highest tier of English football is ludicrous and would never work, but Ted did that fairly well. He became a phenomenon in the country, and the news of his managerial gig in England reached the United States of America. However, Ted misses his family, and at the end of season one, we see Michelle and Henry arriving in London to watch the game against Watford and hang out with their husband and father.

Ted is extremely happy and takes his family to dinner at The Crown & Anchor, but everything goes wrong when he sees Michelle crying in the morning. In episode five of the first season, we see Michelle being brutally honest with Ted and telling him their marriage doesn’t work. She continues by saying that she tries to have feelings for Ted, like when they first got married, and despite trying, she isn’t happy at all. After the team barely wins against Watford, Ted is devastated but still seriously talks with Michelle about their marriage.


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Just before they leave, Michelle and Ted tearfully say goodbye, but not before Ted confesses that he will let Michelle go, but it seems that this is the first time he is giving up on something in his life. Michelle corrects him and tells him he is simply letting her go, which is okay. This is where Ted and Michelle’s marriage is over, and the woman moves on with her life much faster than Ted does – distance, differences, and lack of feelings for one another prompts Michelle to end their relationship.

Of course, Ted’s journey continued through the next two seasons, and knowing that season three will potentially be the last one of the series, we could speculate with whom Ted might end up.

Ted might find a happy ending with someone

In seasons one and two, we saw Ted struggling with his mental health, we first saw his panic attack when Michelle told him about the divorce, but he still had some interesting relationships – or hookups. Rebecca’s best friend Flo, also known as Sassy, sleeps with Ted multiple times in the series, most recently in season three. Some fans suggested that Sassy and Ted could be together by the show’s end since they both have children and could connect somehow.

Why Did Ted Lasso Got Divorced? & Who Will He End up With?

However, that ship sailed in the episode “Big Week” when Ted asks Sassy to date. The woman rejected him on the spot, telling him he was too “messy” for her to date. Ted wasn’t devastated by that development and continued with his life as he was.

Another potential endgame for Ted is Rebecca Welton. Now, this might be controversial for many fans, who think that Rebecca and Ted are simply best friends and platonic with each other. Ted Lasso series really developed great friendships and support groups in the show, and some fans welcomed the focus on those aspects of the characters than simply going the romantic trope route. This is a legitimate argument – the best parts of the Ted Lasso series were Ted and Rebecca’s conversations in the owner’s office.


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The same people argue that Rebecca and Ted don’t have the romantic chemistry to be together in the end. However, it seems the show does hint at their relationship, but not enough for them to be fully confirmed. Ted and Rebecca helped each other a lot during these three seasons, but Ted’s divorce and Rebecca’s post-divorce situation, which always weighed her down, distanced them from each other in season three.

Rebecca had a fling with Sam in season two and a faithful encounter or enlightenment with a mysterious Dutch Guy, but she still doesn’t seem settled. Her wanting to be a mother and find someone who loves her was hinted at in episode three when she talked with the psych, who told her some nonsense that is referenced in the episodes.

Being a mother, shite in nining armor, and green matchbook connects her to Ted somehow; however, that might be all nonsense since the show doesn’t necessarily lie on those TV tropes. In recent episodes, we see Rebecca and Ted interact more, and we see Ted having a green matchbook in his possession, but honestly, we don’t know if they will end up together in the end. There is certainly a possibility.

Why Did Ted Lasso Got Divorced? & Who Will He End up With?

Finally, we have Ted’s ex-wife, Michelle. This will most definitely be a controversy if Ted gets back to Michelle since his character suffered a lot after their divorce. Michelle even moved on with no other than Dr. Jacob, their former marriage counselor, who might be breaching a few ethical laws with his involvement with Ted’s ex-wife. However, in the recent episode, we saw Michelle and Dr. Jacob going to Paris, where the doctor most likely proposed to Michelle, who rejected his inquiry. This isn’t confirmed yet, but Rebecca’s call to Ted and Michelle’s reaction after her trip to Paris is really suspicious.

I believe Michelle and Ted will never get back together since Ted’s journey and recovery would be severely affected by that development. I believe Ted will leave Richmond and return to Kansas without being with any aforementioned women. His son is always the most important aspect of his life, and it seems Ted will put him first again.

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