‘The Adam Project’: The First Official Trailer Finally Released

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Netflix dropped the first official trailer for the upcoming sci-fi adventure, scheduled to be released on March 11. The story follows Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds), a time-traveling pilot who teams up with his younger self (Walker Scobell) and his late father (Mark Ruffalo) to come to terms with his past while saving the future. The Adam Project is the third Netflix movie starring Reynolds and the second collaboration between Reynolds and director Shawn Levy.

In the action-packed trailer, we see the two Adams on the adventurous attempt to save the future, while unintentionally bonding with each other and sharing warm moments. The funny interactions between the two and a constant battle between Adam’s past and future personality makes the trailer amusing and inviting, while the sci-fi aspect makes it super exciting and tense.


‘The Adam Project’: Ryan Reynolds Meets Himself in New Clip

The juxtaposition between technology filled future and nostalgia filled past is not surprising as the director has already proved he can masterfully play with both in the series Stranger Things and the movie Real Steel.

In the trailer, we also realize that in order save the future, Adam has to stop the time travelling from ever being invented, which implies the two Adams would never meet each other and the grown up Adam would never reconcile with his past self and get to know himself better.

Even though the movie isn’t scheduled to arrive on the streaming service until March 11, it was already showed to the press and reactions are amazing. Some of the positive reviews describe The Adam Project as a “film that would make a Spielberg proud“, “whimsical, imaginative, and original” and a blast with pure blockbuster thrills and some beautiful family drama“.

Watch the trailer below:

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