The Batman: Director Matt Reeves Reveals If Superman Exists In The World Of Pattinson’s Batman

Does Gotham Really Exist in Peacemaker (& Is Batman a Part of the Show?)

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The Batman, the newest and widely anticipated DC movie is set to open in theaters in only one week. As it usually goes, the cast and crew of the movie are going around promoting the film, and they’re being asked a lot of questions about the future that this movie could set up.

It’s been already announced that Matt Reeves’ newest movie will be separated from DCEU, but the movie will start the so-called Batsverse with two announced spin-off shows centered on GCPD and Penguin, respectively. Matt Reeves also said there are discussions about the potential spin-off featuring Catwoman, and of course, there are already talks about the sequel.

But, will this Reeves’ universe just stick to Gotham City and Batman, or it could go wider and cover some other DC places and characters. When you think of DC, the first thing you think of next to Batman is Superman, so Reeves was recently asked if Superman exists in the world of Robert Pattinson’s Batman:

“But to be honest with you, that is not the intention at this point, to figure out how to make that come. Look, we should be so lucky that this is a world that people embrace and that they say, oh my God, we want to see what would happen when those things collide. I think if that challenge ever presents itself, it would be an exciting one to explore, but I’d have to try and do it through this lens. You know what I mean? And that is absolutely right, that at the moment, to me, this world is the place that I want to focus.” — Matt Reeves for Collider

So, even if he exists, don’t expect that Pattison’s Batman will meet Superman. Which is actually a good thing. We see that Reeves is following the concept of just one main character. Christopher Nolan followed the same pattern because his The Dark Knight trilogy was also focused only on Batman, while Ben Affleck’s Batman made his debut in Zack Snyder’s movie Batman V Superman, and although that was the first time these two heroes met on the big screen, the movie wasn’t as successful as expected.

DCEU is still a thing, and Ben Affleck is officially still its main Batman, although some reports are saying that that could change once The Flash movie arrives, in which Affleck’s Batman will appear, but Michael Keaton’s Batman will appear as well. It’s still not known if Henry Cavill will ever play DCEU’s Superman again, and as for Pattinson, his Batman better gets used to solo work because he can’t really count on some big-scale crossovers and team-ups.

The Batman opens in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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