The Batman Who Laughs Joined Injustice 2 Mobile Roster! Gameplay Debut Video Released

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Awesome character, that probably most of us won’t get. The Batman Who Laughs was added today to the Injustice 2 Mobile roster as the new Legendary character, which immediately makes him a lot harder to unlock, not to mention unlocking his gear.

But, developers of the game also announced a new Solo Raid mode where The Batman Who Laughs will be the main boss and by beating him we’d have a slight chance to unlock him. New Solo Raid will start soon.

The Batman Who Laughs’ abilities seem pretty solid, at least theoretically. He generates the so-called Crisis Energy by using his Special Attacks – the higher the combo meter, the more energy he gets. Crisis Energy allows him to interrupt opponent attacks. He can also reduce opponents’ health by a percentage, which can be really useful in solo raids and league raids.

Since he’s a legendary character, 200 shards are needed to unlock him, so it will probably take time for players to add him to the roster. Until then, we can check his gameplay debut:

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