‘The Boys’ Season 3, Episode 8 Ending, Explained: Who Lives, And Who Dies In The Season Finale?

The Boys

Season 3 of The Boys has come to a close, and in the process, it has left us with a bit of a sour taste in our mouths. The season 3 finale is quiet. It is superb, in fact. However, the build-up to this ending has been so great and so incredibly well constructed that when the final resolution is executed in front of our eyes, we cannot do anything but be a bit disappointed. The show simply doesn’t have the necessary monetary resources to take the show to the next level in terms of visuals.

Nevertheless, the writing keeps being the strongest factor in the show, and the season finale delivers. However, repetition is starting to sink in, the show is going in circles, and Butcher and The Boys have not really made a dent into Vought’s or Homelander’s dominion. At the end of this episode, everything stays relatively the same, and the things that do change don’t feel like they are really that relevant, to begin with. A season 4 is coming to Amazon at some point.

The next paragraphs contain spoilers for the final episode of season 3 of The Boys, so read at your own risk.

What Was The Favor Neuman Asked From Homelander?

In last week’s episode, we saw Neuman asking for a favor from Homelander, as at the same time she gave him a piece of paper with an address. As this episode starts, it is revealed that the favor consisted of The Deep killing the senator that was running for the vice presidency. The Deep kills the senator and Neuman is now the one running for Vice-President, with, of course, a more ambitious seat in the future.

In exchange for that favor, Neuman gave the address where Ryan is being hidden. Homelander appears before Ryan, and takes him away. It is clear that Ryan is not happy being hidden from everyone else, and he hugs his murderous father with a passion, as it means that he can go to the outside world and start living once again. Homelander really shows concern and love for his kid in these scenes.

The Boys

At the same time, Butcher, Hughie, and Soldier Boy prepare to go after Black Noir, and Homelander. Soldier Boy reveals to Hughie and Butcher that he is Homelander’s biological father, and he is having doubts about killing his son. Butcher reminds him of how Homelander might be his blood, but he didn’t raise him, and he didn’t love him. On the other hand, Homelander’s indiscretion last episode forces Ashley to move Maeve from her cell, which gives her the chance to escape. Maeve looks for Annie and the rest of The Boys.


Did Queen Maeve Die In The Boys Season 3 Finale? What Happened To Her?

Butcher punches Hughie so hard that he loses his consciousness, and he asks Annie to come and pick him up. Instead of telling him that compound V would kill him, Butcher decides to stop Hughie by force. Annie doesn’t understand Hughie’s feelings, but he knows he needs to stop Butcher from doing what he is about to do. Butcher and Soldier Boy are on their way to Vought’s tower, and if Soldier Boy explodes inside the tower, hundreds of innocent will die.

Black Noir returns to the tower, and he asks Homelander to kill Soldier Boy. Homelander is upset and asks Black Noir if he knew Soldier Boy was his father, and that he was alive somewhere. Black Noir doesn’t respond, but his silence is confirmation enough for Homelander, and he kills Noir, finally ending his pain. Homelander goes to The Deep, A-Train, and Ashley and humiliates them, reminding them that he doesn’t need them, they are not his family or friends.

Soldier Boy and Butcher arrive at the tower and come face to face with Homelander. Annie and the rest of the team also arrive, and they all clash inside the news studio.

Who Lives, And Who Dies, In The Boys’ Season 3 Finale?

Before the fight begins, Soldier Boy and Homelander have a great conversation. In it, they acknowledge that they are father and son. Homelander brings Ryan into the room and presents him to Soldier Boy as his grandson. Soldier Boy seems moved. Homelander tells him that they can be a family together, and he tells him that they are not alone anymore. However, Soldier Boy sees this want for attention as weakness and grabs Homelander, and he is ready to kill him.

Ryan sees his father about to die and shoots Butcher with his laser vision. Butcher is surprised to see Ryan defending Homelander. Soldier Boy hits Ryan, and both Homelander and Butcher react by attacking Soldier Boy together. Butcher keeps fighting against Soldier Boy, while Homelander fights with an angry Maeve. The battle extends for several minutes until The Boys managed to gas Soldier Boy and make him vulnerable.

The Boys

It isn’t enough, though, and Soldier Boy is about to explode. Butcher protects Ryan, and everybody else prepares to die when Maeve tackles Soldier Boy and jumps with him through the window. The explosion happens outside the window, Maeve just saved everybody’s lives. The news makes homage to Maeve the next day and announces her as dead. Ashley sees The Boys rescue her after the explosion, which means she is alive.

Maeve is alive and recovering and decides to go off the grid with his girlfriend, to finally be happy. Meanwhile, Annie throws her costume, and she is welcomed as a part of the team. Butcher on the other hand is told he only has 18 months to live, thanks to the effects of compound V. The entire team sees that Neuman is on TV announcing her campaign. Butcher declares that she is the next one to go.

The Boys

Homelander on the other hand introduces Ryan to his followers, and they all welcome him as a prince. However, a Starlight follower throws a cup at him, and Homelander gets angry at seeing his son being attacked and kills the man in front of everyone. However, they all cheer at Homelander’s killing of the man, and they all laugh quite happy. Even Ryan, who has been having a hard time smiling, does it as he finally sees that he can be happy next to his father.

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