The Future Devil in Chainsaw Man: What Are His Powers & What Does He Do?

The Future Devil in Chainsaw Man: What Are His Powers & What Does He Do?

Chainsaw Man is one of the weirder series you’ll encounter in your life, but that makes it so special and that is why this series has become so popular. The characters of Chainsaw Man are so interesting that they actually deserve more attention and that is what inspired this article. In this article, we are going to present a character from the first part of the manga who is going to appear as a villain in the anime – the Future Devil, who had a close relationship with Aki Hayakawa. In this article, you’re going to find out everything you need to know about the character.

The Future Devil is a devil that embodies the fear of the future. After seeing Aki Hayakawa’s future, it made a contract with him, so he can see that future himself. The Future Devil is a secondary antagonist in the series and has a major background role, but he never actually made it into the spotlight despite being one of the more intriguing devils in the series.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the character of the Future Devil and his powers. Not much is known about this intriguing character, but we are going to bring you as many details as possible so that you know everything about the character. If you haven’t read the manga, we have to warn you that there are going to be spoilers present in this article.

Who is the Future Devil in Chainsaw Man?

The Future Devil is a devil that embodies the fear of the future. After seeing Aki Hayakawa’s future, he made a contract with him, so that he allowed him to see that future himself. The lower half of the Future Devil resembles a tree growing from the ground with branches and a trunk extending into a humanoid body with outstretched arms and a horned head. There are multiple vine-like streamers growing from his arms and chest. His face has three pairs of eyes stacked on top of each other in a vertical position and his wide mouth is open almost all of the time.

He has a large hole in the center of his chest, inside of which is another large eye. This hole is his gateway into the future and it allows others to see the future through it. He has an extremely playful personality and regularly brags that the future is better than the present, which may not be true in every case.

Future Devil

At some point, the Future Devil was captured alive by Public Safety and locked away. He continued to make contracts with two Public Safety Devil Hunters, one of them giving up half his lifespan and the other giving up both his eyes, his sense of taste, and his sense of smell. Kurose and Tendo take Aki Hayakawa to a place where Devils are locked up for public safety to find him a new weapon. They take him to the Future Devil and tell him to make a contract with him.


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Aki enters the Future Devil’s room and sees his full appearance as he repeatedly announces that the future is the best. Aki and the Future Devil talk, and the Future Devil does not like or approve of his attitude. He then tells Aki to stick his head into his belly so he can see his future and uses it to determine the details of their contract. After laughing about Aki’s future because it amuses him, the Future Devil makes the offer that as long as he can live in Aki’s right eye, he will help him.

He reveals that the reason behind him offering Aki such a cheap and effortless contract is that he actually wishes to see Aki’s future with his own eyes and that Aki is destined to die in “the worst way possible”. Of course, after Aki’s death at the hands of Denji, the Future Devil reappears from the dead agent’s eye, laughing and commenting on how he really “died in the worst possible way”.

What are the Future Devil’s powers and abilities?

The Future Devil seems to be a straightforward devil. We don’t actually know just how powerful he is, but we do know what his powers and abilities are. We don’t know how good of a fighter he is or how useful his skills are to him in direct battle, but seeing that he was captured by Public Safety with relative ease and was kept locked away without any major problems, we assume that he is not one of the more powerful devils in the series.

By having someone insert their head into the hole in their chest, the Future Devil can see into that person’s future. This is, of course, his biggest and best-known power, i.e., his essence that makes him one of the most peculiar devils in the series. So far, we have seen him use this power on several occasions:

  1. He made a contract with Aki Hayakawa: in exchange for letting him reside in his right eye, the Future Devil allowed Aki to see a few seconds into the future.
  2. He made a contract with an unnamed Public Safety Devil hunter: in exchange for half their lifespan, the Devil Hunter could use the Future Devil’s power (although we don’t really know how that one played out).
  3. He made a contract with an unnamed Public Safety Devil hunter: in exchange for their eyes, sense of taste and smell, the Devil Hunter could use the Future Devil’s power (we have no clue how this one played out either).


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Along with this basic power, the Future Devil has some additional powers as well. As a devil, the Future Devil can bestow contracts upon humans for a price. Although it has not been confirmed, the Future Devil should be able to restore its health by consuming blood and he should revive in Hell after being killed effectively making him immortal. This is all that we know about the Future Devil at this point.

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