All 12 ‘Chainsaw Man’ Arcs in Chronological Order

Chainsaw Man Arcs in order: The Complete Chronological Guide

As of the time of writing, including both the first and second part of the manga, there are currently 12 Chainsaw Man arcs. The first part of the manga had a total of eight arcs, whereas the second – at the time of writing – consists of four sole arcs, but that number is definitely going to increase as the publication continues.

Editor’s Note: Last updated In March 2024, with chapter 156.

Chainsaw Man arcs in order

Here are all of the Chainsaw Man arcs in proper chronological order:

  1. ‘Intro’ arc (Chapters 1-4)
  2. ‘Bat Devil’ arc (Chapters 5-12)
  3. ‘Eternity Devil’ arc (Chapters 13-21)
  4. ‘Katana Man’ arc (Chapters 22-39)
  5. ‘Bomb Girl’ arc (Chapters 40-52)
  6. ‘International Assassins’ arc (Chapters 53-70)
  7. ‘Gun Devil’ arc (Chapters 71-79)
  8. ‘Control Devil’ arc (Chapters 80-97)
  9. ‘Justice Devil ‘arc (Chapters 98-111)
  10. ‘Dating Denji’ arc (Chapters 112-120)
  11. ‘Falling Devil’ arc (Chapters 121-131)
  12. Current Arc (Chapter 132-)

What is the best way to read the Chainsaw Man arcs?

The best way to read the Chainsaw Man arcs is by their proper chronological order. You might start off with the first arc just to get to know the world, but then you can go back to the prequel arc before continuing on.

1. Intro arc

Denji fighting zombies

Chapters: 1- 4
Number of chapters: 4

Denji is a boy whose father ended his life by contracting a debt of a large sum of money with a group of Yakuza who made this young creditor to his father’s debt which he pays by selling his organs, cutting down trees and killing Devils with the help of his pet, a strange chainsaw-shaped dog named Pochita who is actually also a Devil whose life Denji saved and they became friends from that moment.

In one of his jobs, the Yakuza, with which Denji was indebted, ended up associated with another Devil, a Zombie Devil with whom they made a contract to kill Denji in exchange for power, but the Zombie Devil had other plans since He turned the Yakuza and their accomplices into zombies and uses them to kill Denji and Pochita because they killed other Devils and as such, he detested the humans who hunted them.

After killing Denji and Pochita and then mutilating their bodies, Denji remembers that he promised Pochita that if he were to ever die, he would let her own his body so that he could live the life that Denji didn’t have. However, Pochita then decides to merge with Denji’s body which rebuilds and regenerates the organs he lost so that in return, as part of his contract, she would allow him to share all of his dreams and goals.


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Pochita finishes merging with Denji’s body who, upon waking up, realizes that Pochita’s tail protrudes from his heart, from which, when pulling it, Denji becomes a chainsaw hybrid which easily kills the Zombie Devil and everyone. the Zombies he had created.

The next morning, a group of individuals in suits arrived at the warehouse where they discovered the massacre that had taken place, claiming that someone had beaten them to their plans to kill the Zombie Devil, revealing themselves to be Devil Hunters who They worked for a government public security agency, being led by a young woman named Makima, who upon seeing Denji and noticing his peculiarities, gives him two alternatives: join her organization or be killed. Denji agrees to leave with Makima to join her team.

After he arrives in Tokyo, Denji is paired with Aki Hayakawa, who at first tries to get Denji to quit but ultimately fails and ends up living with him, at that. Later, he introduces himself to another member of her squad, a hothead named Power, and seeing that she is a girl, Denji is excited to work with her.

2. Bat Devil arc

Denji attacking the Bat Devil

Chapters: 5- 12
Number of chapters: 8

Denji teams up with Power and runs through the city, where he kills a Sea Cucumber Devil and causes a bit of trouble for them. Sometime later, Power states that a Devil kidnaped her cat and that Makima recruited her before she could save her. Denji then makes a deal with her and will save her cat in exchange for Power allowing him to touch her breasts.

Power then takes Denji to the Devil that took the cat from her but knocked it down beforehand and presented it to the Devil as an offering to get her back. The Bat Devil then ingested some of Denji’s blood and used it to regenerate his arm. Instead of giving the cat back, he ate it whole, along with Power as well. As the Bat Devil tried to fly up and attack the citizens, Denji grabbed his leg and flew up with him, transforming into Chainsaw Man to fight him.

He quickly cuts off the Devil’s arm again and proceeds to punch it. The Devil tried to fight back and blew Denji away with his attack, but Denji was able to get up and continue fighting him. Denji kept slashing at the Bat Devil, killing it, and saving Power and the cat from it. Just then, a Leech Devil, the Bat Devil’s girlfriend, appears and attacks Denji.

Due to blood loss, Denji cannot fully manifest as Chainsaw-Man, but he still begins to fight the Devil. As Denji is about to pass out and be eaten by the Leech Fiend, Aki arrives and uses her Fox Fiend to eat the enemy and save Denji. Waking up in the hospital, Aki interrogates Denji to find out about the events that transpired, but Denji protects Power from his actions. Makima later had Power live with Aki and Denji, and their daily roommate problems appeared.


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She calls Denji, to fulfill her promise to save her cat. She gave him three squeezes to save Nyako, kill the Bat, and protect her from Aki. After doing so, Denji felt dissatisfied and worried for a while. Makima noticed that he was feeling depressed and confronted him to tell him why. After listening to him, she told him that naughty things feel better when you meet your partner and touch his hands, letting him touch his ear, biting his finger, and then touching her breasts, which excites Denji.

Then, using the situation, she asks Denji to kill the Gun Devil, and if she does, she will grant him a wish. Makima then explained who that Devil is and what he has done, and how to find people of his who can locate him. That’s when they received a Devil extermination request from an unknown Devil at the Morin Hotel, and Makima’s squad was sent for the task.

3. Eternity Devil arc

Denji fighting the Eternity Devil

Chapters: 13- 21
Number of chapters: 9

Arriving at the Morin Hotel, Aki understood that it was not the Gun Devil, as the Gun Devil’s flesh that he possesses did not react strongly. Himeno says that she will then reward the one who kills the Devil with a kiss on the cheek. Denji gets excited for a moment but then remembers Makima’s promise, so he loses interest.

However, Himeno tells him that he will be one with a tongue, causing him to get excited again. Denji is eager to find the Devil inside the hotel, but Arai tries to stop him so Himeno doesn’t have to kiss him. That’s when a head with hands comes out of a room and tries to attack Kobeni but is quickly knocked down by Himeno and Power.

As they continue to explore the hotel, they notice that no matter how many floors they go up or down, they are always on the eighth floor. Realizing that they are trapped on the same floor, they enter the rooms so that they can think of a way to get out of the loop. After a while, they realized that the Devil they killed had gotten bigger and was still growing. The Eternity Devil speaks and tells them that if they handed over Denji, he would let them out of the Hotel.

Desperate, Kobeni tries to attack Denji but is neutralized by Himeno and Aki, who then tries to summon the Fox Devil to no avail, as they are completely cut off from the outside. Himeno decides to summon her Ghost Devil to attack the Eternity Devil, but that only makes him grow bigger. As Kobeni began to panic again, the Eternity Devil grew larger and revealed that it grew larger out of fear.

Aki then tried to use the sword on him but was stopped by Himeno’s Ghost Fiend. Just then, Arai and Kobeni attack Denji, but Aki protects him with his body, and Kobeni accidentally stabs him. Seeing Aki bleeding, Himeno panicked that she might lose another partner. Annoyed by everyone, Denji decides to let himself be devoured by the Eternity Devil, jumping into the void. The Eternity Devil devours Denji, but soon after, he emerges as the Devil’s Chainsaw Man and begins fighting it.


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As Denji loses a lot of blood quickly, his chainsaw starts to retract, so he decides to drink the Eternity Devil’s horrible blood to make them appear again. Himeno recalled a conversation in her past about why some of his classmates died and that they needed to be insane enough to fight Devils. Seeing the insane fight, Denji had with the devil. He thought that he was crazy enough to kill the Gun Devil. When Denji was about to lose, using his Ghost, he turned his lanyard back on to activate it.

4. Katana Man arc

Denji engaging the Katana Man 1

Chapters: 22- 39
Number of chapters: 18

On various occasions, all members of the Special Division were attacked with guns by Gun Devil henchmen, and nearly all were killed. At the same time, Denji, Power, Himeno, and Aki Hayakawa eat at a restaurant where the Katana Man explains his connection to Denji before shooting him in the head and then shooting the others. Aki quickly uses the Fox Devil, but the Katana Man transforms and pops out of the Fox Devil.

Aki then attacks him, stabbing him enough times to activate his Escape Devil, and supposedly kills the Katana Man, but a woman named Sawatari arrives and bounces the Katana Man, who then knocks Aki down. Himeno is fatally shot and decides to hand her over to her spirit demon to fight the Katana Man.

When the Ghost Devil captured the Katana Man, Sawatari used his Snake Devil to eat the Ghost Devil. In Himeno’s final moments, she pulls Denji’s rope, turning him into the Chainsaw Man. As they fight, other goons appear and shoot Denji. He then decides to use one as a shield, but Katana Man doesn’t carry it. He cuts Denji and the henchman in half, ending the fight.

5. Bomb Girl arc

Denji engaging Reze

Chapters: 40- 52
Number of chapters: 13

Denji finds a new love interest, but it turns out that the girl is actually a Devil who causes Denji much more trouble than he had anticipated.

6. International Assassins arc

Denji engaging Santa Claus

Chapters: 53- 70
Number of chapters: 18

Denji has that weird dream again where he sees himself standing in front of a door. A few days after the confrontation between Denji and Reze, while Power is recovering from his excess blood and Denji is thinking about the girl bomb, Makima proposes to all the boys a trip to Enoshima in order to forget all the problems. But the plan is immediately canceled when several agency members enter the apartment where Denji, Aki, and Power live together.


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Makima reveals to the trio that his actions as a result of the confrontation with Reze ended up being made known to everyone, revealing Denji’s existence, so his life from that moment was in serious danger, implying that the chaos unleashed by Reze was intended to make known the existence of a being that was neither a Human possessed by a Devil nor a Devil as such due to his failure to obtain Chainsaw Man’s heart.

7. Gun Devil arc

Chainsaw vs Gun Fiend

Chapters: 71- 79
Number of chapters: 9

The operation to defeat the Gun Devil prepares to begin, with Makima revealing a shocking fact to Denji and company about the very nature of the Devil himself. This was the penultimate arc of Part 1, and it saw the defeat of one of the major enemies of the first part of the manga, the Gun Devil, as well as the revelation about him.


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8. Control Devil arc

Hybrids attacking Chainsaw

Chapters: 80- 97
Number of chapters:

Ulterior motives come to light when a grieving Denji goes to Makima for comfort. This arc finally reveals the true motives behind Makima’s behavior and her true intentions with Denji. After Makima actually kills Power, Denji becomes angry and kills Makima, after which he consumes her so that the Control Devil cannot come back as Makima.

9. Justice Devil arc

War devil arc

Chapters: 98- 111
Number of chapters: 14

After the high schooler Asa Mitaka becomes the host of Yoru, the War Devil, she is ordered to find and kill the Chainsaw Man so that the War Devil can gain access to nuclear weapons.

10. Dating Denji arc

Dating Denji arc

Chapters: 112- 120
Number of chapters: 9

Asa Mikata meets Devil Hunter Club members after Fourth East School’s chaos. Yoru, a club member, reveals that the Chainsaw Devil is their target and asks Asa to find another strong weapon to defeat him. Asa decides to sacrifice a human who doesn’t contribute to society and chooses Denji after an unsuccessful date with him.

The mysterious hunter who resurrected Yuko reappears and reveals herself as the Famine Devil, trapping Asa and Denji. Denji believes they are trapped by the Eternity Devil. They run into a group consisting of Haruka, Seigi, and the brother of Kobeni Higashiyama, with Yoshida joining up with them immediately afterward. The group finds a staff lounge with plenty of water and food for supplies, but Asa accidentally breaks her cell phone, isolating them from the rest of the world.


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11. Falling Devil arc

Current arc

Chapters: 121- 131
Number of chapters: 11

Yoshida takes Asa to the Devil Hunter’s Club council room, where he reveals their commonalities but crushes Asa’s hopes of a confession, ordering her to cut ties with Denji. Meanwhile, Nayuta senses a foul devil scent, urging a lethargic Denji to fight. Rejected and affected by a devil’s ability, Asa faces despair, and as she nears home, a man falls to his death, leading Yoru to shield Asa from the eerie gaze of onlookers in her apartment complex.

12. Current Arc

Protection arc

Chapters: 132-
Number of chapters: 12+

This is the twelfth and the most current arc in the overall storyline. It’s unknown how many chapters it will have since it’s currently still ongoing.

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