15 Best Chainsaw Man Characters (Ranked)

best chainsaw man characters

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man manga series is a rare example of how a gory anime can reach mainstream popularity. The story of Denji has become quite popular and the manga, whose first part was concluded in 2020, will soon see itself adapted into anime format, which, according to the trailer, is going to be mature and keep most of the gore of the manga. Now, in preparation for the anime, we will give you a list of the best Chainsaw Man characters in the franchise.

Here is a list of the 15 best Chainsaw Man characters that have so far appeared in the manga. We’ll be referring solely to the manga as the source since the Chainsaw Man anime series (with its possible differences) hasn’t come out yet. You’ll find out a bit about the characters, from which you’ll be able to deduce why we ranked them as we did.

Best Chainsaw Man Characters

The list we have prepared for you will include a total of 15 characters, ranked on how good, important, and well-developed they are. You’ll get some basic information on each of them along with the ranking. Let’s dive into our list of 15 best Chainsaw Man characters.

15. Kishibe


We start off our list of best Chainsaw Man characters with Kishibe. Kishibe is the strongest demon hunter in the organization. Older than most other hunters, he is scarred and cynical. He trains Denji and Power and was associated with Quanxi in his youth. He secretly conspires against Makima.

14. Darkness Devil


The Darkness Devil is one of the powerful Chainsaw Man devils. The Darkness Devil makes his first appearance in Chainsaw Manga when Denji is transported to Hell by the Hell Devil along with several other devil hunters and assassins. He emerges from a door in Heaven and approaches the recently transported humans.

Some of the fighters there brace themselves against him, but he takes their arms off by some surreal magical power and croaks like a frog. The Puppet Devil, through Tolka, offers the Chainsaw Devil’s heart in exchange for the power to kill Makima. The Darkness Devil fulfills the request by granting a piece of its body to Tolka’s master on Earth which she swallows

13. Violence Fiend

Violence FiendCSM

Violence Fiend is an unexpectedly kind and polite Violence Demon who possesses immense strength and can transform into a more monstrous form each time he removes his mask. Violence Fiend still has most of his human brain, allowing him to remember various details about his past life, which is unusual for Demon.

12. Katana Man/Samurai Sword


The Katana Man is selfish and cruel. He only cares about killing Denji and forcing him to apologize for killing the Katana Man’s grandfather. To do so, The Katana Man sacrifices innocent people and even his own comrades, as he is willing to cut them just to get to Denji. The Katana Man does not believe Denji’s excuse that he killed his grandfather because he was a zombie, and accuses Denji of being a liar.

11. Gun Devil


When invoked by the President of the United States, the Gun Devil’s body resembles a floating humanoid figure with several building-sized guns for arms, a crudely skeletonized body crammed with disembodied screaming heads, and an oversized gun barrel protruding from its skull-like face. The Gun Devil is also missing the lower half of his body and is instead replaced by 6 long, giant ammo belts attached to the Gun Devil’s torso.

The main parts of both of Gun Devil’s arms appear to be M4 carbines, but other known assault rifles are also in his arms. These include the AK -47, the M16A1, and the Mk18 assault rifle. Both arms appear to be carrying the same rifles. The Gun Devil’s head appears to be the slide and barrel of a large M1911 with the hammer missing. Any firearms mounted on his back cannot be identified.


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10. Santa Claus

The next character on this list of best Chainsaw Man characters is Santa Claus. Santa Claus is one of the assassins sent after Denji. Introduced as a German old man, it is later revealed that Santa Claus is a designation for various people, the real body being a Russian woman referred to as “teacher” by his student Tolka, whom he also turns into a body for her. The teacher has a contract with the Demon Doll and has the ability to turn people into dolls under her control, which becomes part of the mind of Santa’s hive.

Santa Claus enacts a plot to send Denji and several hunters to Hell as sacrifices to the Demon of Darkness in exchange for the power to kill Makima. A burning Denji defeats her, and her mind is destroyed by one of Quanxi’s lovers, the Demon of the cosmos.

9. Pochita

pochita 1024x1024 1

Unlike most devils, Pochita communicated solely by barking and whining like a real dog. However, after fusing with Denji, he is able to communicate with him in his mind. He constantly communicates with Denji through dreams and warns him not to ‘open the door’.

Pochita cared deeply for Denji after the human saved his life, despite the devil’s general hatred for humanity. Pochita willingly gave Denji his heart so that he could fulfill his dreams, which Pochita loved to hear about.

In his true devil form, Pochita shows a more unpredictable personality, as evidenced by the fact that he is quick to murder anyone who is the least bit hostile to him in the burger joint. However, Pochita later tells Denji that he has always dreamed of hugging someone, but his strength made it impossible. This suggests that his murder spree at the burger joint was accidental because he could not properly control his strength around others.

8. Angel Devil


Angel Devil’s last memory was supposedly on a village coast, where he found a community of people who took him in and cared for him, even though he was a devil. In this community, he allegedly dated a young woman.

Afterward, the community and his supposed girlfriend went to the beach, when suddenly Makima came to him and asked to see his devil powers. Although he refused, she insisted and ordered him to use them. Hours later, he woke up again and absorbed the lives of all the villagers.

In chapter 74, Angel Devil suddenly remembers his past after Makima ordered Aki to accept the contract. After that, he uses 10 years of life force to create a blade to attack Makima with, but she only says the word “Down” and Angel Devil slumps to the ground. She kneels down next to him and orders him to give her everything. Possessed by the power of mental control, Angel Devil agrees to be “Makima’s dog” and obey her commands.

7. Reze


Reze seems to be a kind and gentle girl at first, falling for Denji soon after meeting him. Reze laughs at his jokes and is not afraid to approach him and become intimate with him.

However, it later turns out that this is just a facade to get closer to Denji. Even Reze’s seemingly true reactions, such as blushing in his presence, are the result of harsh military training Reze was exposed to from a young age. Though she employs a more manipulative style of fighting, she does not seem to enjoy killing or hurting others and prefers to avoid it unless it’s necessary for her mission.

Reze shows little respect to the owner of the café where she works, calling him a cheapskate for cutting her pay.

6. Kobeni Higashiyama


Kobeni Higashiyama is exceptionally cowardly and has few moments of courage. Her first confrontation with the Eternity Devil results in her being paralyzed with shock and slurring her words. Kobeni Higashiyama is shown to break down easily under pressure and burst into tears when the group is trapped in the hotel and she is confronted with the possibility that they will all starve to death without rescue.

Her sense of fear leads her to take drastic measures to save herself. Thus, she turns on Denji and threatens him with a knife after a devil promises to free her in exchange for Denji’s life. Kobeni Higashiyama even went so far as to accuse Hirokazu Arai of being a spy for the devils because he defended Power against Kobeni’s delusional accusations. Despite how she acted towards them in her panicked state, she felt remorse for her actions and gratitude towards Hirokazu for protecting her when they were attacked.


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5. Aki Hayakawa


We’re slowly reaching the top 5 of our list of the best Chainsaw Man characters. Aki Hayakawa is a public safety demon hunter who works under Makima’s squad. Aki Hayakawa has a contract with the Fox Demon and the Cursed Demon, allowing him to summon the head of the former and use a lethal pickaxe in exchange for his lifespan. He later makes a contract with the Demon of the future, allowing him to see a few seconds into the future.

Aki is stoic, mature, and dependable, but has a soft core when he’s alone. He grows to care a lot for Denji and Power, despite bumping into them. He is killed during a fight between Makima and the Gun Demon and turns into Gun Fiend, which Denji is forced to kill.

4. Quanxi

Quanxi cl edited

Quanxi, also known as the first devil hunter, is a famous devil hunter from China. Quanxi worked as a devil hunter and became known as the ‘First Devil Hunter’. During his work as a devil hunter, Quanxi met Kishibe when he was still young. During their first meeting, Kishibe asked her to become his wife. She immediately rejected him by striking him a blow.

This incident was repeated several times until nine years later, after their first meeting, Quanxi declared that she was interested in girls. At some point after that, she left the role of devil hunter and went to China. In China, she built up a harem of fiends while continuing to work for China.

3. Power


Power is a Blood Demon and a Public Safety Demon Hunter in Makima’s squad. Power appears as a young woman with long hair; As a Demon, she has short red horns that stick out from her head. Power loves violence and is childish, greedy, almost entirely self-motivated, and willing to harm others for her own satisfaction. Power loves her cat, Meowy, and at one point is willing to sacrifice Denji’s life to save him.

She comes to care deeply for Denji and Aki, her first true friends. Makima kills her in front of Denji, to break Denji’s spirit. Power revives as Denji’s Blood Demon of blood, but Makima fatally wounds her again. Before she dies, Power makes a contract with Denji; In exchange for her blood, she asks Denji to find the reborn Blood Demon and turn her back into her Power so they can become friends again.


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2. Makima

MakimaCSM scaled

Makima is a mysterious woman who acts as the head of Public Safety Division 4, who takes Denji as her human pet. Makima is cunning, intelligent, and manipulative, and controls Denji by taking advantage of his attraction to her with promises of a relationship while threatening him with extermination in case of disobedience. For much of history, Makima’s goals are unknown and her good intentions are ambiguous.

Makima is later revealed to be the Control Demon, embodying the fear of domination, and seeks to use the Chainsaw Man, whom she is in love with, to create a world without suffering. To this end, she is the mastermind of the misfortunes that befall Denji in the series. After being killed by Denji, she is reborn as a girl named Nayuta, and places her in her care to raise her as a better person.

1. Denji

DenjiCSM 1

The top place on this list of best Chainsaw Man characters is Denji of course! Denji is a young boy with disheveled blond hair, sharp yellowish-brown eyes with bags underneath, and sharp teeth. When he was a child, he inherited the debt that his father owed to the yakuza after his death. After meeting Pochita, the chainsaw demon, Denji becomes a demon hunter in an attempt to pay off his debt.

The yakuza kill him, and Pochita becomes his heart, establishing a contract with Denji, who will live his dreams of a normal life. After this, he can transform into the demon-human hybrid known as Chainsaw Man by pulling the rope on his chest. After meeting Makima, he becomes a Public Safety Demon Hunter, to live in humane conditions. His main motivation is his attraction to Makima.

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