‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2: Who Is Lisa Trammell, and How Is She Connected to Mickey?

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As the first part of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer‘ season 2 concluded, we were left with some interesting things and events to think about. For example, Mickey never hoped that his life would change for better or worse after meeting Lisa and letting her into his life. Many things are still shady regarding her, and we are unsure what to believe. That being said, let’s see who Lisa Trammell is and how she is connected to Mickey.

Lisa Tramell is a restaurant owner and a chef. She and Mickey shared a brief romantic relationship together, and then Lisa became Lincoln Lawyer’s client after being accused of murdering Mitchell Bondurant, a notorious developer. Mickey tries to believe in her innocence, but the evidence is not in Lisa’s favor.

The best thing about the show’s second season is that it’s best not to get to any conclusions because you just can’t be sure what is happening. For example, Lisa seems kind and generous, but it is very clear that something isn’t right, and her behavior occasionally shows that she might even be guilty. Let’s see in more detail everything we know about Lisa.

Lisa and Mickey met in a restaurant, and then all the problems started

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Mickey is known for leading a dramatic and exciting life; meeting Lisa only adds to it. Little did he know that what was supposed to be a dinner meeting and a conversation with his ex-wife Maggie would eventually turn into a romantic night with the restaurant’s chef.

But that’s how it happened. When she saw him in the restaurant, Lisa knew who Mickey was and went to great lengths to meet him. She complimented him by sending free food to his table, and it worked. The Lincoln Lawyer was delighted with the food, so when Lisa came over and introduced herself, one thing led to another.

After spending the night together, Mickey learns the next morning what is the main problem in Lisa’s life. Apparently, her neighborhood is facing gentrification, and it is all because of influential construction developer Mitchell Bondurant. To prevent him from destroying the neighborhood, Lisa became a community advocate and an activist against Bondurant.


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Mickey promised to help her even though property law was not his area of expertise. And soon after, problems started to pile up. First, Lisa got a restraining order that was supposed to stop her from molesting Mitchell at his place of work. Mickey explained what she was allowed to do and what she was not. However, it did not take long, and Lisa was arrested for murdering Mitchell.

Without hesitation, Mickey went to the police station and advised Lisa on how to behave and be careful what she said. This was a high-profile case, and Mickey considered it wise to take it, even though his colleagues tried to talk him out of it.

Mickey decided to defend Lisa and believed in her innocence

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Lisa’s bail was paid by a podcast producer that wanted to use her case for a true-crime story. Mickey was unhappy with that idea and considered it potentially harmful to Lisa’s case. The relationship between Mickey and Lisa also changed when he took her case. They could no longer date or be involved in romantic activities together.

As the investigation progressed, pieces of evidence spoke against Lisa. For example, a hammer was missing from Lisa’s toolkit, and a similar weapon was believed to be used to kill Mitchell. Lisa was weird about all of that, to say the least, and at moments she gave the impression that she was faking. The subject of her ex-husband was also not welcomed, even though it was clear he could help her case.

Later, the prosecutor was ready to offer a plea deal if Lisa confessed to being guilty, but the offer was soon revoked. It was clear that they had incriminating evidence against Lisa, and Mickey tried his best to find out what that was.

Another thing that may have been left unnoticed was the statement of one of the witnesses that said she saw Lisa near Mitchell’s building. Even though Mickey did a great job of discrediting that statement, it needs to be considered that the same witness didn’t lie and actually saw Lisa, as the restaurant owner confessed later.

And that is only a small piece of it. On top of it all, forensic evidence showed Mitchell’s blood on Lisa’s gardening gloves. And even though Lisa claims she is being framed, and as much as the audience wishes for that to be true, everything points out that she is guilty.

Lisa only wants Mickey to believe in her innocence, but even he can’t do that anymore. There are still many details to be revealed and questions to be answered. It is best to avoid possible spoilers for the upcoming second part of the season, and we’ll see if the show will stick to the source material in the books or if some changes will be implemented.


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What is sure for now is that Lisa is hiding something, and she is not doing it very well. There is more to her past with her husband than she talks about, and we witnessed on a few occasions that she can be aggressive, even though she is gentle and kind for the most part.

With everything mentioned, it is fair to say that she won Mickey’s affection with her delicious meals, and he seems fond of her. So, it will also be interesting to see how their relationship progresses.

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