‘The Mandalorian’: Here’s How Old Grogu Is in Human Years

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One of the things we know about Grogu is that he is a child that was 50 years old already when Din Djarin met him. That would mean that he is more than 50 years old in the current events of The Mandalorian. Still, because he is a member of Yoda’s species in the Star Wars universe, he is an infant despite being more than 50 years old in conventional time. So, how old is Grogu in human years?

Grogu might be around five years old if we converted his age to human years. That’s because Yoda was 900 years old at his death and was about as old as a 90-year-old man. That would mean that 100 years in their species may be ten years in human years.

We don’t know how slow the maturation process is for Yoda’s species, but we do know that his people don’t age at the same rate as others, as Grogu is still just a child. That would mean that Grogu is around the age of a human child that has just gotten past their toddler years. So, with that said, let’s try to look at this topic in greater detail.

How Slowly Do Grogu’s Species Mature?

The first episode of The Mandalorian quickly broke the internet because it had one of the biggest surprises in the history of Star Wars. That’s because the titular Mandalorian character discovered that the package he was meant to secure or kill was a baby version of Yoda, who we know is one of the most prominent Jedi in the history of the Jedi Order. After that, we learned that he was already 50 years old, even though he was only a toddler.


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Of course, we learned in season 2 that this child was named Grogu, a youngling living in the Jedi Temple during the Old Republic. That means he existed at the same time as Jedi Master Yoda, who was already quite old when he was introduced. And one of the things that we know, however, about Yoda’s species is that they tend to live for a very long time.

We know that Yoda died in the events of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi at around 900 years old. Of course, he was never immortal because he died of old age. And the fact that he died at 900 years old means that his people age much slower than other species.

This explains why Grogu, at the time of The Mandalorian, is still just a toddler even though he is 50 years old in normal human years. Remember that time may move a lot slower on other planets due to the Theory of Relativity. And a year on Yoda’s species’ planet may be much longer than a year in conventional human years.

As such, the fact that Yoda’s and Grogu’s species age slower compared to many different species could be explained by how their people live on a planet where time moves slower relatively compared to the usual rate at which time moves in other planets. Of course, it could also be because their species simply have slower metabolic rates than humans.

With that said, it is possible that the “conversion rate” of the age of Yoda’s species concerning humans could be around ten years to one. That would mean that it is possible that it would take ten years for Yoda, Grogu, and their species actually to reach one single human year. And Yoda is a prime example of this.


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At the age of 900, Yoda was seemingly as old as a human at 90 because he could barely walk. He died of old age, which would mean that he is like most other 90-year-old humans that tend to die not because of illnesses but because of old age. As such, we can say that Yoda’s species ages at a rate of around ten years slower compared to how a human ages.

How Old Is Grogu in Human Years?

Now that we’ve assumed that Yoda’s species ages ten years slower than human beings, this makes it easier for us to estimate how old Grogu is if we were to convert his age to the equivalent of a human child.

As mentioned, when Grogu was found, he was already around 50. On top of that, he was an infant when he was brought to the Jedi Temple nearly 30 years after the fall of the Jedi Order. As such, if we were to convert his age to human years, he might be around the age of a five-year-old child.

Of course, Grogu is now older than he was when Din Djarin found him because a few years may have passed since he and the Mandalorian started traveling together. Nevertheless, because he does age slowly, he probably isn’t a lot older than five years old if we were to convert his age to human years.

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But what is odd here is that Grogu seems to act more like a toddler than a five-year-old boy. He barely speaks as he is yet to learn human speech. However, Grogu knows his name and can move like a normal child, and Luke even deems him old enough to handle Jedi training.

That means there’s also a possibility that Yoda’s and Grogu’s species may mature differently. It might be possible that they tend to age incredibly slowly during the first handful of decades in their lifespan but will suddenly mature to become adults after five or so decades. That would mean that there’s a good chance that Grogu will undergo a rapid maturation process at one point in his lifetime.

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