Star Wars: What Planet Are Yoda & His Species From?


We all know that Star Wars is full of some of the most unique aliens we’ve ever seen in the world of fiction. Of course, one of the most prominent alien characters in the storyline is Jedi Master Yoda, whose design is one of the most interesting and unique in the history of sci-fi storylines. But as interesting as Yoda is, one thing that was never outrightly mentioned about him was his origins. So, what planet are Yoda and his species from?

There has never been any information in canon regarding Yoda’s species and what planet he is from. That means that there has never been a canon explanation when it comes to his origins. However, Yoda is not one of a kind because we have seen two other characters that belong to Yoda’s species.

The Star Wars galaxy is full of mysteries, and Yoda’s origins are one of the mysteries we have never had any answer for. We even thought we would get answers from The Mandalorian after Grogu was introduced. But the fact is that Yoda’s planets and his species are still mysteries, and Lucasfilm will probably leave them as they are. Now, let’s look at what planet Yoda and his species are from.

What Planet Is Yoda From?

In terms of some of the most prominent characters in the storyline of Star Wars, we can’t help but include Jedi Master Yoda up there, as he has always been an important figure in terms of the flow of the events of the mainline movies. Introduced as an old green hermit that isn’t even tall enough to reach a human’s knees, Yoda was an exceptionally strong and wise Jedi Master who served as the Jedi Order’s leader before the Empire’s rise. As such, he was the greatest of the Jedi during the final days of the Jedi Order, as no one had his combination of wisdom, skills, and connection with the Force. 

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Of course, unlike some Star Wars characters, Yoda is one of the most unique because of his appearance. That’s because Yoda, as mentioned, is a small green fellow with pointy ears that make him look like a goblin. We know that aliens aren’t unique in Star Wars because there are a lot of different species of aliens in such a vast universe full of some of the weirdest creatures we’ve seen.

But the difference here is that almost all of the different aliens that we’ve seen in Star Wars have origins and planets that were properly established. On the other hand, we have hardly ever seen or heard any Star Wars character talking about Yoda’s species or origins. So, what planet is Yoda from?


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No one in the history of Star Wars, canon or not, has ever said anything regarding Yoda’s home planet or his species. That means that the name of his species and where he came from are still mysteries left unsolved in the Star Wars canon, as there hasn’t been anything official regarding this little green creature we all love.

While we aren’t sure whether or not it is canon, a Redditor said that the visual dictionary states that Yoda consciously kept his species and his home planet secrets from the rest of the galaxy. Of course, we don’t know why Yoda would do that. But we know that, as someone wiser than almost any other Jedi we’ve seen, he has a very good reason for keeping his home planet and species secret from the galaxy.

It is possible that he did keep his home planet and species a secret because of their nature as incredibly gifted beings with the Force. We also know that Yoda’s species can live long lives that allow them to reach close to a millennium, as Yoda himself was over 900 years old when he died.

There’s a good reason to believe that Yoda kept his people a secret from the galaxy because they have Force powers and long lives that bad elements can easily exploit for their benefit. We’ve seen this in The Mandalorian when the remnants of the Empire tried to take Grogu to conduct experiments on him. And that means there’s a good chance Yoda’s species would be exploited if the galaxy knew where to find them.

Of course, there’s even a good chance that Yoda’s planet and people no longer exist because he was alive for nearly a thousand years. As such, at one point in the past, he might have lost his people and planet during the High Republic. 

There’s also the fact that during the events of The Mandalorian, people thought that Yoda’s species would finally be revealed because Din Djarin’s mission involved searching for the young child’s people so that he could return him to them. Instead, Din was forced to try to find the Jedi instead of looking for Grogu’s people. As such, Lucasfilm consciously chose to keep Yoda’s species a mystery that may or may not be solved soon.

How Many of Yoda’s Species Exist?

While it might be true that there might be a conscious part on both Yoda and Lucasfilm to keep Yoda’s species and home planet secret from fans, the thing is that Yoda was never alone in the Star Wars continuity. That’s because, throughout his lifetime, he coexisted with two other members of his species.


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The first is Jedi Master Yaddle, who served as a member of the Jedi Council right around a decade before the Clone Wars broke out. She was revealed during the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. However, as Yaddle was nowhere to be seen in subsequent Star Wars movies and shows, fans began speculating about her whereabouts. But it was shown in the 2022 series Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi that Yaddle was killed by Count Dooku when she found out that he had been conspiring with the Sith the entire time.

Meanwhile, the third member of Yoda’s species is Grogu, the only living member of this mysterious species of aliens during the current Star Wars continuity. It was revealed during the first episode of The Mandalorian that Grogu was at least 50 years old, meaning that he lived when both Yoda and Yaddle were sitting on the Jedi Council. 

In The Mandalorian, Din Djarin’s mission was to search for Grogu’s people so that he could return them to him, as that was what a Mandalorian was supposed to do with a foundling. However, instead of trying to return him to Grogu’s species, Din Djarin gave custody of the child to Luke Skywalker because they were both Jedi. However, Grogu decided to turn his back on the life of a Jedi so that he could travel the galaxy by Din Djarin’s side as a Mandalorian foundling.

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