‘The Marvels’ Post-Credit Scenes Explained: A Gateway to Mutants in the MCU

the marvels post credits scenes

The MCU’s roadmap takes a thrilling turn in ‘The Marvels,’ thanks to the mid-credit scene that’s got everyone talking. For fans who relished the journey with Carol, Monica, and Kamala, this pivotal moment offers a glimpse into an exciting and expansive future, unlocking a realm where mutants exist and parallel universes collide. This isn’t just a hint; it’s the gateway to the next big chapter for our heroes.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • ‘The Marvels’ features two post-credit scenes; the mid-credit scene is essential for the MCU’s future storyline, while the final scene is a lighthearted moment with no significant plot impact.
  • The mid-credit scene introduces a universe where Maria Rambeau is Captain Marvel and the X-Men exist, potentially Earth-838, setting up future MCU story arcs involving mutants.
  • Beast from the X-Men’s appearance signals the integration of the X-Men into the MCU, paving the way for the upcoming ‘Avengers: Secret Wars.’
  • The playful end-credits meow from a Flerken is a reminder of the MCU’s balance between epic storytelling and moments of humor.

How many post-credit scenes does ‘The Marvels’ have?

‘The Marvels’ has two post-credit scenes, but they’re not created equal. The one that truly matters is the mid-credit scene—a significant plot point that connects to the broader MCU narrative, particularly hinting at upcoming multiversal events. The other, at the very end, is more of a lighthearted moment that fans can enjoy for a bit of humor. It features a Flerken’s meow, but unlike the mid-credit scene, it doesn’t impact the overarching story.

Mid-credit reveal: Monica’s new reality

The mid-credit moment in ‘The Marvels’ isn’t just a tease; it’s a full-blown revelation with Monica Rambeau at its heart. After her selfless act to save the universe, she finds herself stranded in an unknown, parallel world—a place strikingly different from her own. The scene is pivotal, signaling a shift in the MCU as we know it, where familiar faces may not be so familiar after all, and new alliances are waiting to be formed.

Waking up in a strange lab, Monica encounters a world where her mother, Maria Rambeau, is Captain Marvel—a significant twist that hints at altered destinies and tangled superhero legacies. The sudden appearance of Beast from the X-Men confirms this new reality is brimming with untapped potential and possibilities. It’s a scene that doesn’t just bridge characters; it bridges entire universes, setting the stage for what’s to come.


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Post-credit scene: A playful sign-off

The very end of ‘The Marvels’ comes with a final post-credit scene that’s more of a gentle chuckle than a plot twist. As the last of the credits disappear, viewers are left with the familiar Marvel Studios logo and a surprising cameo from a Flerken — those alien creatures resembling Earth’s cats. It’s Goose, or at least a Flerken like her, offering a simple meow to the audience. This scene doesn’t add to the story’s depth or tease what’s to come; instead, it’s a nod to the lighter side of Marvel, a tradition of sneaking in moments of levity amidst the epic saga.

Without any dramatic revelations or character introductions, this post-credit scene feels like a soft tap on the shoulder, a way to let the audience catch their breath after the cosmic rollercoaster of ‘The Marvels.’ It reassures fans that even as the MCU grows more complex with multiverses and mutants, there’s always room for a bit of fun. After all, a shared laugh can be just as memorable as any cliffhanger.

X-Men and the MCU: Bridging universes

The inclusion of Beast in ‘The Marvels’ mid-credit scene is more than just a surprising crossover; it’s a clear sign that the X-Men are finally stepping into the MCU’s limelight. This encounter, set in an alternate universe where the X-Men already exist, lays the groundwork for the two worlds to collide. For long-time fans of the comics and the previous X-Men films, this is a moment of validation and excitement. The MCU is hinting at a richer tapestry where the mutants, once isolated in their own cinematic niche, are now integral to the unfolding narrative.

This bridging of universes isn’t just a one-off. It’s a strategic move that suggests a larger convergence is on the horizon, potentially during the anticipated ‘Avengers: Secret Wars.’ Bringing the X-Men into the fold means Marvel can delve into untold stories, draw from a deeper well of character interactions, and explore themes that only a diverse group like the mutants can offer. The scene sets expectations for an MCU that’s not just about heroes from Earth-616 but about a multiverse teeming with all the characters we’ve come to love — and that includes the storied halls of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

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