‘The Marvels’ Reportedly Has New ”Big Ending” Due to a Last-Minute Change

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In just over two weeks, ‘The Marvels,’ the 33rd installment in the MCU and the franchise’s last release this year, hits the screens. Initially intended as a second standalone Captain Marvel film, ‘The Marvels’ took a turn when it became evident that the limelight would be shared with Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan. This twist in plans was sparked by some peculiar power dynamics hinted at in the concluding moments of the ‘Miss Marvel’ Disney+ series.

Due to ongoing strikes, the film didn’t receive as much promotional attention, and the anticipated Box Office figures don’t paint a rosy picture for what happens to be the most expensive MCU movie in the Multiverse Saga. Nevertheless, as the release date draws near, more leaks and rumors surface on social media, perhaps in a bid to generate excitement for a movie that, until now, hasn’t garnered much attention.

A leaker on X Cryptic4KQual spilled the beans, revealing that the movie underwent significant last-minute alterations to its ending, and these changes are described as “quite substantial.”

The post was a response to another statement by Daniel Richtman, an even more credible leaker, who claimed that a major figure from the franchise is making a comeback.

Someone who was the perfect casting for a certain role and never got his chance to do justice with it cuz they wasted him on a shitty movie is coming back. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Speculations regarding the eleventh-hour ending modification gain more credence with Grace Randolph. She posted a cryptic tweet hinting at a “last-minute” surprise being incorporated into the movie.

All signs indicate that a significant character is set to appear in the post-credits scene of the movie. Many fans have deduced that Beast is likely to make an entrance, as he aligns with the pattern of being impeccably cast but underutilized in a mediocre film.


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What do you think about the modified ending, and what could it entail? Let us know in the comments below!

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