Who Is Paul Marks in ‘The Morning Show’? Meet Jon Hamm’s Character

‘The Morning Show’: Who Is Paul Marks? Meet Jon Hamm’s Character

‘The Morning Show’ series just aired its first two episodes of season three, and they are quite chaotic, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Alex and Bradley are still the main stars of the UBA network, with the former leading her own show at the UBA+ show and the latter doing the evening show. However, the network is facing a financial crisis, and the new character, played by Jon Hamm, will have a major role in the fate of the UBA (United Broadcast Association). This article will discuss Jon Hamm’s new character, Paul Marks.

Paul Marks is a billionaire, and the president of the UBA, Cory Ellison, is trying to convince him to buy his TV network. United Broadcast Association faces major financial difficulties post-COVID era, and the network needs the influx of cash to keep afloat. Paul is scheming something more – using the media to expand his influence even more.

There isn’t much we know about Paul Marks besides his persona from the first two episodes and the shady deal he is negotiating with Cory, but we decided to “tinker” around his characterization more. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

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Paul Marks in ‘The Morning Show’ series

‘The Morning Show’ season three started quite strong if the drama and tension don’t imply otherwise. Alex Levy’s influence in UBA wasn’t vain, and she is now leading her own shows that are mostly aired on UBA+, the network’s new streaming platform Corey Ellison insisted on having. Of course, Alex, being a notable journalist and the face of TMS and UBA for decades, leads her to demand more for herself from Cory, who has his own problems as the leader of the TV network.

This is where Paul arrives in the picture, making us glue our eyes to the screen. Jon Hamm is an incredible actor, which he has proven in countless projects, especially in the notable TV series ‘Mad Men’ where he portrayed Don Draper, one of the most iconic characters of the 2000s and early 2010s.

‘The Morning Show’: Who Is Paul Marks? Meet Jon Hamm’s Character

Seeing Hamm portraying a narcissistic but intelligent billionaire on ‘The Morning Show’ is great, and the first two episodes of season three showcase that fact. Paul Marks is the obvious reference to Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, real-life billionaires who used their money to expand their influence, even in the media.

Paul isn’t the carbon copy of the aforementioned individuals, making him a more compelling character. In the first episode of season three, we learn that Cory is actively pursuing Paul to buy his network to keep it afloat.


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Paul is presented as being relentless in his negotiations and has a great love for his money. He also flusters Alex a lot, which is an incredible feat since the woman is experienced and quite hard to break.

Besides acquiring the UBA, Paul Marks is keen on space programs, so Cory uses his best journalist to appease the hard billionaire and ensure he gets his money. It seems that Paul has ulterior motives that will either destroy him or the UBA TV network.

What is Paul Marks’s agenda in ‘The Morning Show’ series?

We definitely don’t have the whole picture regarding Paul, but what we saw from the first two episodes is his love of money and space. His Hyperion One program ensures humans can reach the Moon in his shuttles or at least travel outside the Earth’s atmosphere as often and safely as possible.

Paul aims to get his hands on UBA and use its resources to strike a deal with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the biggest independent American agency that deals with civil space programs, space research, and more.

‘The Morning Show’: Who Is Paul Marks? Meet Jon Hamm’s Character

This is subtly revealed in the first episode when the feed from the shuttle in space is interrupted – Paul hates mediocrity and blames Cory for UBA’s bad connection and gear.

We also see Paul flirting with Alex, who is affected by his advances, but she doesn’t know that he is talking behind her back after she leaves. This might change in the next few episodes, but I don’t believe Alex and Paul (if they hook up) will stay together past season three.

There has to be a catch since we see Stella Bak, the UBA’s news division president, having some old photos with Paul Marks, hinting they had a history. The whole situation with UBA board members Cory, Stella, and Paul is suspicious, and that’s only the surface of the problem.


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Cory is banking on Paul’s money to keep the network afloat, but the President of UBA seems to have to “sell his soul to the devil” to save the media empire. Paul has leverage in negotiations, but there seems to be a bigger conflict in future episodes if episode two doesn’t showcase otherwise.

Paul Marks is more than a basic antagonist of ‘The Morning Show,’ and Jon Hamm’s portrayal of the billionaire confirms that fact. He is calculated, intelligent, and knows how to behave with different sets of people.

‘The Morning Show’ is an American drama with some ‘soapy’ vibes, and Paul Marks’ character will cause even more drama to the crew of The Morning Show and the rest of the UBA TV network.

We will know more about Paul as season three unfolds, but we can see the characters’ value even in the first two episodes.

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