‘The Night Agent’ Ending Explained: What Is the Truth About Peter’s Father?

night agent ending

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for The Night Agent, a new spy-thriller series developed by Shawn Ryan for Netflix. The series stars Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, Fola Evans-Akingbola, Sarah Desjardins, Eve Harlow, Hong Chau, and Christopher Shyer. The series takes inspiration from some of the most classical spy-thrillers and pulls off something that is quite closer to a Tom Clancy classic than anything else. The series ends up being one of the best Netflix offerings in the genre.

The Night Agent is a very solid spy-thriller, and the fact that it just manages to work despite many of its shortcomings tells you that the team behind the series is talented enough to carry this entire show just by its execution. The Night Agent might look and feel quite bland regarding the story, visuals, and dialogue. However, thanks to a great cast, solid direction, and amazing pacing, the experience becomes quite enjoyable. We can only imagine what the series could be if they could polish those lacking elements slightly more.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for The Night Agent. Read at your own risk.

Who Is Behind The Conspiracy In The Night Agent?

The Night Agent functions very much like many other spy-thrillers. The start of the story introduces the characters, and then they descend into a carnival of horrors that, believe it or not, were created by the same entities that the main characters are trying to protect. In this case, our main character, Peter Sutherland, is an FBI agent who finds himself stuck in a desk job in the White House basement. It is quite tragic. You can feel that Peter has a lot of promise but has lost his way.

Peter is not only an FBI agent, but he also has a long history with the agency. We learn that his father was also an agent, but he fell into disgrace. There are rumors that Peter’s father was a traitor, which has tainted Peter’s life now that he is also part of the agency. Peter loses his composure every time someone brings up his father in conversation. Peter finds himself being supported by Diane Farr, a high-ranking agent in the bureau.

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Diane is the one who takes Peter into a secret program called Night Action. Peter’s job seems quite normal. He sits in an empty room and analyses reports. However, he sits in front of a desk with a telephone that can only receive calls, not make them. Peter has been doing this for a while, but the telephone never rings until the night-out story begins. On the other side of the phone, on that fateful call, Peter listens to Rose Larkin’s voice, and she is in danger.

We meet Rose at the lowest point of her life. We learn that she is a cybersecurity expert, but when one of her clients gets hacked, and she loses all credibility, the company board decides to fire her. Rose goes back to the only family she has left. There, we meet her aunt and uncle, whom, one night, Rose discovers are spies. An enemy is attacking them with only one mission: America’s destruction. Rose calls Peter, and this is how they meet.


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What Is The Truth About Peter’s Father?

As the series progresses, Peter and Rose unite forces to expose the conspiracy that seems to be running rampant inside President Travers’ office. Several traitors plan to kill the president because her policies and ideologies don’t align with theirs. It is all very petty but also quite dangerous. Peter and Rose meet Agent Chelsea, who is also working towards saving the president from danger. Chelsea establishes a relationship with Maddie, the daughter of Vice-President Redfield.

It is revealed that Diane and Vice-President Redfield are behind the conspiracy. Each of them is working on their own agenda, but the result is that the President will get killed at Camp David. Peter and Rose travel there and fight the traitors, who seem to be everywhere. Redfield reveals himself as a traitor in front of her daughter, who cannot believe her father is about to commit high treason. They shelter themselves in Camp David’s panic room, waiting for a bomb to explode and kill the president above.

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Chelsea manages to warn everyone about the bomb and saves Maddie’s life in the process. Meanwhile, Peter manages to reach the president, and she takes her to gunpoint. Peter warns everyone that there is a bomb in the helicopter that the president is going to ride. The bomb explodes, and Peter manages to save the President. Peter saves the day, and the President is saved. The Vice-President comes out into the light, only to find that the plan has failed.

In the aftermath, Peter can ask for anything. His wish is to learn the truth about his father. Peter learns that his father is indeed a traitor, and then he becomes a double agent for the American government. He would be killed some years later. Peter is disappointed that his father is a traitor. He wanted to believe that was false. He accepts the offer to become a field agent for the Night Action program. He departs without knowing the destination of his next mission.

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