The Pie in ‘Loki’ Is Actually More Significant Than You Thought

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While the focus of season 2 of ‘Loki’ has always been the TVA’s mission to try to find a way to fix the Temporal Loom before it could destroy the TVA. But while that may be the focus of the main characters, one of the things that fans were quick to notice in this series is the fact that the TVA pie has been mentioned a few times. Of course, fans would think that something as simple as a pie doesn’t really have any significance in this series, but it isn’t entirely true. So, why is the pie in ‘Loki’ actually significant?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The pie in ‘Loki’ is often mentioned or featured whenever the characters are in the middle of a tough mental and emotional situation.
  • The pie symbolizes the importance of taking time to try to regroup and rethink the actions that the characters need to take.

It’s not about the pie

Many different things tend to be difficult to understand in the ‘Loki’ series, especially because we are talking about pseudo-science in this storyline. Things like the Temporal Loom and the Throughput Multiplier are usually difficult for most people to understand because the science behind these devices isn’t even real. But while that may be true, one object has stayed simple yet quite meaningful. We are talking about the key lime pie in the TVA.

The pie was featured in episode 2 of season 2 after Loki and Mobius tried their best to interrogate X-5, who had rebranded himself as an actor named Brad Wolfe. Mobius tried to play the good cop when he and Loki were looking to make him talk, only for Brad to find a way to attack Mobius’ emotions by opening up the topic regarding Mobius’ actual life on the Sacred Timeline.

Mobius snapped and had to take a step back after failing to interrogate Brad. He and Loki had to go to the automat found within the TVA to get some key lime pie. Mobius and Loki loved the pie as they discussed what they should do next.

loki and mobius pie

Two episodes later, Loki and Mobius were able to bring Victor Timely to the TVA so that he could help Ouroboros find a way to fix the Temporal Loom. Considering that neither Loki nor Mobius could help Timely and OB in relation to the Temporal Loom and the Throughput Multiplier, they decided to take a step back as Mobius suggested to have some pie first.

That was when Sylvie lashed out at Mobius and insulted him for thinking about having pie in the middle of a tough situation that could very well spell the difference between life and death. Sylvie continued to talk and even told him that he was a bit too complacent with what was happening. She even brought up the fact that Mobius never even bothered to try to look up what his life could have been in the Sacred Timeline after he found out that he was a variant.


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So, in a way, a lot of emotional things happened during the situations wherein the TVA’s key lime pie was mentioned. Mobius ate pie after he lost his temper with Brad. Meanwhile, Sylvie loses her temper after Mobius tells them they should have some pie. But the thing that needs to be stated here is that it was never about the pie.

In a way, the pie is related to the down times the characters (specifically Mobius) tend to take whenever they end up in a difficult situation. More importantly, the pie is often mentioned or seen whenever there seems to be an emotional moment happening in the TVA. And while most fans would look at the pie as a simple thing that adds almost no value to the storyline of ‘Loki,’ there must be a reason why it is often brought up whenever certain characters aren’t emotionally stable.

Learning how to step back and take a break

One of the things that we noticed about the pie in ‘Loki’ is that it tends to be something similar to a break-time snack that Mobius tends to eat whenever he needs to step away for a while. We saw this in episode 2 when he wanted to eat pie after failing to make Brad Wolfe squeal. He brought up the pie once more while OB and Timely worked on the Throughput Multiplier.

So, in a way, the pie itself is a metaphor for taking a break. It shows that there are times when Loki and his other allies have to take a step back and rethink the situation before tackling it once more.


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In episode 2, Mobius and Loki ate pie while reassessing what they needed to do regarding Brad. This was also the very same scene wherein Loki told Mobius that lashing out sometimes is okay because he lashed out a few times in his past as well. They also talked about why Mobius never bothered to look at the life he could have had on the Sacred Timeline, as Mobius told Loki that he was thankful for whoever brought him to the TVA because he thought that being in the TVA was what he was meant to do.

Then, in episode 4, Sylvie got lost in the TVA and somehow ended up in the automat, where Mobius and Loki went to get some pie a few episodes back. While Sylvie and Loki didn’t eat pie in this scene, the moment was just as emotional because that was when Loki talked about how being soft did not mean being weak and how it was okay for Sylvie and the other people over at the TVA to put their hopes on the shoulders of OB and Timely. 


Sylvie was seemingly emotionally better after having this talk with Loki. The same could be said about Mobius in episode 2, as he and Loki found a way to make Brad squeal after eating pie.

So, in short, the pie in ‘Loki’ symbolizes the importance of taking a step back for a while to take a break occasionally. We all know that some problems can be a bit too heavy to tackle, and that’s why taking a short break to eat some pie (or whatever it is you prefer for your break time snack) can be a good way for you to reset and reassess the situation so that you could rethink your actions.

The pie itself has no meaning as far as the ‘Loki’ series is concerned. But the events and the emotional scenes surrounding the topic of the pie in the series allow us to see that it isn’t bad to take a breather occasionally. And from what we saw from Mobius and Sylvie, taking a break helped them greatly.

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