‘The Witcher’: Do Ciri & Geralt Fall in Love? & What Is Ciri to Geralt?

ciri and geralt

One of the things that we know about ‘The Witcher’ is that Geralt and Ciri tend to be inseparable and that Geralt is looking to make sure that Ciri is always as safe as possible. Of course, we know that Geralt cares a lot about Ciri and loves the young girl enough to sacrifice himself for her as he wants to prioritize her safety. But what does that mean about their relationship? Do Geralt and Ciri fall in love?

Geralt and Ciri do not fall in love with one another. That’s because Geralt sees Ciri as the daughter he never had, and Ciri sees Geralt as the father that she thought she had lost a long time ago. Their relationship is more like a father-daughter relationship, even though they aren’t related.

Even though some fans believe that Henry Cavill and Freya Allan have great chemistry, it is worth mentioning that Geralt always saw Ciri as the child he was responsible for. That is why he is willing to go through whatever he needs to to ensure she’s safe from anything or everyone trying to pursue her. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about the relationship between Geralt and Ciri.

Do Geralt and Ciri become a couple?

The storyline of ‘The Witcher’ has always been about Geralt’s quest to ensure that Ciri is safe. We know that Geralt spent his days killing monsters for money, as Witchers were created to kill monsters around the Continent. But things changed when he got involved with Ciri in the storyline. And that made him have another purpose: to ensure that Ciri was safe.

geralt and ciri

Initially, Geralt tried to keep Ciri in Kaer Morhen, the last stronghold of the Witchers. His goal was to make sure that she was protected. However, when it became clear that he wouldn’t always be around to protect her, Geralt ensured that Ciri knew how to fight. And he even asked Triss and, later, Yennefer to teach her how to use her magical abilities.

But the thing about Geralt and Ciri is that this was never a romantic relationship. And it stems from the fact that Ciri was a child that was promised to Geralt, who never wanted her at all.


How Did Geralt Become a Witcher?

At the start of the storyline of ‘The Witcher,’ Geralt gets into trouble when he is at the betrothment party of Princess Pavetta, the daughter of Queen Calanthe of Cintra. The goal was to find a suitable husband for the princess. But it turned out that a knight was trying to win the hand of the princess.

This knight had a face of a hedgehog because he was suffering from a curse that turned him into one. The knight was named Duny, who said that Pavetta was promised to him as his Child of Surprise long ago when he saved Pavetta’s father and invoked the Law of Surprise as a reward.

Eventually, destiny allowed Duny and Pavetta to find one another and fall in love, and that was why Duny believed that destiny wanted them to be together, especially because Pavetta was his Child of Surprise.


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But Calanthe didn’t want her daughter to end up with this cursed knight, so she tried to kill him. Geralt, however, respected the Law of Surprise because destiny was a force that no one should ever mess with. As such, he helped Duny survive Calanthe’s attempts to kill him until the queen finally gave in and allowed Duny to marry her daughter.

Because he was thankful for Geralt’s help, Duny told him for any reward he wanted. Geralt didn’t want any reward but simply invoked the Law of Surprise to get Duny off his back. However, just as soon as Geralt invoked the Law of Surprise, Pavetta learned she was pregnant. And that meant that this child, who became Ciri, was promised to Geralt as his Child of Surprise by the Law of Surprise.

As such, when Geralt finally went to Cintra to claim Ciri to keep her safe from the Nilfgaardian Empire, he wanted to claim her not because he wanted to marry her. Instead, he wanted to claim her because she was his responsibility, as destiny brought them together through the Law of Surprise. That meant that Ciri was basically Geralt’s daughter and that she was his responsibility.

That means that Geralt and Ciri never end up getting romantically involved with one another. Geralt always saw Ciri as his daughter. Meanwhile, Ciri saw Geralt as her loyal protector, mentor, and father figure because she grew up without a proper father figure. And that is why their relationship is similar to how a father treats his own daughter.

Does Ciri love Geralt in ‘The Witcher?’

During their relationship, Ciri saw Geralt as someone she needed to be with because it was her destiny to be with the Witcher due to the Law of Surprise. Initially, they seemed quite comfortable with one another because Ciri knew that Geralt’s job was to ensure she was safe.

Eventually, Ciri grew to love Geralt like a daughter would love her father. Geralt was always there to make sure that she was protected. But at the same time, Geralt knew well enough to scold her whenever she did things well over her head. And the best part was that Geralt was willing enough to train Ciri to become powerful enough to protect herself.

geralt and ciri

As such, Ciri always saw Geralt as the father she never grew up with. While Emperor Emhyr, who was actually Duny, was still alive, Ciri never saw him as her father. Instead, it was always Geralt that Ciri saw as a father figure that she loved because he was willing enough to treat her as his own daughter.


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Who is Geralt’s true love?

Another reason why Geralt and Ciri are not in love or a romantic relationship is the fact that Geralt loves another person. Of course, throughout the entire storyline of ‘The Witcher,’ Geralt has been with many different women. He has been with Yennefer, Triss, and even Fringilla in the books and games.

But out of all the women that Geralt has been with, Yen always made his heart beat faster. In some way, he also loved Triss because she was a kind woman who also mentored Ciri in magic. However, Yen’s ferocity and determination were what Geralt loved the most about her.

In that regard, Ciri also saw Yen as the mother she never had because she cared about her. Yen protected Ciri and taught her how to hone her powers. And Ciri even shed a tear for Geralt and Yen at the end of the storyline in the books because it was suggested that they both died in their arms even though Ciri told Sir Galahad that they got married and lived happily ever after.

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