‘The Witcher’: How Did Ciri Destroy the Tower?

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There is a reason why all the power players in the Continent want Ciri on their side in ‘The Witcher‘ show. It is because she has the power to either become the savior of all the Elves or bring the destruction of the whole Continent. Her powers are still somewhat dormant as she still did not fully learn how to control them, but she demonstrates, on occasion, how powerful she actually is. The same happened when she destroyed the Tor Lara in Aretuza, but how did Ciri destroy that Tower?

Ciri fled to Tor Lara, but Vilgefortz followed her there. She found the obelisk symbols in the Tower’s center, trying to communicate with her. And even though she initially did not know what the obelisk was trying to say to her, she eventually understood and performed powerful magic that destroyed Tor Lara, and the portal inside the Tower took her to a Korath desert.

At this instance, it became apparent how powerful Ciri is and that the Continent might be in real danger if she didn’t learn how to control her powers and chaos. Moving forward, every fraction of the Continent will surely keep seeking Ciri because no one wants her as their enemy. Let’s see how it all went down.

Aretuza became the place of a grand battle between many powers of the Continent


The second part of ‘The Witcher’s’ third season started off strong. Aretuza became the place of a grand battle where Redania, Nilgaard, mages, and witches all tried to impose their will, resulting in a chaotic battle with many casualties on all sides. Redania wanted to bring Ciri to their king and make her Redania’s Queen. So, Dijkstra sent Radovid to kidnap Ciri, but all that did was mess up Radovid’s relationship with Jaskier.

Ciri fled and was later reconnected with Yen and Geralt. As Rience threatened to burn her alive, Yen managed to distract the fire mage long enough for Geralt to defeat him. Danger loomed around Ciri, and when Yen had to return to Aretuza to help Tissaia, Ciri and Geralt were left alone.


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One of the most surprising things happened when Ciri encountered Cahir. Naturally, she wanted to fight him as he was the man that took everything from her. But Cahir regretted everything he did to Ciri and said he only followed orders. He kneeled before Ciri, offered her his life, and helped her and Geralt escape Scoia’tael warriors.

When Vilgefortz confronted Geralt and Ciri, the witcher urged Ciri to run from harm’s way while he battled the mage. So Ciri ran toward Tor Lara. Vilgefortz eventually tracked her there, and he wanted that Ciri joins him as he was the only one who could properly train her, in his opinion. He wanted Ciri to become his apprentice, but she kept running away from him, as siding with Vilgefortz was never an option for her.

Ciri communicated with the Obelisk in Tor Lara and destroyed the Tower


When Ciri arrived at the Tower’s balcony, a magical obelisk appeared at the tower’s center. Various symbols appeared, and Ciri knew they were trying to tell her something. Ciri seemed to communicate with the symbols as they changed their forms and formed different meanings. Ciri tried to understand what it all meant.

She raised her hand and started to understand what the obelisk said. At that point, Vilgefortz arrived and tried to prevent her from using that magic. In his opinion, Ciri did not know what she was playing with and wasn’t ready for that kind of power. Ciri didn’t listen to him but continued to communicate with the obelisk. Soon enough, her magic became so powerful that it was unleashed inside the Tower.

The force blasted Vilgefortz away, and the Tower started collapsing. As Tor Lara disappeared into the water, the witches of Aretuza watched from the side with tears in their eyes. Tor Lara also had a portal that took Ciri into the Korath desert, where she would then have her test of will and character.

This proves that Ciri can already do many powerful things with her abilities, even though she doubts herself. The main problem is that lack of training and control of her powers make her potentially dangerous on a grand scale for the whole Continent, and now that she is left on her own again without Geralt or Yen by her side, she will have to rely solely on herself.


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Tor Lara was one of the two main objects Aretuza consisted of. The other part is a palace called Garstang Palace. A bridge connected the two buildings as Tor Lara was located on a small island near the bay, so that was the only way to reach it. Its destruction poses emotional and functional damage to Aretuza and its habitants in general.

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