‘The Witcher’ Season 3: Who Is Milva & Why Is She Important?

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We know that Geralt is a powerful witcher who can handle most of his life battles alone, but sometimes his stubbornness and the overwhelming need to protect Ciri at all costs lead him to great dangers that he can’t pull himself out of alone. Luckily, he occasionally meets others willing to stand by him and have his best interest in mind. One of those characters is Milva, who we met in the third season of ‘The Witcher,’ so let’s see who she is and why she is important.

Milva is a huntress that the dryads of Broklion took in and sheltered her. She possesses remarkable archery skills to protect the dryads from unwanted guests and is tasked with looking after Geralt when he is injured. Later on, she joins the witcher on his quest to find Ciri.

Even though her screen time wasn’t long for now, we already know that Milva will be a very important character in the future as she joined Geralt and Jaskier to retrieve Ciri. Her confrontation with her past is also something we might see, but for now, let’s see what we know about her so far.

Milva will have an important part to play as Geralt’s companion in the future

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When the battle in Aretuza arose, many people died, and destruction occured, leaving the place in ruins. Geralt confronted Vilgefortz in a one-on-one battle that left him severely injured and weakened. Triss saved Geralt and took him to Dryads of Broklion for healing. And that’s where we meet Milva.

When Jaskier came to the forest looking for Geralt, Milva escorted him to where the witcher rested. Her appearance immediately gave the impression of a fierce warrior not to be messed with, which was later proven true. Dryads tasked her to look after Geralt while he recuperates. And that was something she was annoyed by at first.

Milva is human, and her main trait as a hunter and a warrior is her remarkable archery skills. Dryads accepted her into their community and shielded her against the horrors of her past.

Her relationship with Geralt was tense, and even Jaskier noticed a weird energy between Milva and the witcher. Nevertheless, Milva was the one who constantly reminded Geralt that he couldn’t leave until he was healed, and that took time and patience. Her charisma and personality are likable, so it will be interesting to see what more she has to offer with the show going forward.


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The White Wolf’s determination to go and seek Ciri as soon as possible was very strong, and Milva was the only one who convinced him that he was not ready for that and showcased to him that if he left, he would go into his certain death. As time passed, Geralt regained his strength despite his reflexes not being on the same level. He trained among dryads, and Milva helped with her straightforward comments and skills.

Milva said that she is not afraid to leave the dryads because of what harm might await her in the Continent, but she was afraid of what she might do to the people that have hurt her in the past. This also might be something the show will explore a bit further in the next season. Eventually, she joined Geralt and Jaskier on their quest to find Ciri again.

What do we know about Milva’s background and who plays the character?

Milva is portrayed by Meng’er Zhang, an actress best known for her role in ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ where she played Xu Xialing, Shang-Chi’s younger sister. The show creator based her character on a source from novels.

In the novels, Milva is a huntress from Upper Sodden. When she was young, Milva was molested by her stepfather, so one day, she confronted him and attacked him with rakes, leaving him to die. She then escaped from home at sixteen years of age. Milva then started working as a huntress and was often the target of various men, which disgusted her.

The dryads found her in the Broklion forest and took her in. Milva felt like she owed a debt to Dryads ever since, so she helped keep them safe. She’d also been acting as a guide for the Scoia’tael through the Broklion forest, and we can see in the show also that she provided refuge to some of them amongst the dryads.


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Like in the show, she met Geralt when the dryads tasked her to gather information for the witcher while he was their patient. The main information to find out was Ciri’s location. She then joins Geralt on his quest to find Ciri.

Milva’s journey in the show has just begun, and she will surely be one of the most important female characters in the following season. With Yennefer and Ciri now apart from Geralt, Milva’s female companionship will provide a different chemistry between the witcher and her.

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