‘The Witcher’: Is Ciri Possessed by Falka?

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The second part of the third ‘The Witcher‘ season was not kind to Ciri. Not only did she accidentally destroy half of Aretuza, but she also was influenced by a powerful witch, Falka, and ultimately taken by The Rats. Falka has impacted the way Ciri thinks a lot, and it came to the point that Ciri started to call herself Falka. All of that made fans wonder, is Ciri now possessed by Falka?

Ciri is not possessed by Falka. Several visions appear in front of Ciri in the Korath desert orchestrated by Falka, who wanted that Ciri assimilates into her mindset. In the books, Falka symbolizes revenge, but in the series, she represents freedom to feel her rage and unleash the power she can not control. And that is something Ciri understands and is familiar with. Ciri takes the name Falka after she kills her first human, but she is not possessed.

Falka is a powerful being both in the series and in the books. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll talk more about her influence on Ciri while in the Korath desert, so keep reading to find out more!

A portal took Ciri to the Korath desert, where her spiritual journey began


After Ciri destroyed Tor Lara, a portal inside that Tower took her to the Korath desert, where she had to face where various visions from the past haunted her and, in a way, shaped her mindset for what kind of person she wanted to be when the time comes. Ciri faced many difficulties in the desert, and the first thing she had to do was to adjust her dislocated shoulder. It was a painful experience, but she did it.

The main test Ciri was under were visions that disturbed her and tried to make her susceptible to Falka’s will. First, Ciri was visited by a vision of her mother, Pavetta. The goal was to break Ciri’s spirit by telling her that she was a burden and nothing else to Geralt and Yen. Ciri’s grandmother also presented herself as a vision and tried to influence Ciri’s insecurities by telling her that all she ever does is hide.

But Ciri did not cave and refused for her spirit to be broken. She knew her grandmother was not real and was only there to disturb her. From time to time, Falka presented to Ciri even though she initially did not know that is Falka. They talked about the past and the potential future, about choices and history repeating itself.


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Ciri claimed that she could change the future outcomes, and Falka was also sure that Ciri could be the last one to change things on the Continent. Falka was known in her time for killing her father and starting the rebellion to take over the throne that was rightfully hers in the first place. In the end, she was tied to a stake and burned alive.

After hearing that story, Ciri realized that she was talking to Falka. She considered Falka a demon, a cursed Elven monster, but after talking with her in more detail, she realized that she and Falka have much in common.

Falka did not possess Ciri, but it did influence her a lot


Falka opened Ciri’s eyes in a way. She made Ciri realize how her parents put her through many misfortunes. They left her feeling shame instead of pride as the child who was lied to and vulnerable. Ciri wanted to know the real reason why Falka started the rebellion. And the answer surprised her.

It was not because she wanted power but the freedom to feel her rage and stop shaming herself for what she could not control. Falka made Ciri realize that the only way to change the system is to burn it. Those powerful words will greatly impact Ciri later, even though she did not realize that then. Falka’s job was done; she planted the idea inside Ciri’s head and disappeared.

So, it would be wrong to say that Falka possessed Ciri at this point, but the visions greatly impacted her. Falka also made Ciri feel power like never before, and the most dangerous part was that Ciri liked it.

The Rats found Ciri in the desert and gradually took her as her own. She proved herself particularly when she took a life of a man she dueled in a sword fight. The Rats were proud of her, but something inside Ciri had changed. She realized that the path she was about to take was exactly what Falka wanted. It was a path of power, revenge, and murder.


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There is still time for Ciri to be brought back to all ideals Geralt and Yen taught her, but for now, she assumes a new identity and renames herself Falka. So, even though Falka did not possess Ciri, her ideas bore fruit inside Ciri’s head, and they will guide her from now on.

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