TIGER & BUNNY Characters: Powers, Height, Age & Ethnicity

TIGER & BUNNY Characters: Powers, Height, Age & Ethnicity

TIGER & BUNNY is a 2011 Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise under the direction of Keiichi Satō. The series is set in a futuristic city where two superheroes, the antiquated “Wild Tiger” and recruit Barnaby Brooks Jr. are forced by their employers to team up. The anime currently has two seasons (the second one is airing in April 2022), two films and several OVA (special) episodes.

In this article, we are going to present the main characters from TIGER & BUNNY. The list is going to contain a number of main characters, both antagonists and protagonists, that have appeared in the anime. You’re going to find out their exact ages in the story and their dates of birth, their exact heights, and, of course, some of their main powers. It’s going to be a very fun list so enjoy!

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi35-37UnknownUnknown180 cm (5’11”)
Barnaby Brooks Jr.23-26October 31 NC1953Unknown185 cm (6’1″)
Karina Lyle16-18UnknownUnknown161 cm (5’3″)
Dragon Kid13-15UnknownUnknown157 cm (5’2″)
Fire EmblemUnknownUnknownUnknown186 cm (6’1″)
Jake Martinez38March 30Unknown178 cm
Agnes Joubert30-35UnknownUnknown173 cm

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

TIGER & BUNNY Characters: Powers, Height, Age & Ethnicity

As a child, Kotetsu was one of several victims of a bank robbery. During the occasion a famous superhero, Mr. Legend, appears to rescue the people who were there. One of the miscreants ended up using Kaburagi as a hostage in an attempt to leave the place, however, what he didn’t expect was for the child to awaken his NEXT abilities and punch him that knocked him off the ground, falling on the other side of the bench.

At that moment, Kotetsu is very scared by what just happened and panicked at the thought of the possibility of hurting someone, however, Mr. Legend approached the boy and said that that power could also be used to save people, not just hurt them. From that moment on, the young man began to be inspired by Lord Legend in an attempt to become a hero as great as he was.

Years later, Kotetsu marries and has a beautiful daughter, however, his wife ends up dying, however, she made him promise that he would continue to follow the dream he wanted so much, that he would continue to work as Wild Tiger to save people and become a great hero like your idol.

Kaburagi is a dark-skinned, brown-eyed man and is almost always seen in plain clothes — a shirt, vest, tie, pants, shoes, beret, watch, a wrist communicator, and a mask to hide his true identity — or wearing his clothing. hero suit — a white, black and green colored robotic suit that is bulletproof, resistant to high temperatures and cuts. In the anime, his age was not revealed, however, he appears to be thirty years old.

His NEXT skill is Hundred Power, a power that gives him the ability to increase his physical attributes (strength, agility, vision, etc.) by a hundred times for five minutes, however, after that time, he has to rest for an hour before to be able to activate it again. When he uses the power, his body gains a blue aura and his eyes are given the same coloring.

Barnaby Brooks Jr.

TIGER & BUNNY Characters: Powers, Height, Age & Ethnicity

As a child, aged four, Barnaby lived with his parents, famous scientists who studied the emergence of the NEXT powers. One day, he and Albert Maverick – an old family friend – went out to celebrate Christmas Eve at a mall in town, however, upon returning home, Barnaby was surprised to find his parents dead on the living room floor while the mansion was on fire.

As he was in shock, he didn’t pay attention to the killer’s face that was next to the bodies, however, he noticed that the person had a tattoo of a snake swallowing its own tail. It was in this period that his NEXT ability finally came into being. From that day forward, Barnaby’s only focus is on finding the culprit for the fire and the death of his parents, so – with Maverick’s help – he went to study at Sternbild’s main hero academy, where he started training to get a better control of Hundred Power.

Now an adult, Brooks Jr. is in pursuit of the best placement in the Hero TV channel rankings, as his goal is to become popular enough to attract the killer’s attention. However, he was forced to form a superhero duo with Kotetsu, despite having a different personality than him. As his desire is to be recognized by the public, he has adopted his own name as a heroic codename and, unlike Kaburagi, does not use a disguise to protect his identity.

Like the Wild Tiger, Barnaby can be seen in two ways during the work: in plainclothes — wearing regular clothes — and in his hero uniform, a white, red and black robotic suit that has two antennae, giving Barnaby the ability to obtain information in real time.

However, Kotetsu said that it looked like a rabbit’s ears, because of that, Brooks Jr. got a nickname he can’t stand: Bunny. Since his NEXT skill is the same as Kaburagi’s, his physical attributes (strength, agility, vision, etc.) are also improved by a hundred times over five minutes.

Karina Lyle

TIGER & BUNNY Characters: Powers, Height, Age & Ethnicity

Known by the codename Blue Rose, Karina Lyle is one of the few female characters in the work who works as a superhero. Unlike the other heroes, Karina is a teenager who is still in her high school and, like many young women, is very concerned about her appearance, so it is normal to see her in makeup, with neat hair, manicured and beautiful nails, and pretty clothes (apart from school uniform).

Like other teenagers, she is always thinking about her future: being a musician, so much so that you can find her playing the piano in a bar. Even though he hates working with the other acting heroes of the city of Sternbild, Lyle only stays in this job because of the big offer her sponsors, the Titan Industry, made; she would be Blue Rose in exchange for helping to promote and publicize her music career.

When she’s playing the heroine, Blue Rose, a lot of her look is changed. Her blonde hair takes on a blue color and her nails, iris and makeup are also given the same color. Her costume, a bodice with a low neckline and a miniskirt, has the PEPSI NEX logo in several areas, including the extremely long boot and the headband.

Her NEXT ability is her ability to create and manipulate ice, either through her hands or with the use of pistols, which help her to better control and direct her power.

Dragon Kid

TIGER & BUNNY Characters: Powers, Height, Age & Ethnicity

When her NEXT powers awakened, Pao-Lin Huang’s parents allowed her to live in Sternbild as long as the sponsoring company — Odysseus Communication — and her guardian took care of her every need, as Pao-Lin is the heroine. youngest in the work, being only thirteen years old when he started working under the codename Dragon Kid.

She went to live in Sternbild with Natasha while her parents stayed in China. Not having a delicate and feminine appearance like the Blue Rose, Huang is usually uncomfortable when she has to put on makeup or wear long dresses, preferring to wear a large and comfortable yellow jumpsuit — with long sleeves and black stripes — and train in martial arts, especially kung fu.

When she is dressed as Dragon Kid, her outfit is one of the most striking, as the costume has huge “ears” with the logo of her sponsors (Calbee and DMM) and a staff that helps her use her powers. Her attire, which has many details in gold and red, resembles the xiaolin robes, however, instead of pants, she wears green shorts, yellow shirt and white protectors on her arms and legs.

Her NEXT ability is her ability to create and control lightning, however, that doesn’t mean Pao-Lin has immunity to attacks that use electricity.

Fire Emblem

TIGER & BUNNY Characters: Powers, Height, Age & Ethnicity

Owner of the company that sponsors him — Helios Energy — Nathan Seymour is Fire Emblem, a hero with the NEXT ability that gives him the power to create and control fire. As a child, Nathan studied in a private school only for men, however, as he always showed interest in feminine things, such as wearing earrings, high heels and makeup, for example, he ended up becoming the butt of jokes at school, in addition to being beaten up by the younger boys.

Even his own parents didn’t keep much contact with him due to his sexuality. It was during school that his powers emerged and that he also began to take control of his life, no longer depending on his family. Seymour has a flamboyant personality, whether acting as a hero or not.

Most of his appearances are as Fire Emblem, for this reason it is common to see him in his attire that consists of an all-red leotard – with yellow and orange designs – large boots, a cape with details that resemble flames and a mask. completely covering your face.

Also, whether working or undercover, Nathan is always made up, wearing lipstick, with his hair done and his nails painted, all in pink — not to mention some of his casual clothes, which also have the same coloring.

Jake Martinez

TIGER & BUNNY Characters: Powers, Height, Age & Ethnicity

A NEXT who is part of the Ouroboros criminal organization and is the man who apparently killed Barnaby’s parents. He was captured by Mr. Legend 15 years ago, and was in prison until his companions lead a terrorist attack to rescue him.

His main goal is for the NEXT to control the world, with him being the leader. He has the ability to produce force fields of various sizes, which he can use offensively and defensively. He can also read people’s minds and anticipate his moves.


TIGER & BUNNY Characters: Powers, Height, Age & Ethnicity

Another NEXT member of Ouroboros, who has the ability to control inanimate objects using a hair of hers placed on the object.

Agnes Joubert

TIGER & BUNNY Characters: Powers, Height, Age & Ethnicity

The producer of Hero TV. His top priority is increasing the show’s ratings and pleasing the sponsors, no matter what impact this has on the heroes.

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