Tokyo Ghoul Weapons: Top 15 Kagune Ranked by Strength

Tokyo Ghoul Weapons: Top 15 Kagune Ranked by Strength

In the world of Tokyo Ghoul, the Ghouls are practically the central characters. And while the hierarchy of the Ghouls was determined by the CCG, it is fact that the Ghouls themselves recognized the stronger members among them. In the world of Tokyo Ghoul, each of the Ghouls uses a very specific set of skills that is innate to them and them only (unless they somehow share some traits, but that is a complex issue). These skills are manifested, among others, through their “weapons,” which are known as the Kagune. In this article, we are going to talk about the Kagune.

This article is actually going to be a list, as we are going to rank the 15 strongest Kagune in the series. They will be ranked from 15th to 1st place, as they usually are here on Fiction Horizon, and we will tell you something about each of them, as well as their owners. There are numerous Kagune in the series. More than 50 have been revealed, so this is a selection of the best of the best in terms of strength, and it generally coincides with the general power rankings of the characters themselves. The list is based on the official data we have from the series.

15. Rize Kamishiro

Rize showing her Kagune

Type: Rinkaku

The peculiarity of Rize’s Kagune is that it regenerates extraordinarily swiftly. She can also create up to six tentacles, which, though not extremely thick, may easily kill people and ghouls due to their penetration depth. Yoshimura explains that even though she is more advanced, her regeneration powers are more or less useless when the damage is fatal.

14. Kurona Yasuhisa

Kurona27s detached kagune anime

Type: Rinkaku

Her Kagune, which she inherited from Rize, manifests as various tentacles that Kurona may readily command. Kurona used his Kagune during battle to penetrate foes or defend himself from blows. Kurona was just as dangerous as the Bin Brothers because she coordinated her attacks with her sister. Kurona was able to shape his Kagune into the shape of tiny clawed hands after some convincing training.

13. Big Madam

Big Madam27s kagune re anime

Type: Bikaku

Big Madam has a large, tailed Kagune, allowing her to cling to structures and walls. Thanks to this skill, she can be incredibly agile and maintain height, and her Kagune has a great range. This ghoul can easily destroy a Kagune or launch an opponent into the air.

12. Hinami Fueguchi

Hinami27s Dual Kagune from her back

Type: Kōkaku / Rinkaku

Her Kōkaku Kagune is shaped like two petals and can offer defense as well. This Kagune is powerful enough to hoist a person high into the air. Her Rinkaku Kagune appears as two movable, vortex-like red and yellow pillars with a long reach. It features a sharp, somewhat curved blade at the end and is especially well-suited for quick-paced battles. Hinami can make a four-scale Kagune that is thorn-embroidered in Tokyo Ghoul:re.


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11. Touka Kirishima

Touka27s crystalized kagune

Type: Ukaku

Toka’s Kagune leaves behind rc cells as a “wing” on her back. Her agility and projectile fire are what give her most of her power. She generally catches her opponents off guard and kills them. She can unleash a fiery barrage of bullets or a targeted Kagune attack that deals significant damage. She can overwhelm her adversaries with quick rounds fired from a distance. Because she is a ghoul with low Rc cell endurance, her potency wanes as the battle wears on.

10. Koutarou Amon

Amon27s Cross Doujima

Type: Ukaku

He appears to have a strong power Kagune that can fire many projectiles. During his brief conflict with Shikorae, he proved that these could quickly punch holes in the bodies of other ghouls. He demonstrates incredible accuracy by instantly hitting Ginkui’s jaws with all four projectiles. They come in sizes ranging from miniature to human. Moreover, he has shown that he can form a tentacle that can attack from close to medium range. He can unleash wing assaults that resemble round balls.

9. Ayato Kirishima

Ayato27s Kagune

Type: Ukaku

While in crystalline shape, his Kagune is quick and can launch missiles from either wing. He also had a low RC level, which made him easily worn out whenever a battle went on for too long. This was problematic for his melee combat. It has managed to get around both vulnerabilities by employing its claw-like armored claw, turning close combat into a specialty rather than a weakness. He can maintain flight using his claw, and his revolving wings will shield him from projectiles like gunshots.

8. Roma Hoito

Roma27s kagune re anime

Type: Unknown

Roma uses her Kagune to great effect. She easily created eight tentacles to surprise her opponents and threw them into the ground. She also released a massive tentacle that she could easily manipulate. Roma’s Kagune can detach itself. She could release a tiny portion of it to signal the other Pierrots where she was.


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7. Noro

Noro27s Kagune Version 2

Type: Bikaku

Noro has a very focused Kagune, which can mold into the shape of a mouth at the tip of its gigantic tentacle to shred or consume its adversaries. In contrast to the other forms, Noro’s Fire Kagune appears to “morph” into a large mass of Kagune from which several appendages, such as his eyes or numerous mouths, emerge.

6. Kichimura Washuu

Furuta27s third kagune anime

Type: Rinkaku

Kichimura’s Kagune, which she inherited from Rize, is strong enough to dispatch the One-Eyed Owl without delay. Due to his former nature, the Kagune assumes the shape of several tentacles with extraordinary strength. Kichimura’s fire Kagune appears as body armor covering his frame’s top half. His RC mask covers his entire face except for his lips, exposing his fangs and scarlet eye. It has four “blades” at shoulder height. He can enslave Ken in this form even if Ken is armed with his fire Kagune. Ken, though, triumphed over him.

5. Tatara

Tatara slaughters investigators with his kagune

Type: Unknown

His Kagune appears as a massive red tentacle. This kind of Kagune would have tentacles or scales. However, given that it only appears in the anime, it is extremely likely that it is incomplete. He is also depicted as having enormous strength and being capable of overpowering a Quinque, similar to that of the Headmaster of Cochlea.

The tentacle that emerges from Tatara’s clothing to strike an opponent may be seen in the manga; however, Tatara never reveals this tentacle to be a component of his Kagune. Tatara appears to have perfected his Kagune, turning it into a quick and lethal execution weapon. This tentacle is quite long and can slice his opponent’s arm in a matter of seconds.

4. Seidou Takizawa

Takizawa kagune anime

Type: Ukaku

Its Kagune, which can unleash a hail of crystalline Rc cells from a great distance and quickly slice through flesh, has the spikes characteristic of the Owl’s plumage along the shoulder blades. Quinque, like Hachikawa’s, can be readily destroyed by these crystallized fragments. Takizawa’s shards come in a variety of sizes, some of which can become as tall and broad as pillars.

In addition, unlike Yoshimura, he has the unheard-of power to transform his Kagune into an enormous wing. He exhibits increased adaptability in battle on Rushima, changing the form of his Kagune with lightning speed. His extended armored arm, which he uses to hit harder. Some of these include his right shoulder’s enormous, curving blade, his razor-sharp tentacles, which he uses to impale prey, and his expertly targeted projectiles.

3. Ken Kaneki

Kaneki27s Kagune Anime

Type: Rinkaku

During his battle with Kotaro Amon, Kaneki first revealed his Kaneki, a creature with three tentacles that he had limited control over. After being tortured, Kaneki created four tentacles that could hold adversaries down and defeat an insufficient Kakuja creature. While fighting Kisho Arima, Kaneki managed to manifest eight tentacles, which could shrink and exert tremendous range and destructive power, enough to damage V14’s pillar.


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This evolution occurred during the raid on Kano’s lab, during which Kaneki’s Kaneki evolved to six tentacles, albeit in an unstable mental state. He can direct the tentacles to carry out multiple duties simultaneously while acting as Haise Sasaki, who has complete control over his Kaneki’s shape.

2. Yoshimura


Type: Ukaku

He can fire projectiles swiftly with two to four spikes on his Kagune. The other two spikes combine to create concentrated RC cells, which resemble shotgun shells pouring through the cover. Yoshimura has the firepower to dispatch a lot of unprepared adversaries with the two types of ammunition in his armory. Despite having a big, hefty frame, it can outrun several opponents in a matter of seconds. In addition to using his Kagune, Yoshimura has demonstrated the extraordinary ability to blast crystalline bullets through his entire body.

1. Eto Yoshimura

Eto deep within the 24th Ward

Type: Ukaku

Eto is a significantly more skilled user of her Kagune than the majority of ghouls to date. Following the time skip, her Kagune manifests as a variety of appendages, frequently forming into eyes, mouths, arms, and legs to serve Eto’s needs. Due to the other mouths arbitrarily taking up or retelling parts of Eto’s words and conversation, which might stand in for her current ideas, her Kagune appears to be an extension of her consciousness. Eto can also “transplant” her Kagune into someone else, greatly altering that person’s physical strength, as she did with Kanae (and possibly Noro).

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