Tokyo Revengers: Will Toman Defeat Tenjiku? Here’s Who Wins in the Manga!

Tokyo Revengers: Will Toman defeat Tenjiku? Here's Who Wins in the Manga!

While it is certainly not the best arc in the series, Tokyo Revengers‘ Tenjiku Arc is certainly one of the most interesting ones, as it introduced us to some great characters, revealed some exciting and shocking info, and gave us some great battles. Of course, the main point of the story is going to be the epic showdown between Toman and Tenjiku, which is what the whole arc was leading to. Based on some objective criteria, Tenjiku has the advantage, but will Tenjiku win? Or will Toman find a way to come out victorious from this arc? Keep reading our article to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Toman had to face Tenjiku without Mikey and Dragon due to Emma’s death, which was a major setback, but Takemichi did not want to postpone.
  • The battle was eventful and had a lot of twists and turns, but in the end, it was Takemichi against a large group of Tenjiku members.
  • Takemichi was eventually saved by Mikey and Dragon, who arrived later and helped their friends in finally defeating Tenjiku.

The fight between Toman and Tenjiku is known as the Kanto Incident

Toman and Tenjiku, who want to dissolve and absorb all the gangs of Japan and become the most powerful ones, are preparing for a fight that would ultimately resolve matters.

Still, Mikey and Dragon are unable to fight because of Emma’s accidental death, which is a huge setback for Toman. Takemichi also objects to the idea of delaying the fight so that the participants would have more time to get ready, even though the other members are considering it. Even though his gang members are opposed to it, they finally come together and are prepared to back their leader.

Tenjiku is prepared and on the scene a few hours later, while Toman is running behind schedule. Nevertheless, Takemichi and Chifuyu lead Toman when they finally show up, prepared to take on Tenjiku, whose goal is to vanquish Toman and become the most potent gang. The battle can start, but there’s a big problem: Toman only brought 50 people with him, compared to the 400 members of the Tenjiku gang.

They will undoubtedly run into difficulties due to this disparity, but they will not back down, so the battle may go forward despite Izana’s caution. Izana is going to choose a so-called “forerunner” as the S-62 Generation begins its rite.


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Izana chose Shion Madarame to be the “forerunner” for the Tenjiku gang. Takemichi offers to be Shion’s opponent, but Shion undervalues both Takemichi and the entire gang, believing he can defeat them all by himself. Then Ryohei Hayashi intervenes and promises Takemichi that he will battle Shion; nevertheless, Shion is unfazed and insists that he can defeat them all by himself.

What then transpired? Then, stunning everyone there, Ryohei Hayashi lunged at Shion and knocked him out with a single blow. This was a major shocker because no one expected Toman to gain the upper hand so quickly, let alone through Hayashi, who was never perceived as a proper threat. But that is exactly what happened. So, how did it go from there?

Well, Toman received a large psychological boost owing to Hayashi knocking out Shion. The battle began, and the 50 Toman members faced the remaining 399 Tenjiku members. At the same time, Takemichi was focused on Kisaki, believing that with Kisaki’s defeat, he could correct the timeline again, as he believed that Kisaki was the source of trouble in the current timeline.

But, while these smaller fights were going on, Izana was simply observing and did not participate directly, aware of just how powerful he was and that the people fighting now were not a challenge for him. He was impressed with Toman’s fighting spirit, and at one point, he challenged Hayashi to fight him, which he did; probably a bit overconfident at that moment, Hayashi charged at him but was immediately knocked out with one single hit from Izana, which made Takemichi realize just how strong Izana was.

The battle reaches a new phase as Izana summons the remaining S-62 Generation members to the fight. Mocchi tries to stop Takemichi from reaching Kisaki but is interrupted by Chifuyu, who declares that he will be the one to fight him. At the same time, Ran approaches Hakkai. In contrast, Rindo approaches Angry, so the two brothers also find their new opponents as the battle heats up and becomes more dangerous.


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Alongside some new revelations from the past, the fight progresses in a way that is not so great for Toman, as its members are slowly cornered and overpowered by the powerful fighters of the S-62 Generation. This all culminates in some serious injuries, but the situation changes once again as Anrgy, well… becomes angry. Now, in his special state, Angry is completely invincible, and he easily defeats all of Tenjiku’s strongest fighters while in this state of frenzy.

This was an unexpected boost for Toman, and it once again changed the situation on the battleground. In the end, after Kakucho’s intervention, it all comes down to a confrontation between Kakucko and Takemichi.

Although Kakucho urges him to stop and surrender, Takemichi proclaims that Toman will not lose and refuses to move even an inch. Even when threatened, he is unafraid, so Kisaki arrives and points a gun to his head, but Takemichi does not move; Kisaki then shoots him in the foot, but even that has no effect. After a brief conversation, Takemichi attempts to attack Kisaki but is blocked by Izana. Moments later, Mikey and Dragon arrive, and Mikey leads Toman, who can eventually overpower Tenjiku, with Izana dying in the process.

Will Toman merge with Tenjiku?

A major question in this arc was whether Tenjiku would incorporate Toman into their group. Tenjiku planned to become the strongest gang in Japan, and they wanted to break apart and assimilate all the other gangs in Japan. That was their goal and that is what they wanted to do, and why they fought against the Toman gang. Of course, Tenjiku offered Toman a way out of the fight – they could surrender and become part of Tenjiku, which would end the fighting and benefit both gangs.

So, did Toman accept this offer? Did the story end like that? Well… no. Even though we have given you an overview of the story as it happened, we can also summarize here that Toman never accepted Tenjiku’s proposal and that they never joined Tenjiku. The merger never happened, as Toman would never accept such a humiliating proposal. They were too proud to become someone’s lackeys, so they decided they would rather die fighting than simply give up their freedom.

And that is how it actually happened – that is how Tenjiku’s proposal fell apart and how the merger never happened. Toman went for the more difficult option, but as we are going to expand on the story provided above, it paid off, and Tenjiku’s plan to become the strongest gang in Japan fell through as well. And that is how this story ended.

What happened after the Kanto Incident?

Well, we already know how the Kanto incident ended – after Mikey came, Toman was able to defeat Tenjiku, and the great fight between the two gangs was over. Toman emerged victorious, and Tenjiku was disbanded, with their leader, Izana, dead. Some characters died during this arc, and others were arrested or injured, but that is completely expected from a series that focuses on gang fights. So, while we’ve had some tragic moments here, the Tenjiku Arc was nothing new – it was epic, which makes sense since it is the series’ longest arc – but it was nothing unexpected.

So what happened later? Well, we’ve told you about the direct consequences of the incident and the fight, but if you thought that this implies that Takemichi’s efforts are over – it does not. Takemichi’s efforts to save his friends and create a peaceful timeline are still not over, which means that more adventures await us in the future of the series. There are still several arcs to go, so we can expect more thrills and adventures involving Mikey and Takemichi, as Tokyo Revengers closes its longest arc and continues with the story as planned.

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