Tokyo Revengers: How Does Emma Die? (& Will She Be Back?)

does emma die in Tokyo Revengers

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Emma Sano was Shinichiro Sano, Mikey’s half-sister, and Izana Kurokawa’s adoptive sister in the Tokyo Revengers manga and anime. She was a relatively important secondary character and had a very interesting arc, so it’s no surprise that people are interested in her fate in the manga and the anime. In this article, we are going to reveal how Emma Sano died in Tokyo Revengers and whether there’ll be a chance for her to come back to life at some point.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Under Izana’s orders, Emma is attacked and killed by Kisaki.
  • Mikey, despite his attempts to save his sister, carries her to the hospital on his back as she makes her last request that he tell Draken that she loves him and that Takemichi will take care of Mikey.
  • She then dies on her brother’s back. Knowing the overall structure of the story and the plot, it’s not probable that Emma will return before the manga is over.

How does Emma Sano die in Tokyo Revengers?

Emma is the youngest among the Sano siblings and the youngest sister of Izana Kurokawa, whom she lived with until she was 3 when he went to “school” and has never seen since. She moved in with her grandfather and two brothers as a child. Shinichiro and Mikey greeted her, Mikey by Mikey’s name so she wouldn’t feel weird with a foreign name.

Her siblings watched out for her and taught her how to fight and defend herself. This allowed her to make many friends along the way. Emma and her brother Mikey are so close to being born just over a year apart that unsuspecting people think they are dating. Emma is also close to Draken, who is her crush, and is happy when he buys her a birthday present.

She tries to grow faster than she is and uses her body to get her way and make her jealous. She dislikes fights between her brother and Ken and is loyal to her and Toman. She protects Hina and follows orders to protect her.

Emma has a very childish demeanor around Ken, her longtime crush. She often flirts with others to try to make him jealous, then chickens out when he doesn’t get angry, hoping to draw her attention away from her brother. She acts older than she is because she wishes to grow up faster, but her childish nature still emerges.

She is loyal to her brother and listens to his orders. Hinata notes that Emma is, at heart, a pure romantic who wants her love to succeed and is a very nice girl who worries about others despite her efforts to maintain a calmer demeanor.


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Later, Emma is at karaoke with Takemichi Hanagaki. She undresses him and mounts him, but then the future Takemichi takes over, and he is surprised to be in this situation. The bedroom phone rings and Emma answers, wanting another 30 minutes, but Takemichi uses this moment to run. She later goes to Toman’s meeting at Musashi Shrine.

Ken Ryuguji tells him to protect Hinata Tachibana since she is Takemichi’s girlfriend. Emma then greets Takemichi and calls him a wussy boy, causing Hinata to wonder what he means and Ken to wonder if he knows Emma. Takemichi says he has no memory, but Emma explains that he made her undress in her underwear and then ran away.

This angers Hinata, who then punches Takemichi. Emma is surprised that Takemichi went with her, considering he had a girlfriend. She explains that she doesn’t like Takemichi. She just wanted to grow up faster. She hoped Ken would get at least a little angry and not only care about Manjiro Sano, bikes, and fighting.

When Toman’s conflict with Moebius began, Emma received a call from Ken asking her to come to the hospital and take care of Takemichi. When Takemichi woke up, he accidentally touched his breasts, and Emma called him a pervert. Emma explains that she doesn’t really know what’s going on, but Manjiro and Ken are fighting for Pah-chin, and Toman is currently split into two factions.

While crying on Takemichi’s lap, Hinata arrives, mixes things up, and hits Takemichi. Under Izana’s orders, Emma is attacked and killed by Kisaki. Mikey, despite his attempts to save his sister, carries her to the hospital on his back as she makes her last request that he tell Draken that she loves him and that Takemichi will take care of Mikey. She then dies on her brother’s back.

Why was Emma’s death so important?

Although Emma was not a major character in the series, you can imagine how the death of someone so closely related to one of the main characters can be important. But, aside from the fact that she was related to Mikey, Emma’s death was actually a very important and relevant moment in the Tenjiku arc, which is why we have decided to dedicate this one paragraph to that aspect, as we think it is worth elaborating.

We have explained that Izana was the one who was ultimately responsible for Emma’s death in the series, but you have to understand that this was done under very complex circumstances. Namely, when Emma was killed, Tenjiku was preparing for a major fight against Toman; Tenjiku wanted to disband and absorb all the gangs in Japan and take over all of them as the only major (criminal) gang in the country. Of course, Toman could not allow this, and a fight was arranged between the two gangs. But, before it began, Emma was killed, which meant that Mikey and Dragon could not participate in the fight, which left Toman in serious trouble.

There was talk about postponing the fight, but Takemichi insisted on it being carried out despite everything, so it happened. The fight was brutal, with both sides taking heavy damage, but it all changed when Mikey and Dragon came to the battle. Emma’s death thus catalyzed them to defeat Tenjiku, especially Izana, who was responsible for her death; sure, Izana did change before the end of the arc, but he was still responsible for Emma’s death.

And that is why this girl’s death was so important for the Tenjiku Arc. Sure, every death is tragic, but Emma’s death was particularly striking, as it initially gave an advantage to Tenjiku before ultimately catalyzing Tenjiku’s defeat.


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Is Emma going to be back?

Well, this one is difficult to predict, but we don’t think that Emma will be back; it wouldn’t make any sense based on the narrative structure of the manga and the anime. Plus, we know that the manga is nearing its end, so we don’t really think that she would come back in such a Deus ex machine moment. Emma is dead, and it seems that she will remain so until the very end, so if you’re hopeful of seeing her again, we don’t have very good news for you at this moment.

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