Tokyo Revengers: Who Defeated Shion Madarame & How? What Happened to Him?

Tokyo Revengers: Who Defeated Shion Madarame & How? What Happened to Him?

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Tokyo Revengers presented us with a total of 20 timelines during its run, and the character of Shion Madarame is one of the most intriguing characters presented in those timelines. Although he is a secondary character, he is extremely interesting because of his visual appearance, his role in the story, and the fact that he was one of the series’ best fighters individually. Shion Madarame was an important supporting villain during the Tenjiku Arc. In this article, we are going to discuss his story, his epic fight, and his fate in Tokyo Revengers, as it happened in the manga and the anime.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Shion Madarame was a member of the S-62 Generation and the previous leader of the Black Dragon’s 9th generation. At the moment, he is a member of Rokuhara Tandai.
  • Shion was sent to a prison facility at the age of thirteen, where he was introduced to the other S-62 Generation members. Izana gave him orders to execute his “will” and kill Mikey.
  • He was the main reason Mikey’s friends agreed that they needed to establish the Toman gang in order to defend themselves. Shion and the Black Dragon ultimately lost. Madarame volunteers for the Tenjiku group in the alternate timeline.

Shion Madarame was a very important supporting antagonist in the series

The story of Shion Madarame is interesting. He was never a pivotal character, but he was present in several loops and iterations, which means he is certainly important and deserves some space here. Before we focus on the Tenjiku arc, we are going to give you some general info about him and his story in general so you will be able to completely grasp why Shino Madarame is a character we definitely need to talk about and why he deserves all the attention he has. And no, it is not just because of his very specific visual appearance.

Shion Madarame was born on March 21, 1988, and if you know your Tokyo Revengers role, you’ll probably remember that this year is very important and related to the S-62 Generation. Namely, a small group of juvenile delinquents born in 1987 and 1988 was gathered by Izana into an elite group called the S-62 Generation, or the Vicious Generation. Their idea was to become the most powerful criminal group in Japan, and they later became the core of Tenjiku.

This is how Shion’s story was tied to Izana’s, as well as to the S-62 Generation, and these are both relevant facts that you need to know before we actually reveal what happened in the Tenjiku Arc. Shion played an important role and was known as a tough fighter, although he was also quite boastful, so his bark was probably much stronger than his bite.


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During the Tenjiku Arc, Shion was surprisingly defeated by Ryohei Hayashi

So, now that we have gone over Shino’s main story, we can proceed with what happened in the Tenjiku Arc, which is also the focus of this article, as we are covering the adaptation of that arc in the anime series. The general outline is this – Toman and Tenjiku are setting up a fight that will finally settle things. Still, with Emma dying in an accident, Mikey and Dragon are incapable of fighting, which is a major hit for Toman. And while the members discuss the possibility of a postponement so that they would have time to prepare, Takemichi rejects it and insists that the fight take place as scheduled. And while his gang members are against it, they ultimately rally behind him and are ready to support their leader.

After some hours, Tenjiku is ready and on location, while Toman is late, but they do arrive, led by Chifuyu and Takemichi, ready to face Tenjiku, whose ambition is to defeat Toman and then become the most powerful criminal organization.

The fight can begin, but there is a major issue here – there are 400 members of the Tenjiku gang, while Toman arrived with only 50 people. Surely, such a discrepancy will cause trouble for them, but they will not give up, and the fight can begin despite that difference and Izana’s warning. The S-62 Generation starts with their ritual, as Izana is about to select a so-called “forerunner”; it is explained that the S-62 Generation always starts their fights in such a way: a “forerunner” is selected and a gang battle thus starts with a one-on-one fight, which is unusual. Still, it is a ritual that all Tenjiku members have to respect.

So, as you can assume, Shion Madarame was selected by Izana as the “forerunner” for the Tenjiku gang; Takemichi volunteers as his opponent, but Shion underestimates him, as well as the whole gang, claiming that he will be able to defeat all of them single-handedly. Ryohei Hayashi then steps in and tells Takemichi that he will fight Shion, but this does not touch Shion, and maintains that he could defeat all of them alone. So, what happened? Ryohei Hayashi then suddenly charged at Shion and knocked him out with one punch, shocking everyone present.


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Namely, not only was Ryohei Hayashi not supposed to be that strong, but Toman supposedly stood no chance against Tenijku and yet, Toman had the advantage. How did the fight end? Well, that is a topic for a different article, so we won’t be spoiling that here; you came here for answers related to Shion, and we have provided you with these answers. If you want more, you can always check out the site for more articles covering Tokyo Revengers, as well as the original manga, to see what happens.

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