Tulsa King Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained

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The sixth episode of Tulsa King had Dwight facing the consequences of his choices regarding his meeting with Waltrip. The New York mafia is not pleased with what Dwight has done to Nico, and they think Dwight has to be controlled or worse. The FBI is looking into Dwight’s affairs, and Dwight buys a horse. Further in the article, you can read about the Tulsa King Episode 6: recap & ending explained. So, let’s see what the sixth episode provided us with.

The FBI and the ATF are looking deeper into Dwight’s operations

At the beginning of the episode, we learn that Roxy is an informant for the ATF. She tells Stacy and her colleague, Doug Hendricks, about the Macadam gang’s clash with Dwight. However, Stacy is not interested in nitrous oxide but wants to know about the guns. To protect Dwight, Stacy is trying to deflect the subject from Macadam’s and Dwight’s confrontation. Still, her colleague is interested in what Roxy says about that because the FBI already told them to be aware of Dwight. Stacy pretends that she has never heard of Dwight and knows nothing about him.

Later, Doug talks to Stacy and explains who Dwight is. He wishes to inform the FBI about Dwight’s doings in Tulsa, but Stacy is against it. She tries to talk him out of that idea stating that she does not want for FBI to take the credit for ATF’s investigation. He calls the FBI, nevertheless. So, Stacy meets with Dwight. She wants to know what exactly he does in Tulsa. She warns him that the FBI has its eyes on him. Stacy also knows what happened with Nico and asks Dwight to stop whatever he’s doing because this could also get her in trouble.


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The FBI rolled into town, searched Bodhi’s shop in detail, and questioned Bodhi.

Dwight and his Tulsa crew were talking in Mitch’s bar about what their plan should be further on. Bodhi also comes to the bar and tells them that he was interrogated by the FBI. After Dwight and the team were sure that Bodhi was still on their side, they gave Bodhi all his belongings. Bodhi was extremely happy because he thought that the FBI had taken that. As it turns out, it was Dwight and the crew.

The New York Mafia family is not happy with Dwight killing Nico


Back in New York, Chickie is telling his father, Pete, that Dwight is out of control and that something has to be done to keep him in line. They agree that he is their friend and a part of their family. Pete wants to know if anyone knew what Nico did to Tina and why anyone did not say anything. The gang assures Pete that they do not know anything. If they did, they would take him out themselves.

Vince and Chickie suggest it’s best to kill both Dwight and Tina. When Pete heard that, he became automatically upset and slapped Chickie. Pete blames Nico for everything he did to Tina and says he would have skinned him alive for what he had done. He also says that Tina is not to be harmed because she did nothing wrong. Chickie wants to know how much more disrespect they will have to take from Dwight, and Pete says he is not half the man Dwight is. However, he regrets immediately for treating his son like that.

Dwight goes to the flower shop to visit Tina. She is surprised to see him as she thinks he has returned to Tulsa. He tells her that Nico is gone and that he killed him. Tina worries about what will happen next and is scared that the gang will come after her. Dwight assures her that won’t happen and that they will only come after him. He says to Tina that he loves her and that he considers murdering Nico a justifiable act. After that, he leaves Tina’s shop and returns to Tulsa.

The meeting was arranged between Dwight and Waltrip


When Dwight returns to Tulsa, he finds out what happened to Tyson and how he got detained. They visit Bodhi at his store, but the store is closed. Dwight is worried about Bodhi. He goes to Mitch’s bar, where he learns that Bodhi is in trouble with the Macadams gang. Dwight also tells Mitch about a suggested meeting with Waltrip, and Mitch thinks it could be a good idea to be diplomatic.

After Tina receives a strange phone call, she tells Dwight about it. Dwight tells her that she should tell him if something like that happens again. He calls Goodies to ensure this is not the gang’s way of intimidating Tina. Goodie is trying to calm Dwight down when Dwight says that a lot of people are going to get hurt. So, these two arrange a meeting to try cool things down. Goodie tells Pete about the proposed meeting with Dwight. Pete thinks that Goodie should go to Tulsa, talk to Dwight, and in the meantime, also check what sorts of business Dwight runs there.

Waltrip and Dwight meet up. Waltrip is upset with Dwight meddling with his business. He is also offended because Dwight did not come first to him with an offer that would lead to both their operations being successful. Dwight stands his ground and tells Waltrip that he will do as he wishes, and nobody can stop him.

Tulsa King Episode 6: Ending Explained

Stacy has an idea of taking Wlaltrip down and wants to work with Dwight on that mission. As she works for the ATF, her main concern is guns, and Waltrip has their whole arsenal. Dwight’s job would be to pose as a gun buyer. But Dwight turns her down, stating that he can’t do it because he is no rat.


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In the meantime, Waltrip is preparing his gang member to attack Mitch’s bar. Dwight suggests to Mitch the partnership regarding the bar. As Mitch is about to close the bar, the window gets smashed, and shots are fired. Dwight pulls his gun out and tells Mitch to do the same. They leave the bar and find one of Macadam’s gang members shooting toward the bar with his shotgun. Dwight and Mitch killed him immediately. They confirmed their partnership over the bar.

In New York, Tina’s husband is assaulted in the alley by Chickie. Chickie thinks that Tina deserves to be punished for what Dwight had done to Nico. And since he can’t touch Tina, he decides to take his revenge upon her husband. It is clear that the dispute between the mafia and Dwight is far from being over and is only getting worse.

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