Who Is Nico in Tulsa King and What Did He Do to Dwight?

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If you are watching the show, Tulsa King, then you already know that it is centered around Silvester Stalone’s character, Dwight Manfredi. He is a mobster that spent the last 25 years in jail and was forced on set the base of his operations in Tulsa when he got out. As a gangster, Dwight is also a part of the mafia family that has many members, and Nico is a part of that mafia family as well. Let’s see who Nico is in Tulsa King and what he did to Dwight.

Nico ‘The Package’ Bugliosi is a member of Dwight’s mob family. The character is played by John Cenatiempo. When Dwight was in prison, Nico visited Dwight’s family to make sure they are doing fine. However, when Tina, Dwight’s daughter, was home alone one day, Nico used that situation and molested her. Dwight killed him because of that.

Dwight killing Nico was one of the most intense parts of the first season so far. Family is very important to Dwight, and he cares for his daughter very much, even though he did not been there for her when she needed him the most. So, when Tina told him what Nico did to her, Dwight lost it and sought revenge. Let’s see in detail how it all went down.

Who is Nico in Tulsa King?


The show Tusla King follows the story of Dwight Manfredy, an elderly mobster who spent 25 years in prison. When he got out of prison, he got unexpected news. His mafia family decided that there is no room for him in New York anymore and that he had to move to Tulsa, where he could start anew. In the first episode of the show, we also meet Nico. He is a member of the mafia family and is guarding the doors in the room where the gang meets Dwight.

Nico is played by John Cenatiempo and appeared in the three episodes of the first season. He can often be found hanging around his gang’s family alongside Chickie, Vince, and others. After Dwight was shot while taking his driving exam, he called Chickie to make sure that it was not because he punched Vince. Nico is seen sitting on the couch in the back, listening to their conversation.

It is clear that Nico has been in the family for a long time and is an important part of it. When Dwight was in prison, Pete promised him that he was going to look after Dwight’s family and keep them safe. However, Nico clearly stepped his boundaries and let down both Pete and Dwight as he molested Dwight’s daughter instead of protecting her.

What did Nico do to Dwight?

Since Dwight got out of prison, the one thing he wanted to do the most is to make peace with his daughter Tina. However, there is a lot of tension between them, and Tina thinks it is not a good idea to let him back into her life because his presence could mean trouble for her and the rest of her family. Tina cares for Dwight, but it is clear that she struggles to forgive him for all the years that he was absent, and she needed him.


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One of the reasons Dwight kept his mouth shut for 25 years and did not disclose anything regarding his mob family was that Pete had promised him that his family will be safe and that he will make sure of it. But not even Pete was aware of what happened and what Nico did.

During the conversation between Dwight and Tina, she explains to him how he left her and her mom with nothing but obligations and burdens. They did not even have a checking account. Nico was the only one who would come to check in on them from time to time. Tina also says to Dwight that one day, when her mother was doing a double shift, she was home alone, and Nico came.

Tina was being forced to learn the hard way why Nico’s nickname was ‘The Package.’ She did not want to talk about the incident in detail with Dwight, but he was persistent and wanted to know what happened while he was in prison. Tina was scared of what Dwight might do and urged him not to do anything.

Even though he promised Tina that he won’t do anything, Dwight was furious and went looking for Nico in order to confront him. Dwight went to the hospital, where Pete was hoping that the gang might be there in the lobby. When he got there, Nico and the rest of the gang were nowhere to be found, there was only Pete lying in his hospital bed. So, Dwight confronted Pete, asking him if he knew what Nico did. When Dwight was convinced that Pete did not know, he went looking for Nico elsewhere.

Eventually, Dwight found Pete in the club, where Goodie, Nico, Vince, and Chuckie were playing cards. With no questions, Dwight attacked Nico, started punching him, and pressed his head on a stove. Eventually, he killed Nico by crushing his head with his foot. Nico molested Tina while Dwight was in prison, so Dwight decided to have his revenge in order to make sure that the harm his daughter suffered did not go unpunished.

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