Tulsa King Episode 6: Release Date & Time, What Will Happen

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Tulsa King is gradually building toward a successful first season, with every episode being better than the last. The show follows Dwight Manfredi, a New York mafia capo who is forced to begin anew in Tulsa after being in prison for 25 years. With five episodes of the Tulsa King being released, we are halfway through the first season and waiting for the sixth episode. In this article, you can find information about Tulsa King episode 6, its release date & time, and what will happen.

Tulsa King: Episode 6 release date & time

The sixth episode of the first season of Tulsa King will be released on December 18, 2022. As with all the episodes before, the sixth episode will air on Sunday, and the episode will premiere exclusively on the Paramount+ streaming platform. Paramount+ typically releases new movies and shows on the platform at 3:00 am ET. This means that the Tulsa King episode 6 will also be released on December 18 at 3:00 am ET, 12:00 am PT, and 2:00 am CT.

A brief summary of the Previous Episode

In the fifth episode of Tulsa King, Dwight returns to New York to attend his brother’s funeral. While in New York, he spends some time with his sister and catches up with his family and friends from the past. Dwight also gets to see his daughter, Tina, after many years. There is a lot of tension going on between them, but it is clear that they care for each other. During their conversation, Tina reveals a shocking incident that happened while Dwight was in prison. One of Dwight’s old gang members, Nico ‘The Package’ Bugliosi, had molested Tina while Dwight was in prison. Shocked by that revelation, Dwight is furious and looks for Nico in order to have his revenge.


Back in Tulsa, The Black Macadam bike gang has no intentions of just letting go of the fact that Dwight and his crew attacked them. When Dwight’s gang confronted the Black Macadam gang, they had no idea how dangerous they actually were. In the fifth episode, the gang has Tyson detained, and Bodhi is questioned with the knife on his neck. And, as it seems, this is just the beginning.


Tulsa King Episode 5: Recap & Ending Explained

What will happen in Tulsa King episode 6?

After the shocking ending of the fifth episode, the mid-credit scenes showed what we could expect in the sixth episode. After Dwight kills Nico, the rest of the mafia family is worried about Dwight’s behavior, and they think he is out of control. Goodie asks his father, Pete, about what to do with Dwight, as he clearly crosses the line.

Dwight returns to Tulsa and meets with Caolan Waltrip, the Black Macadam’s leader. The meeting was supposed to be about reducing the heat between the two gangs. Caolan warns Dwight that he is overplaying his hand, meaning that Dwight stepped into the territory which Caolan thinks belongs to him. However, Dwight is not scared by Caolans threats and has no intention of stopping his operations in Tulsa. Apparently, being a diplomat is not his best trait.


In the meantime, the FBI pays a visit to Bodhi and wants to question him about Dwight. It seems like Bodhi can’t catch a break these days, and it will be interesting to see what information he will give to the FBI. Stacy warns Dwight that he has to stop whatever he is doing. The FBI most likely has Dwight on their radar and is monitoring his every move. Mitch’s restaurant is under attack, most likely by the Black Macadams gang, and Dwight is under the firearms attack.

It is clear that the dispute between Dwight and Caolan Waltrip is about to escalate and that the FBI has no intention of letting Dwight continue with the same lifestyle that got him locked up 25 years ago.

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