Tulsa King Episode 5: Recap & Ending Explained

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The fifth episode of Tulsa King was quite something. As Dwight returns to New York, he finally gets to see the important people he left behind when he went to prison. However, there is a lot of tension in the air, and Dwight realizes that he missed a lot while he was away. Back in Tulsa, the Black Macadam gang is making its moves after the confrontation over nitrous oxide. Further in the article, you can read about the Tulsa King Episode 5: recap & ending explained. So, let’s see what the fifth episode provided us with.

Dwight travels back to New York for his brother’s funeral

After his brother passes away, Dwight goes to the funeral, where he encounters his sister Joanne. They haven’t seen each other in years and are very pleased to see each other. A the funeral Dwight also encounters his daughter, Tina. Even though he was excited to see her again, he was a bit anxious too. However, when Tina saw Dwight, she decided to ignore that he was in the room. Dwight leaves disappointed with Tina’s reaction and enters into a conversation with his sister. She told him the things about Tina that he did not know about. Dwight learned that Tina owns her own business and that she got a degree in horticulture. Dwight also learned that he has twin grandsons, Cody and Ryan, but apparently, they do not know about him.


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The fact that Dwight came back to New York, even for just a brief period, immediately raised some questions in his New York mob family. Naturally, Goodie calls Dwight to see what is going on and to find out why he is in town. Dwight explains that the reason he came to New York is that his brother died. However, Goodie shows little sympathy for Dwight and orders him to come to the New York Memorial, even though Dwight has to attend his brother’s funeral then.

At the family dinner, Dwight enters into a somewhat awkward conversation with Tina’s husband, Emory. He told Emory that it would be nice if he had called and asked him for his blessing before marrying Tina. Tina thought Dwight had no right to say something like that to Emory, but Dwight disagreed. Dwight eventually apologized after Tina told him that he was the one who broke contact and stopped calling. It is obvious that Tina has a lot of resentment toward her father as she did not stay through the dinner and left the table.


Dwight called Stacy and told her about what had happened. She said a few comforting words and also warned him about the gang he had attacked in Tulsa. Later on, Dwight called his brother’s wife and decided to say over the phone all the things he wanted to say at the church. With that gesture, he proved once again that he is actually kind and values his family very much.

Later on, Dwight visited Tina at her flower shop, and they started talking. Tina admits that she still cares for him a bit, but she thinks it is best that she does not let him near her because Dwight is a bad bet, meaning she could get hurt or in danger. She also explains to Dwight how everyone in the family did their best and helped in their own way through the years except Dwight. Tina also mentioned that Nico ‘The Package’ Bugliosi came to check up on them from time to time while Dwight was in prison. She implied to Dwight that he molested her one night but forbade Dwight to do anything about it now.

The Black Macadam gang is asking around about Dwight

Back in Tulsa, local law enforcement is approached by a man who comments on the events from the previous episode, where Dwight and his new gang attacked the local motorcycle gang in order to retrieve their nitrous oxide. Apparently, the Black Macadam gang has influence over the police, and they want the police to take care of this problem as soon as possible. The police got the license plate number of Dwight’s car.

Later on, Tyson is pulled over while driving Dwight’s car. When the police saw Dwight Manfredi’s name on the registration papers, Tyson was forced to step out of the vehicle, and the police searched the vehicle without a warrant. They found a marijuana cigarette butt in the car, and Tyson was taken into custody. The police officers took Tyson’s phone and used it to call Dwight. The police also helped the Black Macadam gang to kidnap Bodhi. The gang questioned Bodhi about Dwight and their business affairs.


Later on, the police escorted Bodhi to Mitch’s restaurant, where they wanted to question Mitch, but he kicked them out.

In the meantime, Armand is also being warned not to mess with the Black Macadam gang. Even though he did not take them very seriously, he decided to look them up on the internet. The pieces of information he found about their leader had him a bit worried, as it turns out that their leader is very dangerous.

Tulsa King Episode 5: Ending Explained

After Dwight found out that Nico had molested Tina while he was in prison, he was furious and went to the hospital, where he wanted to confront Nico. However, when he got there, the gang was nowhere to be seen, and the only one there was Pete, lying in his hospital bed. Dwight started talking to Pete, stating how he used to think a lot about friends and family when he was in prison, often picturing how nice it would be once he got out. However, when he got out, he realized that the good old days were not really that good. The one thing that hurts him the most is the fact that he was not there for his daughter when she needed him the most.


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Dwight confronted Pete. He was angry at him because he swore that he would protect Dwight’s family while he was away. Yet, he let Nico hurt Tina. The only thing that Dwight wanted to know was whether Pete knew what Nico did, so he pressed his hand upon Pete’s face and asked him the question several times: ‘Did you know?’


When Dwight was convinced that Pete did not know about Nico’s doings, he left Pete’s room. He then stormed into the club, where Goodie, Nico, Vince, and Chuckie were playing cards. Dwight started punching Nico furiously. Then he pressed Nico’s head on a heated stove ring, leaving Nico screaming in pain. After he burned his face, Dwight used the electric cable to pull Nico over the floor and eventually smashed his head with his foot. Nico died on the spot with blood flowing over the floor.

It is clear why Dwight killed Nico. Nico had molested Tina when Dwight was in prison. So Dwight reacted like any serious mobster would in order to have his revenge. We can only speculate what the aftermath of this confrontation will be.

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