Two PS5 Games Are Available for FREE Trial This Month!

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Until October 28, you’ll be able to find two PS5 games on PlayStation Store and play them completely free, but only for a limited time. How’s that possible? Well, we are talking about the trial option that PlayStation made available for two games on their newest console.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Death Stranding Director’s Cut are currently available on the PlayStation Store where you can download them and play them for free. But be advised, it’s only for a limited time. Sackboy will be available to play for free for 5 hours after downloading it, while the free trial for Death Stranding will only last 6 hours before you’re locked out of the game (unless you buy the full version, of course).

This new way of trying the games out before deciding if we’re gonna spend our money on them is certainly a good option. But (there is always a but), this option is available only to owners of the next-gen console, even though those two games can be found on PlayStation Store for PS4 too.

The trial option will most likely grow more in the future and be available for a lot more games, and by then, Sony is probably hoping to get the rest of the PS4 players buy their newest console.

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