Undead Unluck: Untruth Explained!

Undead Unluck: Untruth Explained!

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Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, which has been ongoing since January 20, 2020, and has now been collected in 18 volumes as of the time of writing. The story is a supernatural adventure filled with humor, so you can imagine the series will be filled with ridiculous powers and abilities. These abilities are collectively called Negator Abilities; one such ability is the Untruth ability. In this article, as you might have already deduced, we are going to discuss this Untruth ability, and you will find out everything you need to know about it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In Undead Unluck, the major characters have special abilities called Negator Abilities, which is why they are called Negators. These abilities allow the characters to negate some fundamental laws of nature, thus making them miraculously and ridiculously overpowered in the series.
  • Among the Negator Abilities is the so-called Untruth ability, which allows the user to simply negate any conscious thought that a target has, forcing them to do exactly the opposite, which is why it is one of the more powerful abilities in the series.
  • Shen Xiang was the former user of the Untruth ability, which has since been passed down to the young girl called Mui, the current owner.

Untruth is a Negator ability in Undead Unluck

Fans of Undead Unluck know what kind of a series Undead Unluck is. It is, more or less, a collection of one ridiculous scene after another. While fans might appreciate the somewhat morbid humor and the overall ridiculousness of the plot, Undead Unluck is primarily a fanservice festival with as much exaggeration as one can have without becoming kitsch. Now, the characters in Undead Unluck are quite specific, and they have certain abilities that actually allow for the series’ overly ridiculous premise. These abilities are called Negator Abilities.

Negators (Japanese: 否定者, Hitei-sha) are people who have special abilities called Negator Abilities. Negator Abilities are abilities that allow a user to negate the fundamental rules and laws of nature, i.e., they allow the user to do impossible things. The mechanism is quite complex, as it seems, and the author never really bothered to explain the origins of these abilities, but there are some details we know.

First of all, all the Negator Abilities have the prefix “Un-,” after which comes the thing they are negating. For example, Andy’s ability is called Undead because he negates death as a phenomenon; Fuuko’s ability is called Unluck because she negates luck, i.e., causes unluck to anyone who comes into contact with her. These are the most obvious examples, but there are numerous characters with Negator abilities in the series, so there’s that.

When a Negator is born, a great tragedy befalls them immediately, as something horrible happens around them or to the people they hold dear. When a Negator dies, their abilities are transferred to another person, so it seems that the ability does not disappear in itself.


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As for a more specific explanation, the Negators can be divided into two groups of two based on how their powers work:

Self-targeting typeThese Negators use their powers on themselves and not on others.
External-targeting typesThese Negators can externalize their powers, i.e., they cannot use them on themselves.
Compulsory activation typeThese Negators cannot control their powers, i.e., they are used involuntarily.
Voluntary activation typeThese Negators have full control over the activation of their powers.

So, as we have said, there are numerous Negators in the series, and before we explain the Untruth ability, allow us to list them all here, based on the group they belong to:

Akira KunoUnalignedUnknown
Billy AlfredUnderUnfair
Chikara ShigenoUnionUnmove
Creed DeckardUnderUndecrease
Feng KowloonUnderUnfade
Fuuko IzumoUnionUnluck
Gina ChamberUnionUnchange
Ichico NemuriUnionUnsleep
Isshin the 12thUnalignedUnbreakable
Kenji YokezuUnalignedUnavoidable
Latla MirahUnderTBC
Nico VorgeilUnionUnforgettable
Phil HawkinsUnionUnfeel
Rip TristanUnderUnrepair
Sadako KurusuUnderUnchaste
Sean DatzUnderUnseen
Shen XianUnionUntruth
Tesshu IsshinUnalignedUnbreakable
Top Bull SparxUnionUnstoppable
Void VolksUnionUnavoidable
Yamaoka IsshinUnderUnbreakable

What does Untruth do in Undead Unluck?

Now that we have explained the Negator Abilities in general, we can actually explain the one we will discuss in this article – Untruth. As you can see, Untruth is one of the above-listed abilities and has been owned by two characters who have been part of the Union group. So, what does Untruth actually do?

As the name suggests, Untruth negates the truth as a phenomenon, so whenever the user targets someone, the “truth” will disappear. In that aspect, it is an externalizing and voluntary type of ability, which makes sense. And while the latter conclusion is true, there are some conditions, as far as we can tell.

Namely, Shen Xiang, the first known user of the Untruth ability, had to reach a level where he was subconsciously fond of his target, and the only way he could maintain it was by keeping eye contact with the target; this meant, in his case, that if the target managed to hide or run away, the effect would cease.

On the other hand, Mui seems to have a much easier time, as she seemingly only has to look at her target to activate her ability without any other conditions.

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