Undead Unluck: What Is the UMA Galaxy & Why Did Apocalypse Unleash It?

Undead Unluck: What is the UMA Galaxy & Why Did Apocalypse Unleash It?

Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, which has been ongoing since January 20, 2020, and has now been collected in 18 volumes as of the time of writing. The story is a supernatural adventure filled with humor, so you can imagine the series will be filled with ridiculous powers, abilities, and various intriguing characters. One such character, a UMA, will be the topic of this article, as we will present the UMA Galaxy to you. UMA Galaxy was released as a penalty during the 100th Loop and eventually became a Master Rule in the 101st Loop. This article will tell you all you need to know about this entity.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • UMA Galaxy is a powerful and seemingly important UMA in the world of Undead Unluck. It is a Concept-type UMA that actually embodies the concept of a galaxy.
  • UMA Galaxy was released as the 99th penalty after a failed mission during the 100th Loop, but it would soon become a Master rule during the 101st Loop, stressing its importance for the balance of the world.
  • UMA Galaxy has a large, bulky body that looks like a galaxy. Its main ability is the creation of galaxies, but it can also fly and is able to pass through solid matter.

UMA Galaxy is a powerful and seemingly important UMA in the series

The UMA is the name given to a certain class of monsters in the universe of Undead Unluck. The acronym for Unidentified Mysterious Animals, or UMAs, refers to these strangely shaped, otherworldly creatures. Some regulations that have been enforced on the entire earth are embodied by UMAs. For example, UMA Clothes symbolizes clothing, UMA Past reflects world history, etc. This is how they are related to the character Sun, the God of Undead Unluck; these monsters adopt the attributes of specific concepts of his choosing. Depending on what they represent, they can be categorized as concept-based or phenomenological.

Each UMA has a range in which it may use its powers, and everyone who is inside that range will be affected by that UMA’s power. In practice, this symbolic attribute is essential since every UMA has unique characteristics associated with the concept or phenomenon it symbolizes.

Certain species possess the ability to procreate and undergo evolutionary changes. If a UMA proves important, it can be elevated to a Master Rule in the next Loop, thus becoming a fixed, permanent rule constant in every future Loop. Each Loop sees the addition of one new Master Rule. And this brings us to UMA Galaxy.


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The UMA Galaxy was first introduced to the series through a Penalty Quest, which we are going to talk about later. Here, we are going to give you some general aspects of this UMA so that you know what it is and what it can do.

If you observe the manga panel from the titular photo in this article, you’ll notice that UMA Galaxy has a somewhat humanoid appearance, but it is actually a large mass that resembles a human torso with arms and a head. It has no legs and it has no other humanoid features save for the extremities and the head. The torso actually acts as a sort of container for the galaxy – all celestial objects included – that resides within the UMA.

As for its abilities, its main ability is, of course, the ability to create galaxies. Alongside that, it is also able to create all celestial bodies that form part of that galaxy, which means that UMA Galaxy is a very powerful and important UMA, so it makes sense that it became a Master Rule during the 101st Loop, but more on that later in our article.

Another important ability of UMA Galaxy is phasing, i.e., the ability to travel through solid matter, as it appeared and departed the underground Union headquarters in order to reach the surface. Also, it has the ability to fly and levitate, and despite its size, UMA Galaxy is able to do it at extremely high speeds, as we’ve seen when it went from the surface of the Earth to space in a matter of moments.

And this is the general overview of what UMA Galaxy is and what it is capable of. In the next section, we are going to explain its narrative importance for Undead Unluck.

Galaxy was released as a penalty, but would soon become a Master Rule in the world of Undead Unluck

So, we have now gone over the basics, which means that we can actually talk about the story. Above, we’ve said that UMA Galaxy was initially introduced as a penalty Quest by Apocalypse, as part of the 99th penalty quest cycle. The penalty for failure was the release of UMA Galaxy on September 1, 2020 if the Negators did not do their task. The task? Complete all six Quests assigned to them by Apocalypse in said period. Did they succeed? Well, since UMA Galaxy was released, they obviously failed, as they managed to do only five of the six given tasks, seeing how Unseen was not found and was later captured by Under. Because of that, UMA Galaxy was finally released, and the penalty manifested itself.


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In the 101st Loop, UMA Galaxy actually became a Master Rule, as we have also said above, which means that stares, space, and aliens already existed from the very beginning in the 101st Loop. This is something relatively important, so we can assume why UMA Galaxy was chosen as a Master Rule. This also explains why we talked about this UMA in the first place, i.e., why it is so important.

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