Undead Unluck: Who Is Victor & How Powerful Is He?

Undead Unluck: Who is Victor & How Powerful is He?

Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, which has been ongoing since January 20, 2020, and has now been collected in 18 volumes as of the time of writing. The story is a supernatural adventure filled with humor, so you can imagine the series will be filled with ridiculous powers and abilities, as well as various intriguing characters. One of the more specific characters in the series is Victor, or Victhor, whose story is tied to Andy’s story, making him exceptionally important for the series. In this article, we are going to tell you who Victor is and how powerful he actually is in Undead Unluck.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Victor is Andy’s original personality in Undead Unluck, hidden away by the card. He is cold heartless, and while he was a member of Union in the previous loops, he doesn’t seem to care whether he’s attacking an enemy or an ally.
  • As Shen revealed, the Union members call him Victhor, implying he could be a deity. Still, Victor vehemently denies this, claiming he is only a regular human.
  • He is incredibly strong and portrayed as one of the series’ most powerful characters; his regeneration ability is significantly more powerful than Andy’s, although the latter can keep him at bay.

Victor is a character related to Andy

We all know Andy from Undead Unluck. He is the “Undead” part of the title and is the male protagonist of the series. Andy is a quirky guy who is not able to die because his ability, Undead, negates death as a phenomenon, so whenever he dies, he simply comes back. But, while Andy is a good guy, he has another character “inside” him: Victor, who is Andy’s original personality.

Victor first appeared during the Spoil Arc, when he fought Spoil and then turned against Fuuko and his former allies from the Union. Victor had fought Spoil in a previous loop with other members of the Union, and he was initially the second-ranked member of the Union. He lives inside Andy and is his original personality, but the series has yet to explain how all of this happened and how Victor even came to be, but we know that he is there.


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It seems that his appearance is related to the card Andy has, as well as his scar because Victor appeared when Andy accidentally lost his card. Andy managed to reappear (partially) when Fuuko targeted Victor’s scar, with Andy taking over the body once again after the card had been returned to him. We will now answer some other questions related to this interesting character.

Why does Shen call Victor “Victhor”?

When Victor first appears during the fight against Spoil, Shen calls him Victhor, to which Victor replies: “I don’t know who told you about me. But I am human. Not Thor- Not God!” The Union members seem to call Victor Victhor because they perceive him as a deity; he is incredibly powerful and seems to be older than any known phenomena, which implies that he could, actually, be a deity or of divine origin, despite what he said.

The name itself seems to be a pun, a reference to the Norse deity Thor, which symbolizes both Victor’s enormous power (as Thor was known to be quite powerful) as well as his divine origin (as Thor is one of the primary gods in Norse mythology). And that is the whole story related to the name.

How old is Victor?

As Andy’s original personality and an exceptionally powerful entity who has been compared to a deity, Victor is incredibly old. His exact age in the series is unknown, but it has been confirmed that he is more than 455.4 billion years old, which would make him as old as time itself, seemingly, as he is – based on this info – older than our galaxy. It could be a typo, though, as the number coincides with the age of planet Earth (4.54 billion), so he could be as old as Earth itself, but if it’s not a typo, he is much older than anything we know and he may be as old as time itself, which would explain why he is perceived as a deity.


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Why did Victor want to kill Juiz and Fuuko?

A very important question related to Victor is his desire to kill. First Juiz and then Fuuko, as the latter stood in the way of his original plan. Now, while we are going to analyze whether Victor is actually a villain in the series or not, we think it is important to explain why this powerful character had set his mind on killing Juiz and Fuuko.

We know that Juiz and Victor go way back, as the two of them founded the Union together. While they were initially very close, their relationship evolved and Victor would soon consider Juiz to be the love of his life. But, at one point, thanks to Remember, Victor realized the true nature of their endeavor and the truth about the Loops, which made him realize that Juiz’s fights were useless. In order to spare her the horror of disappointment for the 101st time, he tried to kill her during the 100th Loop so that he could actually “save” her. This was the only reason he wanted to do it, as he did not want the love of his life to suffer anymore and to be killed and destroyed by Sun each and every time.

But how does Fuuko fit in there? Well, Victor’s memories were initially erased by Juiz using Remember, and Andy was created as the personality that would take over the body. Since Andy’s presence was preventing Victor from taking over his body and killing Juiz, he had to get rid of Andy, but in order to do that, he first had to kill Fuuko. And this is why he was set on killing her as well and while he killed her memory so many times. But, when Victor realized just how much Fuuko influenced Andy and how powerful he had become thanks to her, he realized the error of his ways and gave up on killing both Fuuko and Juiz.

How powerful is Victor in Undead Unluck?

Victor is seemingly one of the most powerful characters in the whole series, although the fact that he was ranked second within Union during the earlier loops implies that he was not the strongest character in the series. During his brief appearance in the Spoil Arc, he demonstrated his abilities and showed that he was able to take on Spoil, and later even Shen, while the latter’s powers were active. This speaks for itself, as Shen is definitely not an easy opponent.


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Victor is physically powerful, and he can clone himself, although the clones aren’t perfect, as it seems, because Fuuko was able to tell the original apart via the scar, which was not present on the clones. On top of that, his regenerative abilities seem to be faster and more potent than Andy’s, even though they become significantly slower when he is burned (burning seems to be a weakness of Victor’s, although he does have a way of circumventing this issue, as he can simply split a part of his body and regenerate from it).

Generally, Victor gives off the impression of being a much stronger and more dangerous version of Andy, with the same powers but a bit better than Andy’s, which is why he is so dangerous in general.

Is Victor a villain in the series?

Now that we have told you all we wanted to about Victor, we wanted to discuss his role in the series. Namely, Victor is a very specific character and due to his specific nature, many fans have been wondering whether he could be described as a villain in the series or not, and in this section, we are going to provide you with an answer to that question.

During the Spoil Arc and a good chunk of the Autumn Arc, Victor was definitely an antagonist in the series. His destructive personality became apparent in the former, while in the latter, he tried to kill both Juiz and Fuuko. But, even despite that, his motives for killing Juiz were not evil. He did not want to kill the love of his life because he was evil – he wanted to save her. He had realized the truth about the Loops and he simply did not want the love of his life to suffer the same horrible fate (being destroyed by Sun) Loop after Loop. Sure, his method was horrible, but his motives were noble.

On top of that, once he realized just how Fuuko had influenced Andy, he once again regained hope and realized that his approach was wrong, which is why he gave up on killing both Juiz and Fuuko, which was an exceptionally important moment in the story. This moment actually proves that Victor is not a villain in the series and that he is simply a layered character with a great story and great development.

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