Undead Unluck: What Are the UMA & Why Are They So Dangerous?

Undead Unluck: What Are the UMA & Why Are They so Dangerous?

Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, which has been ongoing since January 20, 2020, and has now been collected in 18 volumes as of the time of writing. The story is a supernatural adventure filled with humor, so you can imagine the series will be filled with ridiculous powers and abilities. But, aside from these, the world of Undead Unluck is also filled with various ridiculous creatures, most of which are unified under the name UMA, i.e., Unidentified Mysterious Animals. In this article, we are going to explain what the UMA are and why they are so dangerous in the story of Undead Unluck.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • UMAs, also known as Unidentified Mysterious Animals, are special, otherwordly creatures from Undead Unluck that have been created by Sun, the God of the world of Undad Unluck.
  • UMAs vary in appearance, as they can look like monstrous animals or everyday objects but also as pure monsters or as monstrous embodiments of some abstract concepts.
  • Each UMA represents a certain rule that is enforced in the world, and their powers and abilities are unique to them and are somehow related to the concepts or phenomena they embody.

The UMA are strange creatures created by God

Although the human(oid) characters in Undead Unluck represent the gist of the series’ characters, there are also other types of characters present in the series, and the UMA – who are the main topic of this article – are examples of such characters, or creatures, to be more precise, and they definitely deserve some writing about them.

Now, the UMA are very strange creatures. UMA is actually an abbreviation that means Unidentified Mysterious Animals, which is a play on the word UFO and its meaning. They were created personally by God (another name for the character named Sun) in Undead Unluck, and they are actually otherworldly-looking creatures with strange designs.

Some of them actually do resemble animals (although monstrously-looking ones), while others embody monstrous everyday objects or abstract concepts or are simply monsters per se. There doesn’t seem to be a rule as to what they look like, but a lot of them actually do look like the concepts they embody.


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And while we’re talking about that, it has to be said that the UMAs actually embody certain rules that have been imposed on the world as a whole. For example, UMA Clothes embodies clothing, UMA Past embodies the history of the world, and so on. This is how they are related to Sun, the character, and through his will, these monsters embody certain specific concepts. Based on what they embody, they can be divided into Phenomenon-based ones (e.g., UMA Snow, UMA Burn, UMA Autumn) and Concept-based ones (e.g., UMA Kindness, UMA Stop, UMA Thirst).

Each UMA has a radius in which its powers are active, and whoever enters that radius will be influenced by the power of the individual UMA. The abilities are unique for each UMA and are related to the phenomenon or concept they embody, so this symbolic aspect is very important in practice.

The UMA are also capable of creating offspring, which is done through enforcing a rule in a very specific way. A notable example is Spoil, who managed to create zombie offspring with his power. If combined with them, they can also become stronger, a phenomenon known as Phase 2. The Union refers to these “babies” as “Juniors.”

The Union usually has to deal with these creatures as part of the Quests they are assigned by Apocalypse, the talking book, and they have to defeat and capture them. Among the UMAs, there are special ones that are called “Master Rules,” which are UMAs that are granted absolute power and can never disappear. One new “Master Rule” is added with each loop of Ragnarok, and since we are now in the 101st loop, it means that there are 100 “Master Rules” as of this moment.

Known UMAs in Undead Unluck

In this section, we are going to give you a short overview of all the known UMAs in Undead Unluck and tell you a bit about them:

Unidentified Mysterious Animal (UMA)Cocept or Phenomenon
Atmosphere embodies the atmosphere (unknown type)
Autumnembodies the season of autumn (Concept) 
Bloodembodies blood (Concept) 
Bombembodies bombs and other types of explosive devices (Concept) 
Burnembodies the process of burning (Phenomenon) 
Call unknown at this moment
Clothesembodies clothing (Concept) 
Colorembodies colors (unknown type) 
Crabembodies crabs (Concept) 
Eatembodies the act of eating (unknown type) 
Galaxyembodies the galaxy (Concept) 
Ghostembodies ghosts (unknown type) 
Gravityembodies gravity (unknown type) 
Heatembodies heat (Phenomenon) 
Information embodies information (unknown type)
Insectembodies insects (Concept) 
Jewelembodies jewels (Concept) 
Kindnessembodies the idea of kindness (unknown type) 
Languageembodies the idea of language (unknown type) 
Magmaembodies magma (Concept) 
Moveembodies movement (unknown type) 
Pastembodies the past as an aspect of time (Phenomenon) 
Revolutionembodies the revolution (unknown type) 
Sealembodies the act of sealing (Phenomenon) 
Shadowembodies shadows (unknown type) 
Sharkembodies sharks (Concept)
Sickembodies sickness and illness (unknown type) 
Sliceembodies the act of slicing something (Phenomenon) 
Snowembodies snow(ing) (Concept) 
Spinembodies spinning (unknown type) 
Splashembodies the act of splashing (Phenomenon) 
Spoilembodies the act of spoiling, rotting and decaying (Phenomenon)
Springembodies the season of spring (Concept)  
Stopembodies the act of stopping and halting (Phenomenon) 
Summerembodies the season of summer (Concept)  
Thirstembodies the feeling of being thirsty/thirst (unknown type) 
Tornadoembodies tornadoes (Concept) 
Tyrannosaurusembodies a tyrannosaurus (Concept) 
Winterembodies the season of winter (Concept)  

There are certainly more UMAs in the series, but they have yet to be revealed. The list will be updated as more UMAs become known.

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