Unknown Host In Minecraft: Here Is How To Fix It

Unknown Host In Minecraft: Here’s How To Fix It

Minecraft has skyrocketed as the most popular and friendly online video game in recent times. You can get many new features and items from Minecraft. To get this opportunity, you will need to connect to different new servers in Minecraft. You are free to become a host in Minecraft and can even create a server for yourself. But sometimes, you will face many problems or errors, especially the “Unknown Host” in Minecraft. And that’s what I’ll be focusing to fix here in this article. 

Unknown Host is a Minecraft error or bug that you have to face most of the time while playing Minecraft. To fix it, try to connect to the server again, add the hostname, try adding IP manually, play on a compatible server, or try to renew your custom domain name. If nothing of those works, contact the support.

Unknown Host in Minecraft will put you in a difficult situation. Fixing this problem is mandatory if you want to get your hands on new Minecraft servers. Being among the most common of all the server errors, you will get this error when you don’t know the exact ISP (Internet Service Provider). All you will need to do is to update your computer according to your operating system. Let’s explore some more information about this Unknown Host error and how to fix it. 

What Does Unknown Host In Minecraft Mean?

A few years back, Minecraft was found to be facing a lot of complaints about connectivity issues. Perhaps some of those issues are back now. Still, many players are facing this problem daily. 

Let’s learn about the nature of this problem. 

Unknown Host is a bug that usually makes you frustrated. You won’t be able to connect to the Minecraft server that you want to play on. What makes you face this problem? Well, you usually don’t know the exact ISP (Internet Service Provider) in your game. That’s what puts you in a difficult situation. This bug has a direct relation with your computer system and your internet server. 

How To Fix Unknown Host In Minecraft?

Unknown Host In Minecraft: Here’s How To Fix It

Unknown Host is a Minecraft error or bug that you have to face most of the time while playing Minecraft. Still, there are chances with which you will be able to sort this problem out. What would you do to fix the Unknown Host error in your game? What are the causes that make you face this problem? 

Let’s fix all the things mentioned above. What you will do is to follow the given steps to get rid of the stated issue. There are some of the simplest and easiest ways of removing any connectivity issue on your server and system. Let’s get started. 

Connect To The Server Again

There are chances that your network setup is wrong. You can also find the DNS issue with the new server in Minecraft. When you try to connect to a new server in Minecraft, you will get a notification on your game’s screen. 

Your screen will show you a pop-up notification that will say, “Failed to connect to the server.” Make sure that you are trying to connect to the server again and again.

Add The Host’s Name

By adding the Host’s name to the Host’s file, you will fix this problem. This method will help you connect to the server you are playing on. Putting the wrong Host’s name will not affect the performance of your gameplay. 

Try Adding IP Manually

If you are facing a log-in issue, you can skip on logging in and try manually typing the IP Address to that given box. There are higher chances that this method will sort your problem. After manually typing the IP (Internet Protocol) Address, you will easily connect to the server. 

Chances are there that you may have left a space while putting the IP Address. Avoid making such a mistake at the start of the process and the end as well. 

Play On A Compatible Server

When you try to connect a random server and put a wrong IP Address, you will face this Unknown Host error. Make sure that you are connecting to the server that is compatible with your Minecraft game. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fix this problem.

Renew Your Custom Domain Name

Unknown Host In Minecraft: Here’s How To Fix It

There are a few instances in which players got the same error on a Custom Domain name. It will result in the Custom Domain name problem. 

So, what are the possible ways outs to solve this problem?

Well, you can renew your Custom Domain name to fix this issue. You can also keep an eye on the expiry date of your Custom Domain server. It will help you keep away from the connectivity issues. 

Contact Support Team

You can also contact the support team to solve the same issue for you. But just to make it clear, this method should be your last resort to solve your connectivity problem. You can avail of this option when all the methods mentioned above fail to perform as well. 

All you need to do is contact the support team once you have followed all the methods mentioned above without resolving your issue successfully. 

Sometimes, you won’t get an immediate response from the support team. But they don’t take too long. Within a short time, the support team will contact you. You will get to know about all the possible reasons behind your problem. You will also know about the possible solutions at that time as well. The support team will let you know why you are facing the connectivity issue to the new server. 

Using this method will help you get direct contact with the server support team. Make sure that you have made them aware of all the things that came your way. You will also tell them about all the troubleshooting steps and notifications you have already done since you started solving your problem. 

All the methods mentioned above will definitely let you solve your problem. This guide is all you will need to solve the Unknown Host error or the bug connectivity issue. You will be able to connect to any new server while playing Minecraft.

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