‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episode 4 Review: Las Vegas Loses One of Its Living Legends

Unsolved Mysteries is back again on Netflix with its 3rd Volume, and it brings a collection of mysterious cases that sadly remain so not only to the public but even to those affected by them. A good mystery will always attract people because it is never just enough for our sense of curiosity. This new Volume brings all sorts of cases to our attention, from strange murders where no killer has been made responsible, to the more supernatural affairs with ghosts and even aliens. Many things are happening out there, but you have to look for them.

Episode 4 of Volume 3 of Unsolved Mysteries takes us to Las Vegas, one of the strangest cities in the United States of America. An oasis in the desert, the city has become one of the most identifiable cities in the world thanks to its collection of casinos and attractions. There is no city like Las Vegas. And yet, for all the shiny lights and the posters of fun that the city tries to transmit to visitors, the city still hides some very dark secrets, where politics, corruption, drugs, and sex combine in a deadly cocktail.

Buffalo Jim, a mechanic who became a star of his own volition and was one of the city’s greatest celebrities. The man was larger than life. Because of it, he was basically a manifestation of what Las Vegas was meant to be; a place where you could go, have a fun time, and made friends that could last you for the rest of your lives. So, it was a surprise when Buffalo Jim was found dead in a hotel room. The event was later followed by an inept investigation and closed as there was no serious following to any of the clues involving the event.

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The episode tries to focus much of its runtime on the fact that Buffalo Jim was a great man who came to the city and became his most fervent supporter. He was a man who tried to make the city the best it could be, so when he saw people who had not the best interest of the city in mind, then he started making enemies. Dangerous enemies that could have taken him out as a way to ease their lives. It is a sad tale, and the episode can get interviews with the daughters of Buffalo Jim. You can see just how much their father’s absence has affected them,

The mystery itself is just a mystery murder and not one that has absolutely no possibility of being solved, but one that people don’t want to solve. Sadly, it seems like some serious villains targeted Buffalo Jim, and so his death meant the end of the road for the situation. Someone behind the screen was pulling the string to make things not happen. This is a difficult crime because it could probably affect people who were meant to solve it in the first place.

The episode really pushes hard the image of Rick Rizzolo as the main figure that should be looked at when thinking about answering the question of who was responsible for Jim’s death. Other more obscure figures became myths as the authorities never followed their involvement. Like in every episode, the audience is compelled to help solve the crime if they have any information. However, here it seems like only the real criminals involved in the case will be the ones who could solve it for everyone else, which seems like a far-away possibility.

This might not be one of the best episodes of Volume 3 because the mystery it presents doesn’t seem like a mystery at all, but more like an example of corruption. Because of this, it stands as something that could have been more like a short video on YouTube than an episode on a Netflix show. However, the difference in quality between the productions found on those two different platforms is becoming blurred with each passing day.

SCORE: 6/10

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