Valkyrie’s Control Over the Bifrost Bridge Explained: Can She Do It at Will?

Valkyries Control over the Bifrost Bridge Explained Can She Do It at Will

In the MCU, character abilities vary, and in ‘The Marvels,’ we witnessed Valkyrie making an appearance to assist Carol Danvers using the Bifrost Bridge. Traditionally linked to Asgardian royalty, seeing Valkyrie utilize it was unexpected. The question arises: Can Valkyrie wield the Bifrost Bridge at her discretion?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In ‘The Marvels,’ Valkyrie hopped onto Carol Danvers’ ship through the Bifrost Bridge. Her mission? Transporting Skrull refugees back to New Asgard, courtesy of the Bifrost once more.
  • Valkyrie didn’t summon the Bifrost Bridge with her powers; it suggests she found an alternative method to call upon the Bifrost.
  • Thor might be the one who used the power of Stormbreaker to summon the Bifrost.

What was Valkyrie doing in ‘The Marvels’ anyway?

The MCU is renowned for its abundance of cameo appearances, and ‘The Marvels’ didn’t disappoint. Valkyrie’s anticipated cameo held a surprise, adding an unexpected twist to the story.

In the movie’s earlier scenes, Dar-Benn visited Tarnax, the Skrull refugees’ temporary abode led by Emperor Drogge, proposing a peace treaty. However, when Captain Marvel intervened, Dar-Benn used her Quantum Band to devastate Tarnax by creating a jump point that drained the planet of air.

‘The Marvels’ trio attempted a rescue, evacuating as many Skrulls as possible, but they couldn’t save everyone. Emperor Drogge, distressed by the situation, questioned where he and the Skrulls could find refuge. Carol revealed she had called a friend for assistance, and Valkyrie arrived through the Bifrost Bridge, sensing the imminent crisis.


As the current ruler of Asgard, Valkyrie took the Skrulls as refugees back to New Asgard, showcasing her ability to traverse locations using the Bifrost—a captivating detail that added depth to the movie.


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Only several methods for summoning Bifrost exist

Now, concerning the Bifrost, it’s always been linked to the Asgardians and their leaders. In the early ‘Thor’ movies, the Bifrost Bridge could be conjured from Asgard through Heimdall’s sword, operating the Himinbjorg—the place generating the Bifrost by drawing power from Asgard’s Rainbow Bridge.

Initially, the Asgardians’ sole means of interstellar travel was the Himinbjorg, which was shattered by Thor when he destroyed the Rainbow Bridge in the first movie. While both structures were repaired before ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ an alternate method for summoning the Bifrost remained.

bifrost shattered

In ‘The Avengers,’ Loki mentioned Odin using considerable dark magic to transport Thor to Earth, suggesting dark magic as the alternative to the Himinbjorg. Thor later employed this dark magic to leave with Loki. However, Odin’s demise and the destruction of Asgard in ‘Ragnarok’ eliminated the Asgardians’ ability to use the Bifrost Bridge.

Come ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ Eitri assisted Thor in crafting Stormbreaker, touted as a kingly weapon capable of summoning the Bifrost. Thor effectively wielded this new weapon, utilizing Stormbreaker multiple times to summon the Bifrost at will. Consequently, Thor became the exclusive user, attaching Stormbreaker to his chariot alongside his goats to traverse various realms across the universe.

How did Valkyrie use Bifrost in ‘The Marvels’?

Now that you’re aware, utilizing the Bifrost boils down to three methods: the Himinbjorg linked with the Rainbow Bridge, summoning substantial dark magic, or wielding Stormbreaker. So, how did Valkyrie employ the Bifrost in ‘The Marvels’? Two plausible explanations emerge.

Firstly, the residents of New Asgard might have constructed a new Himinbjorg and Rainbow Bridge, facilitated by Axl, Heimdall’s son, who inherited his ability to see through realms. Axl’s role in operating the Bifrost on the new Himinbjorg could be the key to Valkyrie seemingly summoning the Bifrost effortlessly.

Alternatively, Thor might have returned to New Asgard periodically to assist Valkyrie in summoning the Bifrost using Stormbreaker. Although seen exploring the universe with his adopted daughter at the end of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ Thor’s intermittent returns to New Asgard could involve aiding Valkyrie in tapping into the Bifrost’s power.

Notably, dark magic is ruled out, as Valkyrie lacks any magical abilities. Only individuals with immense power, like Odin, could wield dark magic, making it improbable for Valkyrie to use the Bifrost at will through dark magic or any means other than a new Himinbjorg or Thor’s Stormbreaker.

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