‘Viking Wolf’ Ending Explained: What Happens with Thale at the End of Viking Wolf?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Viking Wolf, the newest Norwegian Netflix film that has arrived on the streaming platform this weekend. The film is just the latest to arrive after the European country has proven to be a good source of content, especially when dealing with the realm of the fantasy genre. With trolls, and now werewolves, Norway seems to be ready to use its own mythology and traditions to carve itself a space in the TV streaming environments that is just so profitable today.

However, the movie itself might be the weakest Norwegian offering to date. It isn’t bad, but in contrast to the very good productions in recent times, it just lacks the punch and sparks that the others have. In this case, the characters suffer from being paper thin. There is little exploration of what they feel, and they just serve to move the plot forward. Sadly, if we don’t care about the characters, then we won’t be able to care about the story and all the fantastic lore hidden in it.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Viking Wolf. Read at your own risk.

How Are Werewolves Created In Viking Wolf?

Viking Wolf offers some very cool lore involving the legend of werewolves. These monsters have been part of books, movies, and oral storytelling for hundreds of years, so it makes sense that we are still fascinated by them as a concept. The film takes two different approaches to the legend. At the start of the movie, a small montage offers an explanation of how werewolves became part of Norway as we see them in the movie, and the origins of these monsters feel very much like something that would be generated in Norway.

The movie tells us that during the Viking invasion of Normandy, a group of Vikings raided a monastery, and they found a door in that monastery. They forced one of the monks to open the door, even when it was clear that he was warning them not to do it. The Vikings paid no ear to the monk’s pledge and opened the door. Inside, they found a tiny wolf that it is revealed to be an actual hellhound, a creature from hell. That this creature was discovered in a monastery and then carried to Norway, where it ended up killing thousands and thousands throughout the years, is no coincidence.

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The infiltration of Christian values in Norway is a very well-documented event. In the end, the infection of Christianism would end up winning and basically erasing the old gods from people’s minds. Maybe more than any other country in Scandinavia, Norway still holds very close to the old traditions. However, there is no doubt that bringing Christianity to the Nordic lands brought with it more than a religion; it also brought blood and war.

The movie also links the figure of the wolf with Loki, and his son Fenrir, a majestic wolf that is fated to take part in Ragnarök, the Twilight of the Gods. The fact that Loki has always been described, even in the Marvel movies, as a god that was able to shape-shift into animals makes it the perfect equivalent to the werewolf curse that the movie focuses on.


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What Happens With Thale At The End Of Viking Wolf?

In the movie, we are introduced to Thale, a young teenager who is having a hard time. She misses her dad, who apparently died many years before, and she has a strained relationship with her mother, Liv, a member of the local police force. Thale has a stepfather she doesn’t respect and a little sister that she loves. One night, while hanging out with other kids of her age, she and others are attacked. However, Thale is infected by the werewolf’s bite, which means she is now part of the bloodline and carries the curse.

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During the attack, one girl died, sending the town into a frenzy. They decide to go into the woods and hunt for the wolf. They do it, and many are killed in the process. It is clear this is not a normal dog. This one is stronger and more vicious than any other wolf. Liv manages to kill the wolf thanks to a silver bullet the mysterious local old man gave her. Liv now believes in the curse, but the old man warns her that if the bloodline is not over, there is still a wolf out there.

That wolf is, of course, Liv’s own daughter. Meanwhile, Thale starts changing; her senses become more sensitive, her behavior more animal-like, and she looks very bad. The inevitable occurs, and she transforms, but in a clear sign of consciousness, she doesn’t hurt her little sister. In the end, Thale is brought down; she is very wounded, and her mother needs to decide to kill her and take her out of her misery. However, before she can pull the trigger with the silver bullet in her gun, the movie cuts to black, only to reveal that Liv still has the silver bullet, meaning Thale is alive out there.

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