Violet Evergarden Watch Order (Series and Movies)

Violet Evergarden Watch Order (Series and Movies)

Violet Evergarden is a critically regarded amine television franchise that ranks among the best anime ever created. If you are thinking of starting to watch it, check out our article because we have made the best Violet Evergarden watch order for you.

Violet is a young girl who spent a large number of her teenage years on the battlefield. As a result, she is emotionally empty and incapable of feeling empathy for others when she subsequently takes on the role of a ghostwriter, writing letters to individuals on behalf of their senders.

With the upcoming announcement of the Violet Evergarden: The Movie that will make its worldwide streaming debut exclusively on Netflix on October 13, it is only fair if you’d want to know which is the best order to watch the Evergarden’s films. So if you are planning to watch Violet Evergarden, stick around as I show you the best viewing order to watch Violet Evergarden series and movies.

The Violet Evergarden franchise has one TV series produced in 2018, an OVA from 2018, and two movies, one produced in 2019 and the other one upcoming in early October. This is shown as follows:

Violet Evergarden Watch Order at a Glance

Violet Evergarden Watch Order (Series and Movies)

The recommended watch order for Violet Evergarden is its chronological order. This is brought by the inconsistencies that may be brought out when you watch the series, then the OVA. Below is the best way to watch Violet Evergreen chronologically:

  • Violet Evergarden (Episodes 1-4)
  • Violet Evergarden: Kitto “Koi” wo Shiru Hi ga Kuru no Darou (2018)
  • Violet Evergarden (Episodes 5-13)
  • Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou (2019)
  • Violet Evergarden: The Movie (2021)

Violet Evergarden: The Complete Watch Order

Let’s now dive in deeper into Violet Evergarden watch order and see how and why the chronological watch order is the best way to go.

Violet Evergarden (2018) – TV Series

The Violet Evergarden series is a 13-episode anime television series adaption produced by Kyoto Animation. It premiered in January 2018 after numerous preview screenings in 2017.

The Great War has finally come to a conclusion after four hard years of struggle. Violet Evergarden, a young girl bred to be a lethal weapon on the battlefield, got caught up in the carnage. Hospitalized and injured in a brutal fight on the last leg of the War, she was left with just the words of the person she loved, but no comprehension of their significance.

Violet begins a new life at CH Postal Services after recovering from her wounds. There, by sheer coincidence, she observes the work of an “Auto Memory Doll,” an amanuensis that transcribes people’s emotions and feelings into written words.

Violet is moved by the concept and begins working as an Auto Memory Doll, a trade that will take her on a journey, one that will alter the lives of her clients and hopefully result in self-discovery.

Violet Evergarden: Kitto “Koi” wo Shiru Hi ga Kuru no Darou (2018) – OVA

Violet Evergarden: Special (alternatively titled Violet Evergarden: Kitto “Koi” wo Shiru Hi ga Kuru no Darou) debuted on Netflix on October 4th. Because this is an additional episode, it is the same duration (34 minutes).

Violet is recruited by Irma, a famous opera singer, to compose a letter for a missing soldier. However, Irma’s requirements for the letter are both ambiguous and complex, making it impossible for Violet, despite several rewrites, to create a letter that will please her.

Ardu, Irma’s conductor, then explains that Irma is actually attempting to utilize Violet to compose the lyrics for the song that will be featured in her next opera play. Violet, determined to accomplish the task, decides to follow Irma to have a deeper understanding of her emotions. Violet learns from Irma that her lover Fugo, Ardu’s son, enlisted in the army but never returned.

Violet is still unsure that she can write the letter she desires, despite her improved understanding of Irma. Roland then takes Violet to an abandoned military storehouse where letters that were unable to be conveyed to missing or killed-in-action troops are stored.

Violet is moved by the letters she reads and writes a fresh one that moves both Irma and Ardu. Irma takes the letter as the inspiration for her new opera play’s tune. As Irma sings, the song assists both her and Ardu in moving on after Fugo’s death. The song is a huge hit, garnering audience applause, and Ardu is optimistic that Violet will eventually comprehend “love.”

Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou (2019)

Violet Evergarden Watch Order (Series and Movies)

A spin-off film, Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll (Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidō Shuki Ningyō), premiered on August 3 in Germany’s AnimagiC 2019 convention and in Japan on September 6, 2019. Haruka Fujita, the show’s series director, directed the feature.

Violet is sent to a famous girls’ boarding school at the Drossel Royal Family’s request to assist one of the pupils, Isabella York, with her debutante preparation. Violet’s accompanying Isabella reveals that she dislikes the school since she struggles to fit in and has no desire in mastering any of the skills expected of a debutante.

Additionally, she is ill, since she suffers from recurrent coughing fits. Isabella is initially suspicious of Violet but warms to her as she sees Violet is unconcerned with her aristocratic rank. Isabella subsequently discloses to Violet that she was Amy Bartlett, the York family’s illegitimate child.

She was formerly impoverished and adopted an orphan named Taylor as her younger sister. However, the York family subsequently tracked her down and invited her to join them, promising Taylor a better life in exchange. Isabella hesitantly accepted, realizing she was unable to adequately caring for Taylor. 

Isabella then directs Violet to write Taylor a letter. Violet returns to Leiden after completing her mission. Benedict personally delivers the letter to Taylor, who is now a resident of an orphanage.

Three years later, Taylor travels to Leiden in search of the CH Postal Company, where she meets Violet and applies for a position as a postman. While Hodgins is hesitant to recruit a kid, he agrees to allow Taylor to work at the firm until he can arrange for her return to her orphanage and assigns Benedict to train her.

After escorting Taylor around his route, Benedict discovers that Taylor is illiterate, which means she cannot read addresses on mail. Violet then chooses to take on the role of Taylor’s teacher. Violet assigns Taylor a new delivery route the next day. Taylor informs Violet that she wishes to be a postman to “bring happiness,” much like Benedict did when he carried Isabella’s letter.

Violet then assists Taylor in writing a letter to Isabella, which Benedict agrees to deliver. Benedict receives a new motorbike from Hodgins and enlists the assistance of Taylor in his search for Isabella. Taylor chooses not to see Benedict until she becomes a genuine postman and can deliver her own mail. \

Taylor is eventually adopted by the Evergarden family, allowing Violet and Benedict to continue their work.

Violet Evergarden: The Movie (2021)

Violet Evergarden Watch Order (Series and Movies)

Netflix announced on Thursday that the Violet Evergarden: The Movie anime by Kyoto Animation would begin streaming in the United States on October 13. Previously, Netflix has scheduled the film for release on the same day in additional regions.

Kyoto Animation postponed the film’s Blu-ray Disc and DVD release in Japan from August 4 to October 13 owing to production and manufacturing problems resulting from Japan’s declaration of a state of emergency (including in Kyoto prefecture).

The film was initially scheduled to premiere in Japan in January 2020 but was postponed until April 2020. The film was subsequently postponed once again owing to worries about the newly discovered coronavirus illness.

Daisy, Anne Magnolia’s granddaughter, discovers letters sent to her grandma on the occasion of her birthday. She becomes intrigued by the legend of Violet Evergarden, a woman renowned for penning lovely letters on her customers’ behalf. Violet receives a request from a critically ill child called Yuris to compose letters for his family more than half a century ago.

Meanwhile, Claudia Hodgins discovers a letter with an ambiguous address and identifies the handwriting as belonging to Gilbert Bougainvillea, whom they believed was dead. He is successful in locating the source on a secluded island and chooses to invite Violet along. Claudia arrives on the island and discovers Gilbert alive but missing his right eye and arm.

Gilbert declines to meet Violet out of remorse for causing her distress. Violet, he believes, will be happier without him. Violet attempts to see him but he is adamant about not seeing her, forcing her to emotionally collapse.

Violet and Claudia are unable to leave the island due to a storm. They get a telegraph message informing them that Yuris’ condition has deteriorated. Violet has one more duty to complete, which is to compose a letter for a friend, and so she asks Iris Cannary to fill it in for her. 

Iris is brought to the hospital by Benedict Blue, and they discover Yuris unable to move from bed. They decide to allow him to communicate with his pal by telephone for him to give his final message. 

Yuris’ parents take turns reading the letters he wanted from Violet following his death. Violet sends a farewell note to Gilbert before leaving the island with Claudia. Gilbert is moved by Violet’s remarks and pursues her as she boards a ship.

He subsequently reunites with Violet and tells her he loves her after she jumps from the ship. He assures her that he will be by her side going forward. Violet resigns from the CH Postal Company to live on the island with Gilbert. Daisy returns to the island in the current day to learn about the islanders’ relationship with Violet and to compose a letter to her parents.