Was It Possible for Homelander to Save the Plane? Here’s Why He Couldn’t

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Even if you like or hate Homelander, we can all agree that The Boys would not be the same without him. Depicted as arrogant, manipulative, and willing to use violence to achieve his goals, Homelander provides a dose of controversy and edginess to the show that is much needed for the show to be as diabolical as it is. There were many instances where Homelander’s actions made fans ruminate about them long after they were over, and one of those instances was when Homelander decided not to save the plane full of passengers from crashing and letting all those people die. After many debates, we bring you an answer to the question, was it possible for Homelander to save the plane?

Homelander couldn’t save the plane. He cannot lift and carry heavy objects mid-air, and if he tried to lift the plane up at high speed, the plane would most likely fall apart. That said, Homelander could have saved many passengers, but he did not want to do that as it seemed like too much work.

Among many situations in The Boys that are considered controversial, the hijacking of the plane is easily among the ones that come on top. Differences of opinion arose among the fans regarding what Homelander could have or should have done. In the next few paragraphs, you can read why he most likely could not save the plane but could help save several lives nevertheless.

Vought tried to use the hijacking of the Transoceanic Flight 37 in their favor

Was it possible for Homelander to save the plane

Madelyn Stillwell informed Homelander and Queen Maeve that the Transoceanic Flight 37 had been hijacked midair, and she wanted two of them to get there first and save the day. Vought did not have clearance to operate on foreign soil, but the hijacked plane was flying over international waters, meaning it was in ”no-man’s” land. Stillwell was somewhat pleased with that fact as she considered that no one would protest if Vought sent its Supes over, and it was a perfect way to demonstrate how useful asset the Supes could be to the U.S. military.

If Homelander and Queen Maeve succeeded in saving the passengers, Stillwell was sure that no congressman would oppose Vought’s Superhuman Military Enhancement Act. Homelander agreed this was a good chance to strengthen Vought’s influence, power, and profits even more.

So, these mighty members of the Seven did what Stillwell asked and went to rescue the plane and all the passengers onboard. That was their initial intent, at least. As they arrived on the plane, it took seconds to overpower the terrorists. The passengers were thrilled and praised Homelander and Queen Maeve for their might. However, the initial thrills soon turned to desperation.


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After realizing that there was one more terrorist in the plane’s cockpit with his gun aimed toward the pilot’s head, the Supes tried to overpower him calmly, but the situation escalated. The terrorist killed the pilot, and Homelander used his heat vision to kill the terrorist, but also severely damaged the plane’s control panel. Then, the decision on how to proceed further had to be made, and it had to be made fast.

Homelander couldn’t save the plane, but he could have saved a lot of people

Was it possible for Homelander to save the plane1

After realizing what had just happened, Queen Maeve started to look for solutions. Homelander, on the other hand, was cool as a cucumber. Maeve proposed that Homelander pilots the plane if he knew how. He responded negatively and stated that even if he did, there would be no use considering that the control panel was destroyed and pretty much useless.

The other solution Maeve proposed was for Homelander to go out there and lift the plane using his strength and ability to fly. But the thing is, even though Homelander possesses immense strength and is one of the most powerful Supes out there, carrying heavy objects while in the air is not his thing. Even Homelander himself confirms this thesis by stating that there is no way that he could lift the plane up as there is nothing he could push himself off to give him momentum. And, even if he did have the strength to do so, there is a high chance that he would damage the plane even more. And that makes sense because, you know, physics.

Nevertheless, the most controversial thing about this situation is Homelander’s lack of empathy and indifference to what will happen to the passengers. He could’ve easily saved many people before the plane crashed by flying them individually or in pairs to safety. That was also one of the ideas Maeve proposed, but he had no intentions of returning 123 times to a crashing plane. Sure, there wasn’t enough time to save all the passengers, but he did not even try to save one, or children at least.


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Queen Maeve wanted to save two little girls and pleaded with Homelander to fly them to safety, but he wouldn’t hear it. Saving the girls posed a threat that they would tell the world how the rest of the passengers were left to die, and from Homelander’s point of view, that would cause greater damage than leaving all of them to crash. Maeve had a choice, to stay in the plane and die as a hero who tried to save the passengers or leave with Homelander.

Eventually, Homelander used this accident in his own favor and used it as leverage to be put in the military. He stated that if Regulations did not limit the Seven and had more authority over situations like this, they would be able to intervene more promptly and effectively. The public bought that and viewed him as a hero, leaving May disgusted and embarrassed.

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