Was Tanjirō Born with the Demon Slayer Mark?

Was Tanjirō Born with the Demon Slayer Mark?

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Tanjirō Kamado is the protagonist of the Demon Slayer manga and demon-themed anime. A young boy struck by tragedy, Tanjirō overcame his horrid fate and became a Demon Slayer, but not to avenge his family – he did it to find a way to return his sister, Nezuko, to a human once again. Tanjirō and Nezuko had an extremely close bond, as they were the only surviving members of the Kamado family after it had been attacked and slaughtered by Muzan Kibutsuji. In this article, we will talk about Tanjirō’s history as you will find out how he got his Demon Slayer Mark, i.e., whether he was born with it or not.

No, Tanjirō Kamado was not born with the Demon Slayer Mark. He actually activated his Demon Slayer Mark in the Entertainment District while he was fighting against the Upper-Rank Six, Gyūtarō. It will later be replaced by a permanent flame mark, identical to the one that the Tsugikuni siblings had. Yoriichi Tsugikuni is the only known Demon Slayer to have been born with the Mark.

The rest of this article will focus on Tanjirō’s story and how he received his Demon Slayer Mark in the world of Demon Slayer. We have now provided you with the answer to the question you were looking for, but we will expand on it by talking a bit about the Demon Slayer Mark and how Tanjirō was able to activate it in the story. This article has spoilers, but only for those who haven’t seen or read any Demon Slayer episode or chapter.

Yoriichi was the only known person born with the Demon Slayer Mark – Tanjirō activated it while fighting Gyūtarō

The Demon Slayer Mark is a mysterious mark that can be obtained and appear on the body of a powerful Demon Slayer, most usually his head, but it can also appear on other body parts. The Mark itself resembles a tattoo, scar, or birthmark. Almost every Demon Slayer has a unique pattern, probably connected to the Breathing Style they use (the Tsugikuni brothers and Tanjirō had the same marks, but this was intentional and had a symbolic value); because it resembles symbols seen on Demons, it has often been compared to them.

It remains unknown how and why such a Mark appears on the body. Still, the first recorded possessor was Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who was also the first Demon Slayer and the creator of the Sun Breathing Style, the first Breathing Style in history. It was relatively common during the Sengoku Era. Most records detailing it were lost. After the Golden Age of Demon Slayers, it became very rare, both because it was difficult to activate and because Muzan managed to decimate the Corps over the centuries. It appeared once again during the main timeline when Tanjirō and some other characters managed to activate it.

To activate it, a user must have survived a life-threatening state, including a heart rate above 200 bpm and a body temperature above 39° Celsius. Such conditions usually kill a person, but if a user manages to survive it, it means they are worthy of the Mark, as Muichiro explained.


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But, the activation supposedly comes at a cost. Maintaining the Demon Slayer Mark is a complex process that requires a lot of energy, and prolonged use seems to drain the body. This is why many Demon Slayers with the Mark died young, which gave birth to a theory that the Mark is actually cursed and that each possessor will die when they reach the age of 25. We have already talked about this curse in a previous article, so we won’t be repeating ourselves here – we just thought you needed to know about the Demon Slayer Mark.

So, as we have said, Yoriichi was the first person with the Demon Slayer Mark, and he was also the only known possessor of the Mark who was actually born with it. All the other possessors of the Demon Slayer Mark activated it by meeting the conditions we have discussed above, and that’s just how it is usually activated. Yoriichi was special in so many ways, so this fact is just another addition to how special he is as a character. This also means that Tanjirō was not born with the Demon Slayer Mark either and that he activated it later in the story. How?

Well, you all remember the Entertainment District Arc, adapted in the second season of Demon Slayer, and featured the protagonists’ fight against the Upper-Rank Six, the siblings Gyūtarō and Daki. They had to be killed simultaneously, so the team split into two groups – Zenitsu and Inosuke fought Daki, whereas Tengen, the Sound Hashira, and Tanjirō faced Gyūtarō. During his fight against the Demon, Tanjirō managed to activate his Demon Slayer Mark, which both enabled him to defeat the powerful Demon, but also drained a lot of his energy, which is why he had to recover for a long(er) period of time.

His Demon Slayer mark actually appeared where his original scar was and took the form of a flame, which actually makes sense, based on his natural affinity towards the Sun Breathing Style, which he mastered thanks to the Hinokami Kagura dance, which had been passed down his family for centuries.


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He would use it against Hantengu as well, giving him the necessary boosts to defeat the Upper Ranks when he fought them. Tanjirō was able to effectively use it in various battles and, ultimately, use it to his advantage. After the Hashira Training, his Demon Slayer Mark was replaced by a permanent flame-like mark, just as was the case with the Tsugikuni brothers, with whom Tanjirō shares the same pattern. Tanjirō’s Demon Slayer Mark went through various modifications and, ultimately, evolved into its final form later in the story, and that is everything you need to know about it.

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