Here’s What Mipmap Levels Are (& How They Are Able to Improve Your Performance)

what are mipmap levels in minecraft

The sheer size of Minecraft is truly remarkable when you take into account that the map size is seemingly infinite, and it’s going to load endlessly as long as your computer is beefy enough to handle all the pre-calculated chunks. Still, as the amount of detail on the map grows, you might notice a steady decline in your game’s performance. Losing precious frames-per-second, and the game becoming increasingly laggy. This is why, over the years, Minecraft has introduced plenty of settings that are aimed toward optimizing performance, and one of these settings is Mipmap levels or, simply, mipmaps. Let’s see what they are & how they can help you out.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Mipmap levels are small images that replace the original texture in order to make rendering faster and improve performance while decreasing lag.
  • Currently, you can choose from 4 different mipmap settings. Level 1 has only a slight effect on your performance while leaving the visuals mostly intact, with setting 4 having a drastic effect both on performance and on graphics.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated in October 2023 and represents the most current state of the game.

Mipmaps are low-resolution images that replace the original textures

Mipmap levels are not something that you should concern yourself with as long as you have a beefy PC. Still, if you’re playing on older, less powerful hardware, you might notice how Minecraft has become an increasingly more beautiful game in the last few years but also more demanding when it comes to resources.

The bigger your map becomes, and the more objects and details are rendered, the more resources, especially VRam, you will need. And this is where mipmaps come on.

Mipmaps are low-resolution, pre-calculated images that aim to replace high-resolution textures. Mipmaps “blur” your world but, in turn, affect your performance beneficially since they speed up rendering and alleviate some burden from your graphics card.


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The fact that Minecraft is not a GPU-intensive game still stands, but it’s CPU and RAM intensive and badly optimized, and older hardware is especially hit. Mipmaps will decrease the overall quality of your graphics but will speed up your performance if needed.

mipmaps on and off

What do mipmaps affect in Minecraft

Most of the players, especially on beefy hardware with graphics settings maxed out, won’t notice a difference in performance. However, if you’re playing on older and weaker hardware, you might expect to see the following effects when you turn on mipmaps.

  • World rendering will speed up.
  • Animations will perform better.
  • It will affect the oversampling of texture and, in turn, decrease Moíre pattern
  • Since mipmaps also affect image compression, you will have far fewer JPEG artifacts.
  • You will see an increase in FPS due to decreased bandwidth usage of your VRAM.
  • Mipmapping also helps you to increase the cache efficiency in Minecraft.
moire effect mipmaps

How to turn on Mipmap levels in Minecraft?

In the Minecraft settings, there are 4 Mipmap levels that you can choose from and you can turn them on by following these steps:

  1. If you are in the main menu go to options, if you are in the game press “esc” and go to options.
  2. Click on the Video Settings.
  3. Navigate to the mipmap levels settings and choose between the 4 pre-set levels.
mimpmap settings

And that’s pretty much it, have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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