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What Did Daemon Say to Rhaenyra & What Did It Mean?

One of the scenes that shocked a lot of people in the finale episode of season 1 of House of the Dragon was when Daemon choked Rhaenyra when she was talking about Aegon the Conqueror’s dream. At that moment, Rhaenyra was equally shocked when Daemon choked her as he was telling her something that made her understand that Viserys never told him about the Conqueror’s dream. So, what did Daemon say to Rhaenyra, and what did it mean?

Daemon told Rhaenyra that Viserys was a slave to omens and portents and that he did anything to make his reign seem to have a purpose. It was clear that Daemon never believed that Viserys was a good king that tried to keep the realm together for the good of the Conqueror’s dream.

The fact that Daemon didn’t understand how important it was for them to keep the peace of the realm and how important the Conqueror’s dream was made her understand that he wasn’t told anything about the Song of Ice and Fire. That means that only the true heirs were told of this, as Daemon wasn’t even aware of what this prophecy meant. Now, let’s take a deeper look at what Daemon said to Rhaenyra.

What Did Daemon Say To Rhaenyra When He Was Choking Her?

In episode 10 of season 1 of House of the Dragon, we saw Princess Rhaenyra getting crowned the new queen of the Seven Kingdoms after Ser Erryk Cargyll brought her King Viserys’s crown. This happened right after she learned about the death of her father and how the Greens had taken the Iron Throne and installed King Aegon II on it. In that regard, she met with the other members of her court and those loyal to her so that she could plan the next move for the Blacks in this impending war against the Greens.

That was when Ser Otto Hightower came to Dragonstone to deliver a message from dowager Queen Alicent Hightower. She was offered terms that would ensure the peace of the realm. But it was when she was presented with the page that she tore from a history book 20 years ago that made her think about how Alicent still cherished the friendship they once had when they were still young. Rhaenyra was made to realize how important unity of the realm was to her and the entire continent of Westeros.

Back in the first episode of House of the Dragon, King Viserys met Rhaenyra after the death of Queen Aemma and after he spurned Daemon and disinherited him from the Iron Throne. That was when Viserys told her about the Song of Ice and Fire, which was Aegon the Conqueror’s dream. The Conqueror had a prophecy related to the threat that was going to come from the north, and that meant that the realm had to be united to fight this common threat. And the reason why Aegon conquered Westeros was to make sure it stayed united under the power of the Targaryen dynasty and its dragons.

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So, after Rhaenyra met with Daemon shortly after telling Otto that she was going to first think about the terms that were offered to her, she told her husband that she didn’t want to tear the realm apart because of the Song of Ice and Fire. Daemon was clearly confused when he heard this, and Rhaenyra told him that it was the Conqueror’s dream. That was when he choked her and said these words:

“My brother was a slave to his omens and portents. Anything to make his feckless reign seem to have purpose.” 

That was when Rhaenyra realized that Daemon didn’t know anything about the Song of Ice and Fire and Aegon the Conqueror’s dream. She understood more than ever that this was something that was only passed on from one Targaryen heir to another, as King Viserys never told Daemon about this because he was never going to name him his heir.

What Did Daemon’s Words Mean?

For Rhaenyra, Daemon’s words meant that he never knew anything about the Conqueror’s dream and the Song of Ice and Fire. He was never told anything about the importance of why the Targaryens had to keep the realm united and at peace to prepare for the threat and the war that was going to come from the north. But what did Daemon really mean when he said those words?

It simply means that Daemon never really saw Viserys as a king that had any true purpose during his reign. Back in episode 1 of House of the Dragon, Viserys lashed out at Daemon for calling his dead son the heir for a day. He was going to send Daemon away from King’s Landing before the younger brother told him that Viserys needed him because he was a weak king whom the people in his court took advantage of.

Since then, it was clear that Daemon always thought that Viserys was weak because he lacked any sort of initiative to act on matters that needed some sort of violence and show of force. One case in point was when he didn’t want to wage war on the Stepstones. Another case was when he never tried to do anything to punish Alicent during the times when she was trying to undermine Rhaenyra’s status as the heir to the Iron Throne.

For Daemon, Viserys was too weak of a king, and he focused too much on omens and dreams so that his reign would have meaning. At the start, Rhaenyra also believed in the same notion, and that was probably the reason why Daemon was so attracted to her.

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But the truth was that Viserys knew the importance of making sure that the realm was kept intact and united. He knew that Aegon the Conqueror only wanted to unite the entire continent under the Targaryen banner for generations to come in preparation for the threat that was going to come from the far north. And that was the reason why Viserys never did anything that would start a war in the Seven Kingdoms or amongst the different members of his family, as doing so would tear the realm apart and put the unity of the realm at stake.

The fact that Daemon thought that Viserys was simply trying to make his reign seem important with his focus on omens and dreams was the reason why he never truly understood his brother’s true purpose when he was still the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. That was also the reason why Daemon lashed out at Rhaenyra and choked her as she reminded him of Viserys, with who he never really got along well enough to understand the true meaning behind his actions.

As such, when Daemon told Rhaenyra those words, she immediately understood that he never knew about the Song of Ice and Fire or Aegon the Conqueror’s dream. After all, had Daemon been told about the importance of this prophecy, he would have probably supported Viserys’s reign the entire time and never would have seen him as a weak king that lacked the initiative to be aggressive in his decisions.

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