How Daemon Never Knew About the Viserys Prophecy?

Daemond prophecy

In the season finale of House of the Dragon, Rhaenyra is informed that Aegon has been crowned King, so she prepares her strategy for a counterattack. As the Blacks were discussing their allies, Rhaenyra and Daemon got into an argument about what their strategy should be, a diplomatic one or the usage of the power of dragons. When Rhaenyra told Daemon that she, as the Queen, had to look further than her personal ambitions due to perils mentioned in A Song of Ice and Fire, he had no idea what she was talking about. So, we’ll discuss how Daemon never knew about the Viserys prophecy.

Daemon never knew about the Viserys prophecy because the story of Aegon’s dream, A Song of Ice and Fire, had been passed on from King to his heir since Aegon’s time. King Viserys told Rhaenyra about this prophecy when he decided she would be his successor. Daemon never knew about the prophecy because King Viserys thought Daemond was not meant to rule over The Seven Kingdoms. That is why he never told him the story of A Song of Ice and Fire.

In the final episode of the season, Rhaenyra showed us that she would make a great and rational Queen. However, not everyone shares her idea of ruling as the adequate one. Daemon’s temperament has come to light once again as he believes that the dragons’ advantage should be used to win the war against the Greens. When Rhaenyra tells him that it is not in her interest to divide the realm because of the prophecy her father told her, Daemon gets mad. Let’s analyze this a little further.

The Blacks started to plan their strategy

Episode 10 of the first season of the House of the Dragon was mostly centered around Rhaenyra and the Blacks after discovering that Aegon has been crowned King. When Rhaenys Targaryen warned Rhaenyra that the Greens were coming after her and her family, Rhaenyra went into labor, and Daemon started planning a strategy on how they should defend themselves.


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However, instead of attacking the Dragonstone, the Greens have sent Otto Hightower as a messenger. His message was that Rhaenyra should acknowledge Aegon as King and swear obeisance before the Iron Throne. Her position on the Dragonstone would then be confirmed, and it would pass on to her true-born son Viserys after her death. King Aegon would also pardon everyone who conspired against him if Rhaenyra complied with those terms.


After that, the Blacks’ council started to discuss what was to be done. Daemon suggested that they should use their dragons’ advantage as they have more dragons than the Greens. However, Rhaenyra is aware of the perils that the dragons will bring. Using dragons in the battles means burning everything to the ground, and she refuses to be the Queen of ashes.

Rhaenyra is determined to be a ruler who will ensure peace and unity in the realm and not rule no matter the cost. Daemon disagrees with her and thinks she’s only repeating her father’s words. He confronted her and asked what is she planning to do about the enemy who declared war. He was confused when she told him about A Song of Ice and Fire.

How Daemon never knew about Viserys prophecy?

Rhaenyra and Daemon argued about a strategy that should be implemented in the war against the Greens. She asked Daemon whether the thought of war excites him and whether he would rather take the Iron Throne without putting heads on spikes. Daemon believes that Rhaenyra’s duty as the Queen is to crush the rebellion, which is why war is necessary.

Rhaenyra disagreed because she knew her oath would surpass her personal ambitions. Daemon looked at her, confused and did not know what is she referring to. Then she mentioned A Song of Ice and Fire to him and the upcoming war that threatens to emerge from the north. It was Aegon’s dream passed on from King to his heir through generations. Rhaenyra told Daemon that she found out about that story when Viserys named her heir.

Daemon got mad and started choking her. He called his brother a slave to his own unimportance and refused to believe in dreams. He stated that Targaryens became Kings because they had dragons, not dreams. That is when Rhaenyra realized that he never knew about Aegon’s dream before because Viserys never told him about it.


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King Viserys never believed that Daemond should be his successor. The brothers had many arguments over the years, and Daemon’s impulsiveness and temperament forced King Viserys to banish him from the court. Daemon was supposed to be Viserys’ heir before Viserys named Rhaenyra his successor. So, the fact that Viserys never told Daemon about Aegon’s dream and A Song of Ice and Fire just proves that Viserys never believed that Daemon was worthy of a Throne in the first place.

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